Thursday, September 9, 2021

North Commits To Vernon Vipers:

18 year old forward Daniel North has committed to the Vernon Vipers for the 2021-22 season.

Here is the press release from the Vernon Vipers website,

Daniel North Commits To Vipers | Vernon Vipers

Daniel North's Player Profile:

Daniel North - Elite Prospects

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vipersdiehardfan said...

I was surprised to see another commitment this late in the year and a week away from training camp. I thought the Vipers had announced all their new recruits/committed players. Daniel has some size that's for sure.

I have gone through the Vipers roster and picked out the players that are eligible to return from last year as well as newly acquired & committed players. If this is correct that puts the Vipers roster at 26 players.

This is not official as the Vipers 2021-22 roster has yet to be announced. Here is a look at the possible Vernon Vipers 2021-22 roster,


Ayden Third (Returning for second season)
Griffen Barr (Returning for second season)
Sam Duerr (Returning for second season)
Luke Ashton (Committed to Vipers for 2021-22 season)
Desmond Johnson (Returning for second season)
Adam Bourgeois (Committed for the 2021-22 season)
Nicholas Kent (Returning for third season)


Nicholas Remissong (Returning for second season)
Ethan Mercer (Returning for second season)
Jack Glen (Returning for third season)
Kjell Kjemhus (Returning for third season)
Luke Buss (Committed to Vipers for 2021-22 season)
Reagan Milburn (Returning for second season)
Tyler Chan (Comitted for the 2021-22 season)
JoJo Tanaka-Campbell (Returning for third season)
Logan Lorenz (Returning for second season)
Jason Siedem (Committed to Vipers for 2021-22 season)
Cameron MacDonald (Returning for third season)
Seiya Tanaka-Campbell (Committed to Vipers for 2021-22 season)
Ryan Shostak (Returning for third season)
Greye Rampton (Committed for the 2021-22 season)
Luke Pakulak (Returning for second season)
Daniel North (Committed for the 2021-22 season)
Zach Tonelli (Returning for second season)


Roan Clarke (Returning for second season)
Ethan David (Committed to Vipers for 2021-22 season)