Saturday, August 27, 2022

City Seeks Public Input On Concession Service At Kal Tire Place:

The City of Vernon is seeking public input on concession services at Kal Tire Place.

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vipersdiehardfan said...

I'm glad this is being looked into. I myself and several other season ticket holders I know, have complained about the terrible food they sell at the concessions. Most of the food at the concessions I wouldn't feed to my dog. The hamburgers are uneatable. A plain frozen patty on a bun with absolutely no flavor, while the fries are usually cold/soggy. The best burgers I have had while watching the Vipers out of town are from Penticton. You pay a little more but you get a very tasty and loaded hamburger/fries you would get at a nice pub or restaurant. It would be nice to see some new items added to the menu. What about wings or dry ribs, something quick and easy that could be cooked in the deep fryer. West Kelowna makes a great taco salad in a bag that's reasonable and very tasty. I would also like to see all three concessions open during all Vipers games. Lately only two out of the three concessions have been open most game nights, which causes for lengthy lineups and long delays. I would also like to see someone selling food/snacks walking up and down the isles, having mostly snacks/bottled pop, this taking pressure off the lineups at the concessions and a chance for disabled/seniors who can't get up/move around much.

PaulyWog54 said...

I always thought that if a food outlet is a sponsor of the Vipers, one should be allowed to support that sponsor and be able bring it in the arena.