Monday, June 19, 2023

A New Hockey Canada League In British Columbia?

Reports are the KIJHL & PJHL will come together and form a new Junior A League.

Here is the story from,

The Death Pool – A New Hockey Canada League in British Columbia? (


Anonymous said...

More unfounded rhetoric by a very biased source, who have yet to say one thing good about the BCHL!

Why, Why, Why, do you give these guys the time of day, by posting their BS on your blog?

As a fan of the BCHL we should try to stay positive and support them by not posting negatively sourced article!

GO, B C H L, GO!!!!

Marty said...

I don't agree with the above poster who says this article is "a very biased source, who has yet to say one good thing about the BCHL". It is good to hear feedback/comments from both sides of the debate. There is no need to bad mouth anyone for having an opinion that differs from yours. Let's be adults and "agree to disagree" and listen to others opinions. I thank VDHF for all the coverage on this huge decision by the BCHL. This could be a good move or a very bad move, only time will tell.

This is a well written article and should be a must read for all parents of younger players. It is a serious decision to commit to the BCHL where you have few if any options when you are not kept by the team, especially when the players are in important years of their development. I have spoken to a friend who is the parent of a high level Midget player. They will not consider signing in the BCHL, rather will play in the AJHL. As it was mentioned earlier the Vipers have had a horrible track record of bringing in players and releasing/trading them quickly. If they, or other BCHL teams, continue with that practice it will make recruiting even harder.

I do not "have a dog in the fight" but that is my opinion. I will continue to support the BCHL and the players but admit that I am worried. There are simply too many factors working against their success. Thank you VDHF for your hard work in keeping us informed, please keep it up.

Toddy M said...

as a player, you would have to be *insane* to commit to a team that has shown nothing but disrespect towards its "recruited" players over the past few years in how they are near-instantly dismissed.

Anonymous said...

Marty, it is/was my OPINION, your bad mouthing me for what you say I should not do, yet here you are doing it!!