Saturday, February 22, 2020

West Kelowna 6 Vernon 5 Shootout



1:29 WK Levi Stauber (11) ASST: Ryan Upson (9), Brennan Nelson (2)
3:01 VER Ben Helgeson (11) ASST: Cameron MacDonald (10) 


10:40 WK Colby Elmer (7) ASST: Brennan Nelson (3), Ryan Novecosky (8)
18:08 VER Ben Helgeson (12) ASST: Landon Fuller (13)
19:33 WK Elan Bar Lev Wise (5) ASST: Carter Wilkie (21), Brendan Pigeon (18) 


10:15 VER Ben Helgeson (13) ASST: Logan Cash (9)
11:17 WK Colby Elmer (8) ASST: Elan Bar Lev Wise (14)
12:21 VER Matt Kowalski (26) ASST: Ryan Shostak (9), Logan Cash (10)
15:00 VER Dawson Holt (23) ASST: Max Bulawka (15), Connor Marritt (31) (PP)
18:13 WK Deegan Mofford (10) ASST: Skyler Cameron (5)

1st OT

No Scoring

Vernon Vipers Shootout 

25 Cameron MacDonald No Goal
12 Connor Marritt Goal
7 Matt Kowalski No Goal
9 Ben Helgeson No Goal
29 Max Bulawka No Goal 

Total: 1

West Kelowna Warriors Shootout 

27 Elan Bar Lev Wise No Goal
19 Carter Wilkie Goal
21 Colby Elmer No Goal
16 Holden Kodak No Goal
18 Ryan Upson Goal 

Total: 2  Vernon outshot West Kelowna 47-26 Riley Morgan made 42 saves in the win, while Keegan Karki made 20 saves in the loss. 

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Anonymous said...

How McKee treated Graham, a diehard supporter of him all season show what a classless, despicable person he is! He doesn't belong in Vernon! If Duncan was still around he would have fired him as coach long ago!

Unknown said... you happen to have this interview with Turnbull and McKee that everyone's talking about here?

vipersdiehardfan said...

To listen to the post game interview, your going to have to watch the game on hockey tv and catch it on there.

TF said...

I could be wrong but doesn’t it cut off before the interviews? Is there anywhere else to listen to it?