Friday, September 10, 2021

No Fans Again?

Interior Health won't allow more than 50 fans to attend indoor events. Does this mean fans won't be able to attend any Vipers pre-season games this fall?

I ran into a Vernon Vipers season ticket holder the other day who thought we were allowed back inside Kal Tire Place this September to watch the Vipers exhibition games. Wrong! The season ticket holder contacted the Vipers office and was told due to Interior Health COVID-19 restrictions, fans won't be allowed to attend the Vipers training camp or watch any exhibition games.

The Vernon Vipers open training camp September 17th and host the Salmon Arm Silverbacks September 21st in the Vipers first of six pre-season games.


Anonymous said...

I think this is incorrect... I read it as we can attend with only 50% of maximum facility (arena) capacity and also must wear masks. Here is what is stated on BC Province Wide Restrictions for Indoor Organized Gatherings. "Indoor organized seated gatherings can have a capacity of 50 people or 50% capacity, whichever is greater. For example, if the venue has a normal seated capacity of 500 people, 250 people can attend." Unless conditions rapidly change we should be able to attend games. Go Vipers Go!!!

vipersdiehardfan said...

Why would the Vipers tell a season ticket holder fans aren't allowed at the exhibition games? So your telling me, they are lying to us?

The Kelowna Rockets are not allowed fans at training camp due to COVID-19 and the restrictions.

Castanet had a story on the Kamloops Blazers having to cancel two pre-season games due to COVID-19.

Here is something from the article,

Restrictions currently in place in the Interior Health region limit indoor gatherings to 50 attendees.

For the full article go to the link below,

Bobby C said...

I was told that the Vipers only regular season home game in October will be at 50% capacity if all things stay the same. After October 24th you will have to be double vaccinated to enter the rink and when we have our second home game on November 5 we should be at full capacity so keep your fingers crossed

Anonymous said...

VDHF....You really think the VIPERS are Lying to you about attending games ? Pretty sure they would want as many fans as possible, especially after not being allowed last season. Perhaps its more of the PHO changing restrictions (seems daily),rather than the Vipers lying to you !

vipersdiehardfan said...

No I don't think the Vipers are lying to the fans. When the first person made a comment saying this is incorrect, I was thinking to myself... How can this be incorrect when the Vipers told a season ticket holder fans are not allowed to attend any of the exhibition games due to COVID-19 rules/restrictions. Why would he or she think we can go to games after the Vipers just told someone we can't. That's why I said do you think the Vipers are lying to us? I was being sarcastic, As in the question was intended for the first person who left the first comment.

Anonymous said...

I made the first comment and I was not trying to start a big debate. That is why I said "I THINK this is incorrect" ie... "my opinion", but did back it up by quoting the Provincial Guideline for Indoor Gatherings. I merely meant that possibly the person got the message a bit incorrect, focusing more on the 50 person rule rather than the 50% of capacity rule. Either way I am sure the Vipers will allow as many people into games as allowed. After 1.5 years with little or no revenue coming in they are hungry to see all of us opening our wallets. Mostly I am looking forward to good "face to face" debate regarding our favorite team. Go Viper Go!!!