Saturday, February 22, 2020

Game Preview: Vernon @ West Kelowna:

Vernon (30-24-2-1) @ West Kelowna (15-33-6-3) 6pm

Tonight is the seventh and final seven regular season meeting between the Vernon Vipers & West Kelowna Warriors. The Warriors lead the season series 4-2

Last Game:

Friday, February 21st West Kelowna defeated Vernon 6-4

Next Game:

Playoff schedule hasn't been posted

Vernon's record & stats vs the Warriors since 2006

Since the 2006-07 regular season Vernon is 46-35-4-5 vs West Kelowna

Since the 2006-07 regular season Vernon is 28-13-3-2 at home vs West Kelowna

Since the 2006-07 regular season Vernon is 20-22-1-3 in West Kelowna

Since the BCHL Showcase opened in 2012 Vernon is 0-1-0-0 vs West Kelowna at the Showcase

The Vipers are 5-4-1-0 in their last ten games vs West Kelowna

The Vipers are 7-2-1-0 vs West Kelowna in their last ten games in West Kelowna

The Vipers are 6-3-0-1 vs West Kelowna in their last ten home games 

Since the 2010-11 regular season the Warriors have just eight wins in Vernon

Vernon's last win at home vs West Kelowna was a 4-2 victory on Saturday, February 15th 2020

West Kelowna's last win at Kal Tire Place was a 6-4 victory on Friday, February 21st 2020

Vernon's last regular season win at Royal LePage Place was a 4-2 victory on Friday, September 6th 2019

West Kelowna's last regular season win at home vs Vernon was a 3-2 victory on Friday, January 24th 2020

Here is a look at this years regular season series vs West Kelowna

September 6th Vernon @ West Kelowna: Vipers won 4-2
October 5th BCHL Showcase West Kelowna vs Vernon: Warriors won 4-0
January 24th Vernon @ West Kelowna: Warriors won 3-2
January 25th West Kelowna @ Vernon: Warriors won 4-1
February 15th West Kelowna @ Vernon: Vipers won 4-2
February 21st West Kelowna @ Vernon: Warriors won 6-4
February 22nd Vernon @ West Kelowna:

Let's take a look at the Vernon Vipers:

The 30-24-2-1 Defending Interior Division Champion Vernon Vipers make there third and final regular season visit to Royal Le Page Place, are coming off a 6-4 loss last night to the visiting West Kelowna Warriors. The Warriors lead the season series 4-2. The last time the Vipers were in West Kelowna, the Warriors won 3-2 January 24th. Tonight is the Vipers final game of the regular season, and the team still doesn't know who they will face in the opening round of the playoffs. The Vipers have won three of there last five games and six of there last ten games. Vernon sits 4th in the Interior division are tied in points with Salmon Arm, are one point back of 3rd place Wenatchee. 

Vernon Vipers Roster:

Matt Kowalski (25-35-60) leads the team lead in goals with twenty five & in points with sixty

Matt Kowalski played 43 games with the West Kelowna Warriors (2017-2018)

Max Bulawka played parts of three seasons with the West Kelowna Warriors (2017-2020)

Vernon Vipers 2019-20 regular season stats:

Games Played: 57
Wins: 30
Losses: 24
Overtime Wins: 3
Overtime Losses: 2
Shootout Wins: 5
Shootout Losses: 1
Home Record: 16-12-1-0
Road Record: 14-12-1-1
Overtime Record: 3-2
Shootout Record: 6-1
Record vs Interior Division: 21-15-1-0
Record vs Island & Mainland Divisions: 9-9-1-1
When the Vipers score first: 17-6-2-0
When the opponents score first: 13-17-0-1
Leading after the 1st period: 9-3-1-1
Tied after the 1st period: 16-6-1-0
Trailing after the 1st period: 5-14-0-0
Leading after the 2nd period: 19-1-1-0
Tied after the 2nd period: 7-4-1-1
Trailing after the 2nd period: 4-19-0-0
Out shooting opponents: 22-12-0-1
Out shot by opponents: 8-12-2-0
One goal games: 12-8-2-1
Goals for: 169
Goals against: 172
Standings: 4th Place (Interior Division) 
Win-loss Streak: One game losing streak
Longest winning streak: Seven games
Longest losing streak: Four games
Vipers record in September: 3-3-0-0
Vipers record in October: 7-4-0-0 
Vipers record in November 5-5-1-1
Vipers record in December 5-3-0-0
Vipers record in January 6-5-1-0
Vipers record in February 4-4-0-0

Vernon Vipers Returning Players:

Matt Kowalski (99)
Ben Helgeson (00)
Ben Sanderson (00)
Logan Cash (00)
Landon Fuller (99)
Connor Marritt (99)
Trey Taylor (02)
Max Palaga (00)

Vernon Vipers departed & traded players from last years team:

Jagger Williamson (98)
Jesse Lansdell (98)
Tyler Ho (00)
Josh Latta (98)
Elan Bar-Lev-Wise (01)
Teddy Wooding (99)
Nicholas Cherkowski (00) 
Brendan Kim (00)
Lane Zablocki (98)
Coleton Bilodeau (00)
Michael Young (98)
Will Dow-Kenny (00)
Jack Judson (00)
Carver Watson (98)
Aidan Porter (99)
Bradley Cooper (99)

Vernon's home record vs West Kelowna this year:

1-3-0-0 (Played one game in Penticton at the BCHL Showcase)

Vernon's road record vs West Kelowna this year:


Vernon's scoring leaders vs West Kelowna this year:

Trey Taylor (1-2-3)
Dawson Holt (3-0-3)
Ben Helgeson (2-1-3)
Matt Kowalski (0-3-3)
Max Bulawka (1-2-3)
Jackson Caller (0-3-3)
Connor Marritt (1-2-3)
Connor Sleeth (1-2-3)
Christian Felton (1-1-2)
Ryan Shostak (2-0-2)
Landon Fuller (1-0-1)
Jojo Tanaka-Campbell (0-1-1)
Cameron MacDonald (1-0-1)
Nicholas Kent (0-1-1)
Logan Cash (1-0-1)

Keegan Karki (1-1 Record)
Max Palaga (1-1 Record)
Reilly Herbst (0-2 Record)

Let's take a look at the West Kelowna Warriors:

The 15-33-6-3 West Kelowna Warriors are coming off a 6-4 victory Friday in Vernon. Tonight's the Warriors final game of the 2019-20 regular season, will face the division leading Penticton Vees in the first round of the BCHL playoffs. The Warriors have won four of there last eight home games. The Warriors have one win in there last seven games and lost eight of there last ten. West Kelowna sits 6th in the Interior division nine points ahead of 7th place Merritt. 

West Kelowna Warriors Roster:

John Evans (22-28-50) leads the team lead in goals with twenty two & in points with fifty

Johnny Derrick attended the Vernon Vipers 2017 & 2018 training camps-Was also an "AP" affiliated player with the Vipers last year

Elan Bar-Lev-Wise played parts of three seasons in Vernon (2017-2020)

Nicolas Ardanaz attended the Vipers 2017 & 2018 training camps, committed to the Vipers in 2018 was an "AP" affiliated player with the Vipers last year

West Kelowna Warriors 2019-20 regular season stats:

Games Played: 57
Wins: 15
Losses: 33
Overtime Losses: 6
Shootout Losses: 3
Home Record: 7-15-4-2
Road Record: 8-18-2-1
Goals for: 154
Goals against: 218
Standings: 6th Place (Interior Division)

West Kelowna Warriors Returning Players:

Jake Harrison (99)

West Kelowna Warriors departed and traded players from last years team:

Mike Hardman (99)
Quinton Waitzner (00)
Chase Dubois (98)
Bennett Norlin (98)
Parm Dhaliwal (99)
Cavin Tilsley (98)
Willie Reim (99)
Max Bulawka (01)
Garrett Worth (99)
Lucas Bahn (99)
Andrew Viggars (00)
Wyatt Head (99)
Garrett Ewert (99)
Anthony Bishop (98)
Connor Hopkins (00)

West Kelowna's home record vs Vernon this year:


West Kelowna's road record vs Vernon this year:

3-1-0-0 (Played one game in Penticton at the BCHL Showcase)

West Kelowna Warriors scoring leaders vs Vernon this year:

John Evans (6-1-7)
Brendan Pigeon (1-3-4)
Nicolas Ardanaz (0-4-4)
Ryan Upson (2-2-4)
Levi Stauber (3-0-3)
Jacob Brockman (1-2-3)
Carter Wilkie (2-0-2)
Elan Bar-Lev-Wise (1-1-2)
Skyler Cameron (0-2-2)
Deegan Mofford (1-1-2)
Drew Vieten (0-2-2)
Ryan Novecosky (1-0-1)
Holden Kodak (0-1-1)
Tyler Cristall (0-1-1)
Brennan Nelson (0-1-1)

Johnny Derrick (3-1 Record-1 Shutout)
Reilly Morgan (1-0 Record)


Anonymous said...

Maybe Karki can stand on his head and bail1 them out tonight! Love listening on the radio, dont have to give the Glens any money to hire some more croonies. Graham does a great job by the way, but you can tell even he is discourage!

Marty said...

Graham Turnbull is a class act. I listened to the post game interview, if that is what you call it, with McKee last night. Everyone is disappointed in the result but Graham acted like a true professional in that one sided discussion of the game. In my opinion McKee was short, abrupt & very rude to a guy who has done nothing but support him all year. He deserved more respect than what he got.

Bobby C said...

Thats why he's a clown!

Anonymous said...

When you have a loser coach what do you get, a bunch of losers! Up 5-4 with 1:52 remaining and cough it up! 5-5! Two chances to win it in the shootout Kowlaski blows it then Helgesen blows it! They are a laughing stock! I don't blame the kids it is all on the owners and the coach! The Glens owe the Vernon fans an apology for the worst season in franchise history!

Anonymous said...

Worst season in franchise history ???? Obviously your not going by stats......Only twice in the last 10 years,have the Vipes ended up with more regular season points,than this year, with tonight’s single point,they surpassed last years totals.... Perhaps your referring to regular season wins ? Again, only twice in the last few years, have the Vipers ended up with more than 30 wins. Obviously the “Worst season in history”, has nothing to do with stats. You refer to Kowalski/Helgesen as “Blowing it “ ? Kowalski is the season points leader,Helgesen had 3 tonight....Maybe try a little cheese with your Whine !!!

vipersdiehardfan said...

I know your upset, but all teams have blown a one goal lead late in a game. I saw Troy Mick, Mike Vandekamp and Mark Ferner teams blow leads, it happens. I'm not standing up for the Vipers losing last night, but I don't agree with your comments. Ben Helgeson scored three goals last night, how can you blame him for blowing it? Where would the Vipers be this season without Matt Kowalski? How can you blame him for not scoring in the shootout. Did the Vipers make some mistakes last night, yes. But to say this is the worst Vernon team in franchise history? The Vipers finished the season with 30 wins and made the playoffs. So your saying the three Viper teams that missed the playoffs in 2001, 2012 and 2013 were better then this years Vipers?

Here is a list of some Vernon teams with only a handful of wins

1961 7 wins
1962 9 wins
1963 7 wins
1964 10 wins
1965 4 wins
1977 10 wins
1980 8 wins
1981 10 wins

Your telling me those Vernon teams were better then this years Vipers?

The Vipers aren't very good this year but not the worst team in franchise history.

Bobby C said...

Maybe the Anonymous poster ment "Worst Coach in franchise history "

Anonymous said...

They are 24 points out of first probably looking at fifth! Lucky West Kelowna and Merrit are bad or they would have been sixth or seventh! It is just a terrible team to watch, a comedy of errors! The coach is definitely the worst ever!

Anonymous said...

Worst Coach in franchise history. McKee is up there with Joe Oliver and Jason Williamson. Duncan has to be looking down and thinking. WHAT THE HELL HAS THIS COACH AND HIS TWO SIDE KICKS DONE TO MY TEAM !!!!!!!!!!!
Also John Glenn, where is the Interior Championship Banner from last year. It should be hanging with the 30 plus banners that this franchise has won.
Getting back to Jason McKee. You blame the goalie, the defence and the forwards. Maybe take a good look in the mirror, you and the two idiots standing next to you. You've gone from a WHL team and back to a junior A team. Maybe the Glenn's should buy a junior B team and you could go coach them.
I feel for the veterans on this team because they have heart. Good luck next year in school or where ever life takes you.

Anonymous said...

You are correct Bobby C, I meant the worst coach in history! On paper the kids should have deserved a better fate but were not allowed to live up to there potential! I know the coach is usually blamed, but in this instance it is blatantly obvious he is the culprit!

Bobby C said...

Its unfortunate that this years team has completely tuned out the coach because in last night's post game interview he basically said that and that he couldn't figure out why. The poster above is correct that this group of players are extremely fine young men and do deserve a better fate. Unfortunately John Glenn and Mckee seemed to be tied at the hip so unless Tom realizes his son needs a better coach next year Viper fans will be going through all this again next we play Wenatchee