Wednesday, February 24, 2021

COVID-Crunched BCHL Facing Trade Deadline Dilemma:

With the BCHL trade deadline Thursday, teams & general managers have hard decisions when the BCHL may or may not play.

Here is the full story from the Vernon Morning Star website,

COVID-crunched BCHL facing trade deadline dilemma with its 20-year-olds – Vernon Morning Star

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Marty said...

It is time to make a decision on the 2020 - 21 season and call it. The league should not plan to proceed even with a shortened season, time is quite simply running out. It is now close to the end of February, Covid is still not contained and vaccines are a long way off for the general population. Any potential games will not be played in front of fans, most certainly not full arenas. Teams need revenue, not more costs associated with ice times, staff, etc. Saying this I feel sorry for the players, especially the 20 year olds but it would be wise to make a firm decision. Let them try to find a spot in a league that is playing. Hopefully we can get back to Viper hockey in September.