Monday, February 24, 2020

Vernon Vipers Playoff Schedule:

Vernon Vipers 2020 Playoff Schedule

5th place Vernon Vipers 30-24-2-2 vs 4th place Wenatchee Wild 30-23-4-1

Game 1 Saturday, February 29th Vernon @ Wenatchee 7:05pm

Game 2 Sunday, March 1st Vernon @ Wenatchee 7:05pm

Game 3 Tuesday, March 3rd Wenatchee @ Vernon 7pm

Game 4 Wednesday, March 4th Wenatchee @ Vernon 7pm

Game 5 Friday, March 6th Vernon @ Wenatchee 7:05pm

Game 6 Sunday, March 8th Wenatchee @ Vernon 2pm

Game 7 Tuesday, March 10th Vernon @ Wenatchee 7:05pm


Anonymous said...

The Vipers had two chances against the Warriors on the final weekend to clinch third place and home-ice advantage and failed both times. Now we can see the "cost" of this disappointing pair of games:

1) The Vipers play Wenatchee in the first round. If it goes a full 7 games they will have to travel south three times as opposed to twice if they had won home ice advantage. Considering the potential extra costs for busing, meals and hotel stays this is a big deal.

2) Wenatchee"s home ice also gives them the preferred nights with game #1 Friday & game #2 Saturday. Vernon now gets game #3 Tuesday & game #4 Wednesday. It will be hard to get a big crowd on those nights (school nights for kids) and certainly after their disappointing performance in the last home game vs Kelowna. This means potentially less revenue coming in for ticket sales, another concern.

3) Season ticket holders, a lot being corporate, must now "pay up" again for playoff tickets. Less revenue coming in means higher costs. It is good that the Glen's have deep pockets, they will need it.

4) After this past weekend the Vipers are not going into the playoffs on a high note. Playoff hockey is about good defense and limiting the opposition's chances. Let's hope we see some of this from the first puck drop.

Still snow on the ground, lots of time left for hockey. GO VIPERS GO!!!

Bobby C said...

Anonymous read the schedule they start Saturday and Sunday in Wenatchee..Tuesday Wednesday in Vernon..4 games in 5 nights which is not a preferred schedule

Anonymous said...

Bobby C...please re-read my comment, specifically (2). I realize the series starts in Wenatchee and that "favors" them. It puts Vernon in the less desirable position, especially considering the nights Vipers play here.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter to me, I won't be giving the Glens any of my money! Once a used car salesman always a used car salesman! They tried to sell us a bill of goods this year, maybe the fans got a wakeup call!

Viper fan said...

To Anonymous @ Feb 26 7:19
Wow. Talk about a fair weather fan. "We're not winning so I don't wanna go see them!" Just plain childish!
Wow! I for one will be there to support the boys. They are young and learning their craft. Just about any night they will be far more entertaining than watching a game from the NHL league. These kids play with heart and work towards their future, be it school or a hockey career.
Why wouldn't we support them regardless. These kids come from all over. They leave home and live in another household and have many obstacles to overcome just to get on the ice. I applaud each and every one of them for being brave enough to take the chance to possibly further their careers. This is why I support them - win or lose - regardless of who owns the rights to the team.
So grow up and cheer on the boys .... or not is that is what you choose. You are the one who will lose the night of entertainment. The rest of us will be there with our bells to make some noise!
Go Vipers go!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sucker ? It’s your LOSS ...... Good Riddance !!!!!