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Penticton 5 Vernon 4 Double Overtime

For anyone who could not attend or watch tonight’s Vipers game here are my thoughts and views from tonight’s game. You may agree or disagree but we all have our own view and opinion on any game we watch. This is my opinion and my thoughts on how I saw tonight’s game. I try to be unbiased and give a fare recap on both sides. Thanks for stopping by & visiting my blog.

I was at tonight's Vipers-Vees game as Penticton defeated Vernon 5-4 in double overtime in front of 1,570 fans at Kal Tire Place.

Starting Goaltenders:

Vernon: Andrew Shortridge
Penticton: Anthony Brodeur

1st Period: The Vipers come out hitting off the opening faceoff. Riley Brandt laid out a huge hit in the opening seconds before Brett Stapley come up with a great opportunity in the opening minute couldnt beat Anthony Brodeur in close. Nicholas Jones would get the Vees a good opportunity just over five minutes into the frame couldnt beat Andrew Shortridge on a parcial breakaway. On the following play Mac Ferner turned over the puck at the blueline giving Ben Brar a breakaway beat Shortridge giving Penticton an early 1-0 lead at 5:59 Brar's goal was unassisted. This goal seemed to give the Vees life as Penticton got a big push off the goal, come back with a few hard working shifts, with some good cycle down low but couldnt generate any real chances. Both teams seem to carry slight edges in play at times before the Vipers would back to back chances. Riley Brandt just past the midway mark with a great shot couldnt beat Brodeur and then a minute later Jimmy Lambert driving hard to the goal tried stuffing one home was denied by the Vees goaltender. On the following play Vernon would tie the game off Steven Jandric's shot from in close that beat Anthony Brodeur tying the game 1-1 at 13:23 Ben Butcher with a nice setup in front collected the assist. Just seven seconds later Odeen Tufto was stopped in close before Christian Cakebread put home the rebound in front giving Vernon a 2-1 lead at 13:30 Tufto & Jimmy Lambert with the helpers. But less then a minute later on another Viper turnover in front of the goal, Scott Conway stole the puck off a Vper defender before setting up Darius Davidson in front who beat Andrew Shortridge tying the game 2-2 at 14:27 Conway with the lone assist. The play then seemed to slow down a little with both teams looking a little sloppy at times before the play picked back up. Again alot of even flow as both teams went back and fourth, as the edge in play changed from time and time. Mac Ferner with another turnover forced a Vees two on one with about four minutes remaining in the period. Darius Davidson and Scott Conway in on the attack, Davidson would keep and shoot but couldnt beat Shortridge who made the big save keeping this game tied. In the final minute Jimmy Lambert who looked to be offisde come down the left wing before ripping a hard shot glove side past Brodeur giving Vernon a 3-2 lead at 19:21 Lambert's goal was unassisted as the Vees bench erupted with the non offside call. The referees and linesmen gathered near the penalty box, looked to be talking about the play-goal but the goal stood. Vernon was up 3-2 after 20 minutes of play. A very entertaining period with both teams looking fairly even through out most of the frame. I thought Penticton may have had a bit more zone time with both teams not really getting alot of grade "A" chances. The Vipers did a good job at keeping the Vees to the outside for most of the period, were firing everything towards Anthony Brodeur. Vernon outshot Penticton 16-9.

2nd Period: The Vees come out of the gates hungry, with a strong forecheck Penticton dominated the play early and often off the opening faceoff. Just a minute into the middle frame Nicholas Jones just about caught Vipers starting goaltender Andrew Shortridge off gaurd couldnt beat the Viper goaltender on the wrap around on a big save by Shortridge. On the following play Penticton would get the games first powerplay and it didnt take the Vees to capitalize. Nicholas Jones setup Scott Conway at the side of the net tying the game 3-3 at 1:54 Jones and Darius Davidson collected the helpers. The Vees kept coming but didnt generate much for offensive chances as the Vipers were having all kinds of troubles getting out of their own end-through the neutral zone. I think Vernon got the play-puck in deep into the Vees zone maybe twice in the first five or six minutes. Just before the halway mark the Vipers slowly started to come on. Odeen Tufto at the side of the net couldnt hit the net on a missed opportunity. A few minutes-plays later Viper captain Colton McCarthy wheeled in and out of a few Vees defenders before ripping a high shot that just went over the net on another missed opportunity. Vernon now coming on had their best pressure of the period and kept coming. Jimmy Lambert with a long pass to the front of the net from the side wall tried setting up Christian Cakebread in front who couldnt redirect Lambert's pass on another missed chance. Brodeur's biggest save of the night was robbing Steven Jandric at the side of the net, who couldnt raise the puck up and over Brodeur's pad on a great opportunity. Vernon would get their first look with the man advantage late in the second period but really couldnt generate much after a good penalty kill by the Vees. It was tied 3-3 after 40 minutes of play. The Vees with a strong start, come out hungry. With some great forecheck jumped on the Vipers forcing Vernon into a penalty, then capitlizing on the powerplay, wich was the only goal of the period. It was all Vees for most of the first half but Penticton didnt really get alot of great chances before Vernon rallied and finished the period strong. The Vipers with atleast three or four missed opportunities couldnt hit the net on some real good scoring chances were buzzing in and around the net. The Vipers were the better team in the second half and carried the play in the second half. Vernon outshot Penticton 12-10.

3rd Period: A very evenly matched period with both teams playing hard but neither team managed any real scoring chances as the play went back and fourth for most of the first ten minutes. Just past the halfway mark the Vees would get the first good scoring chance of the 3rd. Griffin Mendel's point shot got through traffic forcing Andrew Shortridge into making a tough pad save keeping this game tied. A few shifts later the Vees would get their second powerplay of the night with just over eight minutes remaining. With no real threat on the PP Hunter Zandee tried breaking free shorthanded was hooked and held on his way for the parcial breakaway couldnt get off a shot was rewarded a penalty shot, as the Vees bench erupted not liking the call. Zandee would come in slow before going fivehole on Vees starting goaltender Anthony Brodeur giving Vernon a 4-3 lead at 13:42 sending Kal Tire Place into a frenzy. Fred Harbinson and the Vees bench was very upset with the call-penalty shot calling over the referee. Harbinson was very animated really giving it to the referee after the goal. The Vipers would kill off the remainder of the penalty. Late in the period former Vipers forward Luke Voltin drove wide around the Viper defenceman before going hard to the net, plowed over Andrew Shortridge knocking the net off. With no call on the play the crowd at Kal Tire Place really let the officials know what they missed. Shortridge was down and attended too by the team trainer but stayed in the game. Just a few players later Jagger Williamson with a breakaway was stopped twice by Brodeur who made two huge game savers keeping this a one goal game. Shortly after Penticton would get a late PP and capitalize. Nicholas Jones setup Scott Conway who tied the game 4-4 at 17:34 Jones & Easton Brodzinski picked up the assists. Both teams would play out the remainder of the period forcing overtime. It was tied 4-4 after 60 minutes of play. A very evenly matched 3rd as both teams went back and fourth but with no real great scoring chances. No scoring chances for just about the first ten minutes. In the second half both teams exchanged goals in a period that looked like the Vipers were going to come away with the victory. Both teams played very hard. Vernon outshot Penticton 12-10.

Overtime: It was all Vees for the entire overtime as Penticton carried and controlled most of the period wouldnt get a single shot on goal. The Vees cyclying the puck around looking for the open man couldnt find any open ice or players. The Vipers I think may have had the puck in the offensive zone twice with no real pressure at all. The Vees played most of the period in the offensize zone were unable to generate any scoring chances as the Viper defence did a good job at containing the Vees. It was tied 3-3 after the first overtime. Vernon outshot Penticton 1-0.

Double Overtime: The Vipers would get a good cycle going early but couldnt really control the play long enough to try and create an attack before Scott Conway setup Chris Gerrie who roofed the puck topshelf at 1:31 giving the Vees a 5-4 double overtime win as the Vees bench erupted onto the ice piling on top of Gerrie in front of the Vernon bench. Conway and Luke Voltin picked up the helpers. Penticton outshot Vernon 1-0.

Top Player's: (Vernon)

Colton McCarthy I thought played and worked hard, really battled and competed most of the night.

Jagger Williamson played with alot of jump and energy in his game this evening.

Riley Brandt played physical, was in the face of the Vees all night, showed alot of hustle.

Hunter Zandee (1 goal) Scored on a 3rd period penalty shot, looked real good at times and then at other times you didnt notice him. 

Jimmy Lambert (1 goal & 1 assist) Had a strong game for the Vipers, was really flying tonight. Going to the net, showed alot of jump and hustle.

Game Thought's: (Vernon)

This was one of the Vipers better games in atleast a month. Give Vernon credit they come to play tonight and played very well for a very close to sixty minute effort. I thought the Vipers physical play early on set the tone in the 1st period. I really liked Vernon's game in the opening frame other then the two turnover's on the Vees first two goals. I thought the Vipers held their own vs Penticton for most of the night, were firing everything twoards Anythony Brodeur, going to the net looking for rebounds. The Vipers could have easily had three or four goals in the 2nd period missed on several missed opportunities. Hunter Zandee with a huge goal on the penalty shot looked to have given the Vipers their first win over the Vees this season but two missed calls in the 3rd on two blatent penalties werent called allowed the Vees to stay in the game before tying the game late. Vernon was three minutes away from coming away with a huge win took a late penalty that cost them the game tying goal. In both overtime periods the Vipers just couldnt really get much of anything going did a good job for most of overtime at containing the Vees until the OT winner. Give the Vipers credit for only giving up 29 shots, especially against the leagues best. Vernon gets a huge single point even after the loss now moves the Vipers three points up on 5th place Trail who the Vipers will play tomorrow night. The race for the final playoff spot heats up with the Vipers in Trail tomorrow. The Vipers deserve a big pat on the back for their effort tonight. Lets hope this is a turning point in the season.

Top Player's: (Penticton)

Nicholas Jones (2 assists) Had a very strong game for the Vees. Jones who was in the face of several Vipers through out the night, played well. Jones really sees the ice well, creates and generates plays all the time. 

Scott Conway (2 goals & 2 assists) Now has eleven points in four games vs the Vipers this season. Conway has been a Viper killer this season was by far one of the best players on the ice tonight. This kid can skate, move the puck, has a great shot, really sees and reads the ice well, is very shifty and hard to contain. A very smoother skater that is very dangerous.

David Eccles I thought played very well on the blueline. Saw alot of ice was good in his own end.

Mitch Brooks stood out for me, I thought played very well for most of the game. A good, quick skater can move in a hurry.

Darius Davidson (1 goal & 1 assist) Was another Vees forward who was dangerous. Picking up two goals was stopped on a two on one rush late in the 1st was very good.

Griffin Mendel I thought played well on the backend.

Game Thought's: (Penticton)

The Vees improve to 4-0 vs the Vipers this season have won five straight against Vernon and have now won twenty three of the last thirty games vs the Vipers. The Vees have dominated the Vipers over the past few seasons have won nine of their last eleven games over Vernon. Missing some of their key-top players the Vees still somehow manage to tie the game late, forcing overtime then winning the game in the second overtime. Penticton with six regulars out of the lineup goes to show you how skilled and special this group really is. I think the Vees got the best out of the Vipers for close to sixty minutes and had to earn the two points tonight. For most of the night both teams went back and fourth but at times. Both teams had their moments, both teams carried the play and dominated the play at times but for most of the night this was a very exciting hockey game. I thought Anthony Brodeur didnt look very confident at times, didnt seem to be on his game at times, did make a few big saves but looked beatable through out the night.  Penticton is very quick, can move the puck in a hurry, dont make alot of mistakes, quick tape to tape passing, know where everyone is on the ice, have a great transition game, are going to be very hard to beat come playoffs. This game could have gone either way. 



Liam Finlay
Darren Rizzolo


Gabe Bast
Tyson Jost
Demico Hannoun (Injured)
Dixon Bowen
Seamus Donohue
Dante Fabbro

Energy Player of the Game:

Odeen Tufto (1 assist)

Three Star's:

1st Star: Scott Conway (2 goals & 2 assists)
2nd Star: Jimmy Lambert (1 goal & 1 assist)
3rd Star: Chris Gerrie (Overtime winner)

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