Wednesday, June 28, 2023

McCloskey Commits To Vernon Vipers:

18 year old defenceman Lukas McCloskey has committed to the Vernon Vipers.

Here is the press release from the Vernon Vipers website,

McCloskey Will Join The Vipers | Vernon Vipers

Lukas McCloskey's Player Profile:

Lukas McCloskey - Elite Prospects


Bob McInnes said...

He's one of the players from last year's Wenatchee Wild who have been freed to sign where they want.

Anonymous said...

I believe that makes 26 on the potential team?


Teams have a maximum of 25 active roster spots, plus an additional card if a team chooses to have a third goaltender.
A minimum of five players from B.C. on the 17 Canadian teams (This remains the same as in previous seasons and is similar to other leagues across the country).
* B.C. players will include athletes born in the province as well as those who have developed in the B.C. youth system for at least three of the past five years.
* Players from outside the province who change residency during or prior to the BCHL season will no longer be considered B.C. players. This was a Hockey Canada and BC Hockey regulation that proved to be a barrier for athletes who didn't have the ability to uproot their families.
U.S.-based teams will continue to need a minimum of five players from their branch (Washington State, Arizona, California and Colorado).
Canadian-based teams will require a minimum of 13 players from Canada.
U.S.-based teams will require a minimum of 13 players from the USA.
A maximum of two players from outside of North America is permitted per team. (Russian and Belarussian players are temporarily not allowed due to the political situation in Russia).
Teams can dress a maximum of 19 players and two goalies for a game.
A maximum of six 20-year-olds on a roster are permitted at one time in 2023-24, which remains unchanged from previous years.
A minimum of three players under the age of 18 are required for each team, which is an increase from two in previous years.
A minimum of four rookies are required on a roster, which remains unchanged from previous years.
A maximum of two former CHL players of any age are permitted on a roster. Ex-CHL players rostered to BCHL rosters as of Jan. 10. 2023 are to be grandfathered in.
A maximum of eight affiliate registrations are permitted per team. Affiliates may come from any independent minor/youth/high school league across North America.
* BC Hockey has dictated that CSSHL, BCEHL and Junior B can no longer affiliate with BCHL as an independent league

vipersdiehardfan said...

For the second time this week, the Vipers have added another defenceman with size. Both new d-men are over 6' Eleven of the the fifteen players committed to the Vipers are over 6' I like the idea of adding a veteran d-man with BCHL experience. I was wondering if the Vipers were going to try and acquire players from the Wenatchee Wild.

The Vipers now have 15 players that have committed to the team for the 2023-24 season and eight players eligible to return for the 2023-24 season.