Thursday, December 15, 2016

New Arena Cash By Spring:

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Arena cash by spring

Kate Bouey - Nov 17, 2016

Cash needed to pay for the building of an ice sheet next year at Kal Tire Place is expected to be borrowed in the spring – the same time construction begins.

North Okanagan Regional District directors gave the OK on Wednesday to a security issuing bylaw that allows district staff to take the next step in the borrowing process.

Figures show just over $13 million will be borrowed to pay for the arena, at an estimated 2.4 per cent interest rate, that will be paid back over 20 years.

Members of the public approved the borrowing in a referendum a year ago.

The new ice would replace the old Civic Arena which has a host of problems that Vernon Recreation staff say could lead to failure at any time.

Building work is not expected to start until next March.


Unknown said...

Will be nice to see. Rumour has it a lounge/bar will be happening such as the one they have in our small populated close by community of salmon arm. This will be nice compared to the cramped space they have now to access a alcoholic beverage. We use to be able to access the grand room as a lounge/bar area as a meeting area to sit and discuss the game with our fellow fans and that included a media type room with a big screen and T.V.'S to watch hockey games. But now that has all changed. It is now used as a kiddie room for small parties which is controlled by a guy I believe whose name is Stan. Now I could be wrong and he is just following instructions as ordered ? What a shame such a large room , which is rarely used. Too me it is such a waste of space. Well maybe the future will hold something different such as a lounge/bar ??????

vipersdiehardfan said...

I also heard they are looking at-wanting to add a restaurant/lounge/sports bar of some kind to the new arena. This would be great and a big attraction for Vipers games-concerts-events etc at Kal Tire Place. Especially with the 6pm starts on Saturdays for the Viper home games, people that don't have time to eat-make dinner before the game, can enjoy a nice meal in the new restaurant-sports bar. There's a few things I wish Kal Tire Place had-added when the rink was first built. One was a restaurant-pub, a jumbo tron scoreboard and box suites. It will also be interesting to see what they do with parking when the new arena is finished.

Anonymous said...

PARKING ?? It's too bad that the land on the other side of the fence facing west which is where all the horse racing takes place couldn't be turned into a parking lot. As fans and good people of Vernon we wouldn't need that much of the land. The horse racing society could still have the horse racing and we would have a new parking area and that old worn out fence would be torn down. It would also benefit the horse society as they would have extra parking for when they put on there races. It is worth thinking about. .