Friday, January 14, 2022

Game Preview: Merritt @ Vernon:

Merritt (2-22-1-0) @ Vernon (7-14-3-3) 7pm

Tonight is the first of five regular season meetings vs the Merritt Centennials. 

Vernon's record & stats vs the Centennials since 2002

Since the 2002-03 regular season Vernon is 76-27-11-4 vs Merritt

Since the 2002-03 regular season Vernon has outscored Merritt 441-308

Since the 2002-03 regular season Vernon is 38-10-2-5 at home vs Merritt

Since the 2002-03 regular season Vernon is 32-14-6-3 in Merritt

The Vipers are 10-0-0-0 in their last ten games vs Merritt

The Vipers are 6-2-2-0 vs Merritt in their last ten games in Merritt

The Vipers are 9-0-1-0 vs Merritt in their last ten games in Vernon

Vernon's last win at home vs Merritt was a 5-1 victory on Monday, February 17th 2020

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Merritt's last win at Kal Tire Place was a 3-2 overtime victory on Saturday, January 5th 2019

Vernon's last regular season win at the Nicola Valley Memorial Arena was a 6-3 victory on Tuesday, February 4th 2020

Merritt's last regular season win at home vs Vernon was a 4-3 overtime victory on Saturday, February 23rd 2019

Here's a look at the 2019-20 regular season series vs Merritt

October 11th Merritt @ Vernon: Vipers won 5-2
October 16th Vernon @ Merritt: Vipers won 3-2
December 6th Merritt @ Vernon: Vipers won 8-3
December 8th Vernon @ Merritt: Vipers won 8-7 shootout
February 4th Vernon @ Merritt: Vipers won 6-3
February 17th Merritt @ Vernon: Vipers won 5-1

Let's take a look at the Vernon Vipers:

The 7-14-3-3 Vernon Vipers have had their past three games postponed due to BCHL COVID-19 Protocol. The Vipers haven't played since the first week of Januray are coming off a 4-1 loss January 2nd in Salmon Arm. This is the first of five regular season meetings vs Merritt. The Vipers & Centennials were suppose to play November 19th in Merritt but the game was postponed due to the flooding in Merritt and then the Vipers & Centennials were suppose to play January 7th & 12th but the games were postponed due to COVID-19 Protocol. Tonight's the first game of a three game home stand. The Vipers have lost six of their last seven games, have three wins in their last fifteen games and four wins in their last twenty two games. Only Merritt has fewer wins then Vernon. The Vipers sit 8th in the Interior Conference.

Vernon Vipers Roster:

Vernon Vipers Scoring Leaders:

Luke Buss (9-11-20)

Talon Zakall played parts of four seasons in Merritt was traded to Vernon November 30th 2021

Vernon Vipers Record/Stats:

Games Played: 27
Wins: 7
Losses: 14
Overtime Wins: 1
Overtime Losses: 3
Shootout Wins: 0
Shootout Losses: 3
Overtime Record: 1-3
Shootout Record: 0-3
Home Record: 5-7-1-0
Road Record: 2-7-2-3
When the Vipers score first: 6-8
When the opponents score first: 1-12
Leading after the 1st period: 4-3
Tied after the 1st period: 2-6
Trailing after the 1st period: 1-11
Leading after the 2nd period: 4-3
Tied after the 2nd period: 3-4
Trailing after the 2nd period: 0-13
Out shooting opponents: 3-9
Out shot by opponents: 3-10
One goal games: 3-7
Goals for: 64
Goals against: 92
Win-loss Streak: Two game losing streak
Longest winning streak: Three games
Longest losing streak: Six games (Twice)
Standings: 8th Place Interior Conference

Vernon Vipers Returning Players:

Jack Glen 01
JoJo Tanaka-Campbell 01
Cameron MacDonald 02
Ryan Shostak 01
Griffen Barr 02
Nicholas Kent 01
Luke Pakulak 03
Roan Clarke 03
Ayden Third 02
Liam Cavan 02 
Zach Tonelli 02 
Reagan Milburn 03 

Vernon Vipers departed & traded players from last years team:

Tyler Carpendale 00
Hunter Donohoe 00
Kjell Kjemhus 01
Desmond Johnson 02
Logan Lorenz 02 
Nicholas Remissong 02
Sam Duerr 02
Ethan Mercer 02 
Trey Taylor 02
Seth Bafaro 00
James Porter, Jr 00

Vernon's home record vs Merritt during the 2019-20 season:


Vernon's road record vs Merritt during the 2019-20 season:


Vernon's scoring leaders vs Merritt during the 2019-20 season:

Matt Kowalski (5-9-14)
Connor Marritt (6-8-14)
Dawson Holt (3-5-8)
Jo Jo Tanaka-Campbell (1-5-6)
Ryan Shostak (5-1-6)
Nicholas Kent (1-4-5)
Landon Fuller (1-3-4)
Brett Fudger (0-4-4)
Ben Helgeson (2-1-3)
Cameron MacDonald (0-3-3)
Max Bulawka (2-1-3)
Jackson Caller (2-1-3)
Logan Cash (1-1-2)
Hunter Donohoe (2-0-2)
Keigo Hachisuka (1-1-2)
Connor Sleeth (0-2-2)
Jack Glen (1-1-2)
Hunter Donohoe (0-1-1)
Colby Feist (0-1-1)
Trey Taylor (0-1-1)

Reilly Herbst (6-0 Record)

Let's take a look at the Merritt Centennials:

The 2-22-1-0 Merritt Centennials make their first of three regular season visits to Kal Tire Place. The Centennials had their previous three games postponed due to BCHL COVID-19 Protocol are coming off a 8-2 loss January 5th to the visiting West Kelowna Warriors. The Centennials & Vipers will meet again January 25th in Merritt. The Centennials have one win in their last ten games, only have two wins on the season. Merritt is 0-12 on the road this season. The Centennials & Vipers haven't played since the 2019-20 regular season, where the Snakes went 6-0 vs Merritt. 

Merritt Centennials Roster:

Merritt Centennials Scoring Leaders:

Levi Carter (3-10-13)

Merritt Centennials Record/Stats:

Games Played: 25
Wins: 2
Losses: 22
Overtime Losses: 1
Shootout Losses: 0
Home Record: 2-10-1-0
Road Record: 0-12-0-0
Goals for: 47
Goals against: 148
Standings: 9th Place Interior Conference

Merritt Centennials Returning Players: 

Ben Ward 01
Chase Cooke 03
Josh Olson 01
Mark Thurston 03
Tristan Allen 03

Merritt Centennials departed and traded players from last years team: 

Jake McLean 02
Matteo Pecchia 00
Brandon Dent 01
Blake Astorino 01
Alexander Ochitwa 02
Zack Dallazanna 00
Walker Erickson 02
Jacksenn Hungle 04
Luke Mongrain 04
Wyatt Marlow 02
Carson Preston 01
Trevor Isaksson 00
Liam Visram 00
Talon Zakall 02
Alek Erichuk 01
Devin Benson 03
Josh Dias 00
Brayden Melnyk 03

Merritt's home record vs Vernon during the 2019-20 season:


Merritt's road record vs Vernon during the 2019-20 season:


Merritt Centennials scoring leaders vs Vernon during the 2019-20 season:

Rylan Van Unen (4-1-5)
Thomas Manty (2-2-4)
Hunor Torzsok (3-1-4)
Ben Ward (1-3-4)
Christian Buono (1-2-3)
Payton Matsui (0-3-3)
Josh Van Unen (0-3-3)
Chase Nameth (2-1-3)
Talon Zakall (0-2-2)
Tyson Galloway (1-1-2)
Evan Benwell (0-2-2)
Jerzy Orchard (2-0-2)
Troy Quinn (0-1-1)
Josh Kagan (1-0-1)
Jake McLean (0-1-1)
Brophy Dunne (1-0-1)

Ryan Winter (0-3 Record)
Tanner Marshall (0-3 Record)


vipersdiehardfan said...

Make your predictions

Who will win and what will be the final score?

ron said...

Vipers will win this game 6-2

Marty said...

5 - 2 Vipers because I think they will respond after the trade deals. Fricker is a big upgrade on Kjemhus and has a decent chance of putting some points on the board. McNelly is an upgrade on Bourgeois, may not contribute on the score sheet but should strike fear into opposing players once they enter the zone. I think these are both good pick ups but let's not organize the parade or order the championship rings yet. There is still far too many questions marks on this team, most importantly behind the bench. McKee has not proved he can put a team together or get them to play any kind of system, other than a helter skelter one. Time will tell, we will see how we do on the back nine of the season.

With the numerous changes made to the playing personnel I still question how this team was built in September. There were far too many "great" recruits brought in who have since moved on. I realize this happens on all team but not to the extent that we have seen. Either our scouting is suspect or the ability to integrate recruits into our program is not good. It is rare that a young recruit has a immediate impact, rather they must be nurtured and developed. I hope KcKee or Glen realize that a "revolving door" mentality is not a responsible way to build a successful program. I fear that in future high end recruits may shy away from Vernon and go to teams that give them better opportunity. Again, time will tell.

Steve said...

I also think Vernon will take this game as a response to all the trades.

I have to wonder, with 8 of 9 teams making the playoffs... Is there really urgency to build competitive teams?
Vernon has been awful, but still in a playoff spot. Maybe that's why nothing was done back in November?
Maybe just 4 teams should make playoffs from each division.

Anonymous said...

Marty, players are already staying away from this organization. John Glenn had no idea how far and fast the word about him would travel. I say it looks good on him.

Marty said...

Steve... yes, I think you are 100% correct that top end players are already shying away from Vernon. Recruiting is about current reputation not riding off the past owner's reputation or that of a storied franchise. If you were a parent would you chose to place your kid with this franchise? These junior years are so important in a young players development and I seriously don't think they are getting the mentoring that they need in Vernon. It was clear at last nights game when Jack is getting lots of ice time, even power play time, while younger players with far more upside are not getting that opportunity. I am not bashing Jack rather I am using this as an example of mismanagement of players. A younger, talented player with huge upside needs the exposure more than an older player, with no scholarship, who is 3 months away from working is daddy's business.