Saturday, September 18, 2021

Day 2 Report From Vernon Vipers Training Camp:

I have had season tickets since 1990 and been following/watching Junior hockey in Vernon my entire life. I have missed five home games since 2004 and only 46 home games since 1990. Here are my thought's and views from Day 2 of Vipers training camp.

Unlike in previous years where training camp held scrimmages all day long this year only saw practises on Friday and one intra squad game Saturday & Sunday.

I stopped by Kal Tire Place this afternoon to check out the one and only intra squad game of the day. The game was two thirty minute non stop run periods with a full ice clean in between periods. 

This afternoon saw Team Gold vs Team Red. 

Starting Goaltenders:

Team Red: Roan Clarke 
Team Gold: Ethan David

Team Gold was up 2-0 after one period and went on to defeat Team Red 5-1. Team Gold carried the better of the play for most of the intra squad game and was the better of the two teams. 

Here is a list of the players I thought stood out/played well.

Team Gold:

Luke Ashton was by far the tallest kid on the ice this afternoon. A very tall lanky kid.

Ayden Third played well on the blueline

Ethan David wasn't tested much but made the stops when needed

Team Red:

Griffen Barr returning for a second season, stood out on Team Reds backend.

Seiya Tanaka-Campbell (1 goal) Impressed me this afternoon.

News & Notes:

Fans needed to be fully vaccinated before entering Kal Tire Place and show picture ID and vaccination proof. 

A decent size crowd of around 60-70 fans were at training camp today. 

I don't know if the roster limit is still at 23 players this season but if you count the returning players from last year and the new committed players for this season, that puts the Vipers with 25 players. Do any of the other kids even have a chance at making the team?

Training camp resumes tomorrow with only one intra squad game starting at 11am

Here is a look at today's intra squad game rosters,

Team Red:

Andrey Manov D 03
Desmond Johnson D 02
Griffen Barr D 02
Adam Bourgeois 04 D
Adam Leitch 04 D
Hudson Cameron 04 F
Jo Jo Tanaka-Campbell 01 F
Alyandro De Leon 04 F
Seiya Tanaka-Campbell 03 F|
Nick Remissong 02 F
Ryan Watt 04 F
Matthew Carniel 03 F
Greye Rampton 04 F
Cam MacDonald 02 F
Kjell Kjemhus 01 F
Dalton MacGillvray 04 F
Cosmo Wilson 05 D
Luke Pakulak 03 F
Rhett Hamilton 04 F

Roan Clarke 03 G

Team Gold:

Luke Ashton 05 D
Nick Kent 01 D
Ayden Third 02 D
Kai Adano 05 D
Liam Cavan 02 D
Holdin Getzlaf 04 D
Tyler Chan 05 F
Ryan Shostak 01 F
Jackson Hardy 04 F
Ethan Mercer 02 F
Logan Lorenz 02 F
Jason Siedem 02 F
Jack Glen 01 F
Daniel North 03 F
Zach Tonelli 02 F
Reagan Milburn 03 F
Erik Pastro 05 F
Luke Buss 03 F

Ethan David 03 G

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Here are some photos I took before and during training camp.

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