Sunday, November 27, 2011

Persley Adds Energy To Vipers Lineup:

I really like the addition of 18 year old forward, Brendan Persley. I was very impressed with a young 16 yr old Persley at the Vipers training camp two years ago and was dissapointed to see him leave that season. Persley has some size, likes to play physical and adds alot of energy-spark to the Vipers lineup. In both games over the weekend Persley was Vernon's most physical player, played with alot of energy and just added some much needed spark-grit to the Vipers lineup. Welcome back to Vernon Brendan!

With the BCHL card deadline looming on Thursday, December 1st it will be interesting to see what moves-trades Jason Williamson will make. We know that Williamson has to make atleast two moves as we speak with both Patrick McGillis and Luke Juha out of the Vipers lineup. Both players have to be signed once they return from their injuries, this meaning two players will be gone. Im very surprised the Vipers went with such a young team this season. With just three twenty year olds (Patrick McGillis, Darren Nowick and Kirby Halcrow) I was surprised the Vipers didnt have atleast two more veteran twenty year olds to start the season, leaving one twenty year old spot open incase you wanted to add a player later on during the season.

The Vipers havnt been the same team without their captain (Patrick McGillis) out of the lineup. Vernon was 6-0 with McGillis in the lineup and now are 8-11 with out the teams captain. With just three veteran twenty year olds the team is lacking that veteran experience-leadership. The Vipers have lost six straight games now and dont seem to be getting any better. With so many younger kids the Vipers can get away with trading away a few younger kids for a few veteran players. I think the Vipers need to aquire two veteran defenceman, with a young blueline the team can afford to deal two younger kids for two veteran d-men. I also think the team needs a proven goal scorer. The Vipers are relying on the Darren Nowick, John Knisley, Mike Zalewski line. The last month or so this is the line that has been doing all of Vernon's scoring.  Once teams start shutting down this line, the Vipers dont have alot of other proven scorers that can contribute with seconday scoring.

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They already traded Marcus Basara