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Vipers-Capitals Highlight's:

Here are the game highlight's from the Vipers-Capitals game
Saturday night in Duncan. Olivier Gauthier scored twice while Cruz Cote added in two assists for the Capitals. Brendan Kim scored the Vipers lone goal. Pierce Diamond made 28 saves in the victory while Aidan Porter made 25 saves in the loss as Cowichan defeated Vernon 4-1 in front of 805 fans at the Island Savings Centre.

BCHL News & Trades:

I found these press releases off team websites, twitter accounts, blogs or online. All Vipers news-trades are posted on this blog as soon as released-announced.

BCHL News & Trades:

Warriors Make Coaching Change:

The West Kelowna Warriors are pleased to announce the signing of Brandon West as the new Head Coach and General Manager of the hockey club. “Brandon is an experienced BCHL head coach who is fully capable of putting together a first class program.” club owner and President Kim Dobranski stated. “The interior division is a tough division and I cannot think of anyone better suited to the task. As we head into the playoffs I am confident Brandon can create a formula for success and take our team deep into the playoffs and beyond. Brandon will also be taking the lead in our U18/U16/U15 prospects program, designed to identify futures for the club.” Dobranski goes on to say “I would like to thank Geoff Grimwood for his contribution to our club and wish him much success in his future endeavors.” “I would like to thank Kim Dobranski for this opportunity to be the named Head Coach/General Manager of the West Kelowna Warriors.” commented West. “It is an honour to be back in West Kelowna and work with this elite crop of players. I am excited to get started and look forward to being a part of this great community”. The Warriors are headed to Surrey this Wednesday to take on the Eagles then back to the interior for a home and home series against Salmon Arm starting this Friday in Salmon Arm. Warriors are back home to Royal Lepage Saturday Feb 2nd to host the Silverbacks. Puck drop is at 7:00 pm.

Drug Free? Prove It

The National Hockey League does it. College hockey does it. The International Olympic Committee is famous for it. So why is mandatory drug testing all but the forbidden subject for junior programs across the continent? The NCAA spends an incredible amount of time and resources to keep athletic programs in compliance with their drug policy. Many states also have implemented mandatory testing programs for their high school athletes. A glaring hole, within hockey's developmental system, is the lack of a drug testing policy at the junior level of play. A source within one NCAA Div I program proclaims the issue to be more serious than expected. "The junior programs really don't want to know, avoiding the issue all together is just their way of not wanting to admit there could be a problem," the source commented. "Boys will be boys, you pile eight to ten players into a unsupervised house and they are going to test the limits, casual drug use is common in a lot of these situations." What league is going to step out on a wire and be the first to proclaim they only showcase players that are clinically proven to be drug free? "Legally, I don't know what the ramifications would be from such a program," said Western States Hockey League Commissioner Ron White. "I think the initiative would have to come from a governing body like USA Hockey, AAU, or even the United States Olympic Committee. Those guys have the budgets to be able to defend the policy against a lawsuit." White added. It may just take a grassroots movement to get that ball rolling. Would the players, or their parents, be in support of the program? 90% of the players and parents would support such a measure. In reality, I feel that most parents would be more inclined to send their young prospects to a program that is clinically proven to be drug-free. "I think some of the leagues already do something, the problem is that many players are still minors, and that causes some problems," says former USA Hockey Junior Council chairman Dan Esdale. "The way that society has changed, I am afraid that maybe something like a drug testing program may be needed, and I wouldn't be opposed to it," Esdale added. There are some teams that have moved forward with their own testing programs and have taken measures to have the right to impose testing programs for their teams. An NAHL team owner was once forced to deal with a problem within his own program. "The billet parents informed us of a situation with a player. Dealing with that was the toughest decision I had to make as a team owner. Do I cut the player or do I give him the motivation and resources to help him get clean?" We made a choice to help him and he got better." Junior hockey needs to get with the program. If high school and college players are being tested, why in the heck are junior players not? New York Aviators' head coach Mike Stanaway has an interesting position on the subject. "I am in favor of drug testing players. As a coaching staff, we want to see our players make the right choices both for their personal success and collectively as a team. With that being said, we cannot be around the players 100% of the time. I feel that when players know they are subject to drug testing, they will consider the consequences of their actions more seriously. Players at this level are at a very influential age and if testing helps keep them on the right path, then I am all for it." Higher level leagues should be taking the lead by implementing their own mandatory testing programs. Doing so would go a long ways towards the rest of junior hockey following that example.

Remove Import Restrictions?

With an excess of 300 junior hockey teams across the continent, is there any reason to keep import restrictions in the rule books? That's the question many struggling junior operators are asking themselves this season. It has always been my opinion that the restriction hinders real development all along. Higher levels of competition fuels improvement. No other sport restricts the number of non-citizens on a roster, so why just hockey? Are such restrictions even legal? All right, you can stop laughing now. I know, there are a lot of things about junior hockey that should be illegal, but that's an entirely different Daily Dish. The wheels turn slowly in Colorado Springs but I have to give past Junior Council Chairman John Vanbiesbrouck credit for initiating major changes for USA Hockey's junior program. To date, I've not seen the same level of leadership since his departure.  Considering all the league (and team) defections to leagues outside the jurisdiction of USA Hockey, maybe it's time for USA Hockey to address the idea of simply striking the import restriction rules from the book in an effort to bring some of these groups back in. It is my opinion that removing the restriction entirely would ease the pressure off the entire system in the short term by allowing even more international prospects to play. With the USPHL and AAU already in that mode, doing so will have a dramatic effect on the USA Hockey group's level of play in the following season and beyond. It's about time.


Every junior hockey team in North America would like to create a larger demand for their product. Below is a concept that not only stuffs the empty seats, but also gives the players a huge sense of responsibility. As a parent I know the purchasing power of my children, I also know how much I would appreciate that a young hockey player takes the time to give back to our community, and children, as a school volunteer. A prospects in schools program is an excellent way for clubs to generate community interest in the team. There are a lot of potential supporters out there that are not typically a hockey fan. Let's face it, finding quality entertainment for the family is not an easy task. Taking the crew to a hockey game, to see a player that the child knows from school, could be a nice diversion that does not take a huge bite out of the wallet. Getting Started. The first person needed is a volunteer program coordinator. A huge advantage would be to find a teacher to manage the program. This person could be the single most important volunteer on your staff, especially if this program is properly implemented. Identify the number of players on the team's roster that could be available on Mondays. For this example, we are going to say fifteen. Next, identify the fifteen closest public elementary schools, with standard enrollment numbers, that are closest to the team's home venue. Generally, Mondays are great for this program because it give parents the week to plan for the team's weekend game. As a school volunteer, your players will float from classroom to classroom or help with the physical education programs. The point is to get the maximum exposure and interaction out of each school visit. The player should be at his school when the buses roll in until the last child goes home. Parents will take notice of the young man, especially if he is working with their children every Monday. Even more importantly, if the children are talking about the positive interaction they are having with your player. Players are to always be dressed in team apparel. Always be clean cut and shaven, and always remember that they not only represent the team, but also the game itself. The impressions made here, can have a lifelong impact on these kids. Make the most of it. Done right, and done consistently, the result of the program could be tremendous. Imagine if just one in ten children manage to drag mom and dad to the games. Typical enrollment at elementary schools is over 250, so we will use that number, meaning 375 more families a game from just fifteen schools. Youth hockey programs, hockey experience camps, and even group field trips are all by-products of this program. Pick one game each season that can be played on a school day. Work with the program coordinator to help identify a date that could work within the school calendar. The coordinator will also need the help of the school districts in order to facilitate and manage the event.  A common theme is drug awareness and the need to choose a healthy lifestyle. The players, coaching staff, and community leaders are all to participate in pre and post-game activities.  This type of event happens all over the country and can easily translate into a huge number of new supporters for the team. This is a proven system that will fill empty seats while enhancing the character of players.

Just Say No to 4th Liners:

The goals of junior hockey are to promote, develop, and administer the domestic USA Hockey program for junior-aged players, teams and leagues. The above is the stated purpose of junior hockey in the United States. Let's ask the game's fourth-liners, healthy scratches, and third goalies how much promotion and development they are experiencing. Hockey purest often are heard whining that the the junior level has over expanded, that the leagues are killing the game. I don't agree. Let's use the number 23 as the current size of each roster. After multiplying that number times the current 22 teams we end up with 506 players. If roster sizes were reduced to 19, there would be enough players to roster another four NAHL teams. The USHL could easily add another teams as well. There are a number of economic advantages to this concept as well. The bus costs are the same, but equipment, hotel and meal expenses are easily reduced by 20% of more. Roster deadline dates would have to be adjusted and the restriction of movement between the top two tiers would have to be eliminated. The developmental advantages far exceed the logistical headaches of moving players from team to team. Educational concerns are understandable. Undergraduates should not be moved unless it is within a structure that does not require a school transfer. Players taking college classes should restrict their class-schedule to online courses only. The same roster size concept should also be applied to the Tier III level as well. I have to believe that parents are going to be more than willing to shell out more money if it means little Johnny is really going to play. Water will always find its own path and junior hockey should do the same thing. We need to stop blowing smoke up these player's backside and let them play.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Vipers Earn Two Of Three Wins On Vancouver Island:

This is in todays Morning Star Newspaper:

Vipers earn two of three wins on Vancouver Island

Morning Star Staff

Jan. 30, 2019 

Local Sports

Three games, two wins, same result each game.

The Vernon Vipers took two of three B.C. Hockey League games on Vancouver Island, finishing the weekend with a 4-1 win Sunday in Victoria over the Island Division-leading Grizzlies (29-16-0-2).

Vernon began the weekend in Nanaimo Friday with a 4-1 win over the third-place Clippers then fell 4-1 Saturday in Duncan to the Cowichan Valley Capitals.

The Caps (14-30-4-1) are fifth in the division, two points behind the Alberni Valley Bulldogs (16-29-3-0, 35 points). The fifth place team in the Island or Mainland Division will cross over into the Interior Division and become the eighth seed.

The Surrey Eagles (10-33-2-2, 24 points) are fifth in the Mainland and can’t catch the fourth-place Langley Rivermen. Surrey is nine points back of Cowichan for the final playoff spot with 11 games left in the regular season.

The weekend results left the Vipers (20-18-7-3) in fifth place in the Interior with 50 points, one point behind the West Kelowna Warriors and one ahead of the sixth-lace Salmon Arm Silverbacks.

The Vipers conclude a five-game road swing this weekend with games in Trail Friday and Wenatchee Saturday. Next home game for the Vipers is Wednesday, Feb. 6, against the Chilliwack Chiefs.

The Vipers scored four unanswered goals after the Grizzlies’ Ryan Nolan opened the scoring at 13:11 of the first period. The lead lasted 48 seconds as former Victoria Royals Western Hockey League sniper Lane Zablocki scored the first of his two goals.

After a scoreless middle frame, Zablocki got the winner at 8:56 of the third. Seventeen seconds later, 

Brendan Kim added insurance and Logan Cash scored into an empty net. Bradley Cooper picked up the win in goal, making 39 saves. The Vipers fired 44 shots at Victoria netminder Zachary Rose.

The Capitals jumped out to a 2-0 lead midway through the first period with goals 46 seconds apart on Aidan Porter. The hosts extended the lead to 3-0 with the only goal of the second period.

Brendan Kim got the Vipers on the board 1:14 into the final frame, but Cole Broadhurst salted the game away for the Caps at 10:43.

Porter finished with 25 saves while Pierce Diamond made 28 stops for the Capitals.

Former Clipper Matt Kowalski got the winner against his old team with 56 seconds left in the second period, snapping a 1-1 tie. Hunor Torzsak gave Nanaimo a 1-0 lead with a powerplay goal at 7:09 of the second period. Ben Sanderson tied the game at 18:44.

Jesse Lansdell and Josh Latta scored empty net goals in the final 90 seconds to get the weekend started with a win.

Porter made 22 saves for Vernon. Jordan Naylor made 23 stops in taking the loss.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

One On One With Former Vipers Alumni Noonan:

Here is a one on one interview with former Vernon Vipers defenceman Garrett Noonan.

Noonan is in his first season with the Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL) Krefeld Pinguine (Krefeld Penguins). The Pinguine signed Noonan April 6th 2018.

The Pinguine is an ice hockey team in the Deutsche Eishockey Liga hockey league. Their home is in Krefeld, North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany at the König Palast.

Noonan played last year with Klub hokeja na ledu Medveščak Zagreb. In 30 games last season, Noonan collected (6-goals-14-assists-20-points). Klub hokeja na ledu Medveščak Zagreb) is a Croatian ice hockey club based in Zagreb established in 1961 that currently plays in the Austrian Hockey League (EBEL).

After four seasons at Boston University Noonan signed a Entry-Level Deal with the Nashville Predators on April 22nd 2014 also signed an amateur try-out contract (ATO) with the American Hockey League (AHL) Milwaukee Admirals. Noonan has spent the past four seasons playing in the American Hockey League & East Coast Hockey League with Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Hartford & Greenville & last season in Croatia with Klub hokeja na ledu Medveščak Zagreb. Noonan was drafted by Nashville in Round 4 #112 overall in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft. 

Noonan played one season in Vernon (2009-2010) In 58 regular season games with the Vipers Noonan collected (2-goals-16-assists-18-points).

Garrett Noonan's Player Profile:

This was in the Westdeutsche Zeitung Newspaper:

Nothing can shake the "Iceman"

November 14 2018

Field Kre defender Garrett Noonan brings nothing from the rest. The Playoffs are his purpose.

"Noons", as him his friends shout, is the rest itself. With the hockey and in the private life. Apparently nothing can bring the 27-year-old American from Norfolk, a suburb of Boston, from the tact and thus he also concerns his tasks with the field Kre of penguins. From the NHL team Nashville Predators gedraftete defensive specialist decided after three years in the farm teams to the step to Europe which he has not regretted. After one year in Zagreb (EBEL) he changed in this summer after field Kre. Why he betrayed in the WZ interview.

Why have you decided on field Kre and the DEL?

Garrett Noonan: I had already spoken several times in the past with Matthias Roos, but it had fitted only in this summer. The DEL is one of the big leagues in Europe and I is to be been gladly now here. Field Kre has got many good players in this season and part of this team is to be been splendidly.

What was your nicest hockey experience?

Noonan: These were my years in Boston University. A big honour is to be played for this team. My last college year I might still carry "C" on the tricot.

Which other sports, except hockey, do you interest?

Noonan: Gulf, baseball and American football are beside hockey which pursued things I, however, most intensely. My favorites are the New England Patriots (NFL) and Boston Red Sox with the baseball. These have become just for the ninth time masters.

What is your biggest hockey dream?

Noonan: I would like to win once a title. It would be miraculous if it worked in Germany. Why not in this season with the penguins? For this purpose we must give every day and every play everything.

And your expectations of the season 2018/19?

Noonan: As a team the clear purpose the Playoffs and then very near of the mastery is to be come. What I can contribute to it, every play everything is to be given and to fight hard for the team.

You read the whole interview with Garrett Noonan in " penguins very closely “ on Friday.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Ex Vipers Head Coach-GM Vandekamp Suspended:

Former Vernon Vipers head coach/gm Mike Vandekamp has been suspended three games.

Vandekamp was suspended after Wednesday night's loss to Alberni Valley. The Capitals twitter account made the press release last week.

Vandekamp missed both games over the weekend, has served two of his three game suspension. 

Vandekamp is in his first season with the Cowichan Capitals after spending the previous seven years with the Nanaimo Clippers.

Vandekamp was head coach/gm of the Vernon Vipers from 2001-2005 before leaving for the Western Hockey League's Prince George Cougars.

Mike Vandekamp's coaching profile:

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Vernon 4 Victoria 1

Scoring Summary:

1st Period:

13:11 VIC Ryan Nolan (18) ASST: None 

13:59 VER Lane Zablocki (2) ASST: None 

2nd Period:

No Scoring

3rd Period: 

8:56 VER Lane Zablocki (3) ASST: Ben Helgeson (13), Tyler Ho (5) 

9:13 VER Brendan Kim (6) ASST: Elan Bar lev wise (16), Michael Young (10) 

18:57 VER Logan Cash (3) ASST: Michael Young (11) (EN)

Vernon outshot Victoria 45-40 Bradley Cooper made 39 saves in the win, while Zachary Rose made 41 saves in the loss.

Boxscore-Game Summary,

Game Report,

Text Boxscore,

Game Preview: Vernon @ Victoria:

Vernon (19-18-7-3) @ Victoria (29-15-0-2) 2pm

Today is the second and final regular season meeting between the Vernon Vipers & Victoria Grizzlies. The Grizzlies lead the season series 1-0

Last Game:

Saturday, January 26th Cowichan defeated Vernon 4-1
Friday, January 25th Victoria defeated Cowichan 4-1

Next Game:

Friday, February 1st Vernon @ Trail
Thursday, January 31st Alberni Valley @ Victoria

Vernon's record & stats vs the Grizzlies since 2003

Since the 2003-04 regular season Vernon is 12-8-1-6-1 vs Victoria

Since the 2003-04 regular season Vernon has outscored Victoria 95-80

Since the 2003-04 regular season Vernon is 7-4-0-3-1 at home vs Victoria

Since the 2003-04 regular season Vernon is 5-4-1-2 in Victoria

Since the BCHL Showcase opened in 2012-13 Vernon is 0-0-1-0 vs Victoria at the Showcase

Vernon's last win at home vs Victoria was a 3-1 victory on Saturday, December 2nd 2017

Victoria's last win in Vernon was a 6-5 shootout victory on Sunday, November 18th 2018

Victoria's last win at home vs Vernon was a 3-0 victory on Saturday, November 5th 2016

Vernon's last win in Victoria was a 5-2 victory on Friday, September 29th 2017

Here's a look at this years regular season series vs Victoria

November 18th Victoria @ Vernon: Grizzlies won 6-5 shoot out
January 27th Vernon @ Victoria:

Let's take a look at the Vernon Vipers:

The 19-18-7-3 Vernon Vipers make their first and only regular season visit to The Q Centre are coming off a 4-1 loss Saturday night in Cowichan. This afternoon is the third game of a five game road trip. Vernon's three game road winning streak was snapped, have won four of their last six games away from home. The Vipers enter this afternoon have won three of their last five and won six of their last ten games. The Snakes have at least a point in eight of their last eleven games. Vernon sits 6th in the Interior division are two points up on Trail, one point back of Salmon Arm and three points back of West Kelowna.

Vernon Vipers Roster:

Josh Latta (18-16-34) leads the team in goals with eighteen & in points with thirty four

Vernon Vipers 2018-19 regular season stats:

Games Played: 48
Wins: 19
Losses: 18
Overtime Wins: 1
Overtime Losses: 7
Shootout Wins: 0
Shootout Losses: 3
Home Record: 10-8-5-2
Road Record: 9-10-2-1
Overtime Record: 1-7
Record vs Interior Division: 13-12-4-1
Record vs Island & Mainland Divisions: 6-6-3-2
When the Vipers score first: 16-3-4-0
When the opponents score first: 3-15-3-3
Leading after the 1st period: 13-2-3-0
Tied after the 1st period: 6-6-3-1
Trailing after the 1st period: 0-8-1-2
Leading after the 2nd period: 17-2-5-1
Tied after the 2nd period: 2-8-2-1
Trailing after the 2nd period: 0-8-0-1
Out shooting opponents: 15-7-5-1
Out shot by opponents: 3-10-2-1
One goal games: 6-8-7-3
Goals for: 126
Goals against: 124
Standings: 6th Place (Interior Division)
Win-loss Streak: One game losing streak
Longest winning streak: Four games
Longest losing streak: Four games

Vernon Vipers Returning Players:

Jagger Williamson (98)
Connor Marritt (99)
Jesse Lansdell (98)
Coleton Bilodeau (00)
Josh Latta (98)
Michael Young (98)
Jack Judson (00)

Vernon Vipers departed & traded players from last years team:

Brett Stapley (99)
Derek Brown (97)
Keyvan Mokhtari (98)
Josh Prokop (00)
Alex Swetlikoff (01)
Mitch Andres (98)
Jordan Sandhu (99)
Niko Karamanis (98)
Jimmy Lambert (97)
Michael Ufberg (97)
Cameron Trott (97)
Shane Kelly (97)
Chris Jandric (98)
Anthony Yamnitsky (97)
Ty Taylor (99)

Vernon's home record vs Victoria this year:


Vernon's road record vs Victoria this year:


Vernon's scoring leaders vs Victoria this year:

Jagger Williamson (2-0-2)
Connor Marritt (1-1-2)
Jesse Lansdell (0-2-2)
Teddy Wooding (0-2-2)
Michael Young (1-0-1)
Matt Kowalski (0-1-1)
Josh Latta (1-0-1)
Jack Judson (0-1-1)
Trey Taylor (0-1-1)

Aidan Porter (0-1 Record)

Let's take a look at the Victoria Grizzlies:

The 29-15-0-2 Victoria Grizzlies are coming off a 4-1 victory over the visiting Cowichan Capitals Friday night. This is the second meeting of the season vs the Vipers. The Grizzlies won 6-5 in a shoot out in Vernon November 18th. Today's the second game of an eight game home stand, where the Grizzlies will play ten of their final twelve games on home ice. The Grizzlies have won four straight at home and five of their last six home games. The Grizzlies come into this afternoon have won three of their last five and seven of their last ten games. Victoria sits 1st in the Island division are three points up on Powell River.

Victoria Grizzlies Roster:

Alex Newhook (25-49-74) leads the team lead in goals with twenty five & in points with seventy four

Victoria Grizzlies 2018-19 regular season stats:

Games Played: 46
Wins: 29
Overtime Losses: 0
Shootout Losses: 2
Home Record: 13-5-0-1
Road Record: 16-10-0-1
Goals for: 177
Goals against: 144
Standings: 1st Place (Island Division)

Victoria Grizzlies Returning Players:

Lach Hadley (00)
Marty Westhaver (99)
Alex Newhook (01)
Jordan Guiney (99)
Cameron Thompson (98)
Ryan Nolan (98)
Nico Somerville (99)
Cole Noble (98)
Carter Berger (99)
Zachary Rose (99)

Victoria Grizzlies departed and traded players from last years team:

Ethan Nother (97)
Justin Michaelian (97)
Shawn O'Malley (97)
TJ Friedmann (98)
Jamie Rome (98)
Trevor Bishop (99)
Tanner Hopps (00)
Lucas Clark (97)
Jarin Sutton (99)
Matthew Doran (97)
Dayne Finnson (97)
Drayson Pears (98)
Shawn Parkinson (99)
Kurtis Chapman (98)

Victoria's home record vs Vernon this year:


Victoria's road record vs Vernon this year:


Victoria Grizzlies scoring leaders vs Vernon this year:

Alexander Campbell (1-3-4)
Alex Newhook (0-3-3)
Riley Hughes (2-0-2)
Jeremie Bucheler (0-1-1)
Nico Somerville (0-1-1)
Charlie Campbell (1-0-1)
Cameron Thompson (0-1-1)
Ryan Nolan (0-1-1)

Kurtis Chapman (1-0 Record)

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Cowichan 4 Vernon 1

Scoring Summary:

1st Period: 

11:32 CV Olivier Gauthier (9) ASST: Boo Grist (3) 

12:18 CV Preston Brodziak (9) ASST: Doug Scott (6), Vincent Millette (10) 

2nd Period:

2:20 CV Olivier Gauthier (10) ASST: None

3rd Period:

1:14 VER Brendan Kim (5) ASST: Lane Zablocki (2), Elan Bar lev wise (15) 

10:43 CV Cole Broadhurst (4) ASST: David Melaragni (29) 

Shots were even 29-29 Pierce Diamond made 28 saves in the win, while Aidan Porter made 25 saves in the loss.

Boxscore-Game Summary,

Game Report,

Text Boxscore,