Monday, August 15, 2022

New Season.... New Look.... New Logo

With the 2022-23 Vernon Vipers season just weeks away, I decided it was time for a little bit of a makeover. I started and created this blog in November 2008 and have over 2.2 million viewers. I had the previous header/logo since 2012 and for the past few years I have been wanting to change and refresh my header/logo at the top of this blog. I finally got it done and the final product is finished and uploaded. Comments?

Over the weekend long time billet and Vernon Vipers season ticket holder Paul Beugeling helped create and design my new header/logo for this blog. 

Paul use to be a Viper billet for close to ten years and has had season tickets since 1986 also has his own website. "Vernon Junior Hockey History" Paul is also a Vernon Tigers season ticket holder and created/runs their current website.

Vernon Junior Hockey History,

Dressing Room (

Vernon Tigers website,


BINGO said...

Like the new look, Looks great Die Hard.

Bob McInnes said...

I posted this way further back in another thread, but it is news about Reagan Milburn and Seiya Tanaka-Campbell. Both are listed in Heisenberg's spreadsheet as starting NCAA in 2023, not this year, so I think that they'll both be back. Seiya did say at a late season game when he was scratched that he'd be back for one more year. Several of our new recruits are shown here as leaving after one year for NCAA. There look to be some forwards at camp in a few weeks who won't make it.

Bob McInnes said...

And the trading has started. Tyler Chan has been traded to Langley for future considerations.

Steve said...

The new logo looks great! Thanks for all your efforts at keeping us informed. Let's have a great season of hockey!