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Game Preview: Merritt @ Vernon:

Merritt (13-38-1-3) @ Vernon (29-23-2-1) 2pm

Today is the sixth and final regular season meeting vs the Merritt Centennials. The Vipers lead the season series 5-0

Last Game:

Saturday, February 15th Vernon defeated West Kelowna 4-2
Sunday, February 16th Merritt defeated Alberni Valley 7-4

Next Game:

Friday, February 21st West Kelowna @ Vernon
Saturday, February 22nd Trail @ Merritt

Vernon's record & stats vs the Centennials since 2002

Since the 2002-03 regular season Vernon is 75-27-11-4 vs Merritt

Since the 2002-03 regular season Vernon has outscored Merritt 436-307

Since the 2002-03 regular season Vernon is 37-10-2-5 at home vs Merritt

Since the 2002-03 regular season Vernon is 32-14-6-3 in Merritt

The Vipers are 10-0-0-0 in their last ten games vs Merritt

The Vipers are 6-2-2-0 vs Merritt in their last ten games in Merritt

The Vipers are 8-1-1-0 vs Merritt in their last ten games in Vernon

Vernon's last win at home vs Merritt was a 8-3 victory on Friday, December 6th 2019

Merritt's last win at Kal Tire Place was a 3-2 overtime victory on Saturday, January 5th 2019

Vernon's last regular season win at the Nicola Valley Memorial Arena was a 6-3 victory on Tuesday, February 4th 2020

Merritt's last regular season win at home vs Vernon was a 4-3 overtime victory on Saturday, February 23rd 2019

Here's a look at this years regular season series vs Merritt

October 11th Merritt @ Vernon: Vipers won 5-2
October 16th Vernon @ Merritt: Vipers won 3-2
December 6th Merritt @ Vernon: Vipers won 8-3
December 8th Vernon @ Merritt: Vipers won 8-7 shootout
February 4th Vernon @ Merritt: Vipers won 6-3
February 17th Merritt @ Vernon:

Let's take a look at the Vernon Vipers:

The 29-23-2-1 Defending Interior Division Champion Vernon Vipers are coming off a 4-2 victory Saturday over the visiting West Kelowna Warriors. Today's the second game of a three game home stand, where the Vipers have four of there last five games at Kal Tire Place. The Vipers and Centennials last met February 4th in Merritt, a 6-3 Vernon win. Today is the Vipers third game in four days. The Snakes have won three of there last five games and are 5-5 in there last ten. The Vipers have three games remaining in the 2019-20 regular season. Vernon sits 4th in the Interior division are tied in points with Salmon Arm, are three points back of 3rd place Wenatchee.

Vernon Vipers Roster:

Matt Kowalski (25-31-56) leads the team lead in goals with twenty five & in points with fifty six

Jackson Caller played three games with the 2014-15 Merritt Centennials

Vernon Vipers 2019-20 regular season stats:

Games Played: 55
Wins: 29
Losses: 23
Overtime Wins: 3
Overtime Losses: 2
Shootout Wins: 5
Shootout Losses: 1
Home Record: 15-11-1-0
Road Record: 14-12-1-1
Overtime Record: 3-2
Shootout Record: 6-1
Record vs Interior Division: 20-14-1-0
Record vs Island & Mainland Divisions: 9-9-1-1
When the Vipers score first: 16-5-2-0
When the opponents score first: 13-17-0-1
Leading after the 1st period: 8-2-1-1
Tied after the 1st period: 16-6-1-0
Trailing after the 1st period: 5-14-0-0
Leading after the 2nd period: 18-1-1-0
Tied after the 2nd period: 7-4-1-1
Trailing after the 2nd period: 4-18-0-0
Out shooting opponents: 21-11-0-1
Out shot by opponents: 8-12-2-0
One goal games: 12-8-2-1
Goals for: 160
Goals against: 165
Standings: 4th Place (Interior Division) 
Win-loss Streak: One game winning streak
Longest winning streak: Seven games
Longest losing streak: Four games
Vipers record in September: 3-3-0-0
Vipers record in October: 7-4-0-0 
Vipers record in November 5-5-1-1
Vipers record in December 5-3-0-0
Vipers record in January 6-5-1-0
Vipers record in February 3-3-0-0

Vernon Vipers Returning Players:

Matt Kowalski (99)
Ben Helgeson (00)
Ben Sanderson (00)
Logan Cash (00)
Landon Fuller (99)
Connor Marritt (99)
Trey Taylor (02)
Max Palaga (00)

Vernon Vipers departed & traded players from last years team:

Jagger Williamson (98)
Jesse Lansdell (98)
Tyler Ho (00)
Josh Latta (98)
Elan Bar-Lev-Wise (01)
Teddy Wooding (99)
Nicholas Cherkowski (00) 
Brendan Kim (00)
Lane Zablocki (98)
Coleton Bilodeau (00)
Michael Young (98)
Will Dow-Kenny (00)
Jack Judson (00)
Carver Watson (98)
Aidan Porter (99)
Bradley Cooper (99)

Vernon's home record vs Merritt this year:


Vernon's road record vs Merritt this year:


Vernon's scoring leaders vs Merritt this year:

Matt Kowalski (5-7-12)
Connor Marritt (6-6-12)
Dawson Holt (3-4-7)
Jo Jo Tanaka-Campbell (1-5-6)
Nicholas Kent (1-4-5)
Landon Fuller (1-3-4)
Brett Fudger (0-4-4)
Ryan Shostak (3-0-3)
Ben Helgeson (2-1-3)
Cameron MacDonald (0-3-3)
Logan Cash (1-1-2)
Hunter Donohoe (2-0-2)
Keigo Hachisuka (1-1-2)
Connor Sleeth (0-2-2)
Max Bulawka (1-1-2)
Jackson Caller (1-0-1)
Hunter Donohoe (0-1-1)
Colby Feist (0-1-1)
Jack Glen (0-1-1)

Reilly Herbst (5-0 Record)

Let's take a look at the Merritt Centennials:

The 13-38-1-3 Merritt Centennials make there third and final regular season visit to Kal Tire Place, are coming off a 7-4 victory Sunday afternoon vs the visiting Alberni Valley Bulldogs. The Centennials are 0-5 vs the Vipers this season. Merritt's last visit to Vernon was a 8-3 loss December 6th. Today is the Cents fourth game in seven days and there third game in three days. Merritt has one win in there last nine road games. The Centennials have three games remaining in the regular season and are the lone team that wont make the BCHL playoffs. The Cents have won back to back games and three of there last five, are 3-7 in there last ten. Merritt sits 7th in the Interior division and last overall in the BCHL are seven points back of 6th place West Kelowna.

Merritt Centennials Roster:

Payton Matsui (17-27-44) leads the team lead in goals with seventeen & in points with forty four

Merritt Centennials Blog,

Merritt Centennials 2018-19 regular season stats:

Games Played: 55
Wins: 13
Losses: 38
Overtime Losses: 1
Shootout Losses: 3
Home Record: 8-19-0-1
Road Record: 5-19-1-2
Goals for: 158
Goals against: 266
Standings: 7th Place (Interior Division)

Merritt Centennials Returning Players: 

Ben Ward (01)
Daniel Tkac (00)
Payton Matsui (00)
Rylan Van Unen (99)
Talan Zakall (02)

Merritt Centennials departed and traded players from last years team: 

Nicholas Wicks (98)
Christian Sabin (98)
Mathieu Gosselin (99)
Josh Kagan (00)
Brett Roloson (00)
Joey Berkopec (99)
Matthew Kopperud (99)
Nick Granowicz (98)
Frazer Dodd (99)
Brendan Schneider (98)
Bradley Cocca (99)
Vincent Guy (00)
Mattias Dal Monte (00)
Michael Van Unen (99)
Jayden Fetter (99)
Jackson Munro (00)
Brady Ziemer (00)
Austin Roden (98)
Vincent Duplessis (99)

Merritt's home record vs Vernon this year:


Merritt's road record vs Vernon this year:


Merritt Centennials scoring leaders vs Vernon this year:

Rylan Van Unen (4-1-5)
Thomas Manty (2-2-4)
Hunor Torzsok (3-1-4)
Christian Buono (1-2-3)
Payton Matsui (0-3-3)
Josh Van Unen (0-3-3)
Chase Nameth (2-1-3)
Talon Zakall (0-2-2)
Tyson Galloway (1-1-2)
Evan Benwell (0-2-2)
Jerzy Orchard (2-0-2)
Ben Ward (1-2-3)
Troy Quinn (0-1-1)
Josh Kagan (1-0-1)
Jake McLean (0-1-1)

Ryan Winter (0-3 Record)
Tanner Marshall (0-2 Record)

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