Saturday, March 25, 2023

Vernon 14 Merritt 1

The Vernon Vipers improve to 27-21-2-4 after a 14-1 victory over the 12-37-3-2 Merritt Centennials in front of 811 fans at the Nicola Valley Memorial Arena in Merritt.

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Vernon Vipers @ Merritt Centennials Saturday, March 25, 2023 | BCHL League Site

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vipersdiehardfan said...

I watched the Vipers game online this evening. This game wasn't even close as the Vipers blew the game wide open in the 2nd period. The Centennials have been outscored 64-7 in their last six games. The Vipers needed a win tonight after Wenatchee defeated Trail. The Sakes will finish 6th in the Interior Division and play Salmon Arm or West Kelowna in the opening round of the BCHL playoffs. Salmon Arm finishes the regular season tomorrow afternoon in Penticton. A Silverbacks win and Vernon will play Salmon Arm, a Silverbacks loss and the Vipers will play West Kelowna. Game 1 of the playoffs start March 31st

Marty said...

What a disastrous finish to the season for Merritt, in the last 3 games they were outscored 34 to 1. An embarrassment for Merritt but more so for the league. I don't know too many people who enjoy such a one sided contest. I feel bad for the Centennial players, a horrible way for the 20 year olds to finish their Junior careers and it begs the question how many of the younger players will want to return next year. On a positive note it was nice to see only one penalty called, obviously there was still a high level of respect between the teams. In the past these games would have deteriorated into slug-fests.

Possibly on a moot point I don't have an issue with giving 2 of the 3 game stars to Merritt 20 year olds. It was a thank you for their commitment to Merritt. I suppose Erickson was selected because he was a one time Centennial but it really should have gone to Tien to recognize a huge 7 point night.

Bring on the playoffs... Go Vipers Go!!!

PaulyWog54 said...

Another Regular Season Done!

2021-22 54GP, 27W, 27L
2022-23 54GP, 27W, 27L

What does that tell you!

Anonymous said...

Merritt, last three games, losses

10-0, 14-0, 14-1

this has to stop, not good for league, teams, players and fans!

BCHL has to prevent this from happening!

Anonymous said...

PaulyWog54, what do those stats tell you? I see a team of young men who pushed through adversity. I see a team who made it into the playoffs when almost everyone on this blog thought it wasn’t possible when the season started. I also see a team who averaged 1800 fans a game no matter how good, great or poor the games were. Go Vipers!!

Jim said...

The league website shows differently

2021-22 54GP, 27W, 20L, 4OTL, 3SOL
2022-23 54GP, 27W, 21L, 2OTL, 4SOL

vipersdiehardfan said...

I have friends in Penticton that are long time season ticket holders that have told me they don't like coming to the games anymore as a lot of the games aren't entertaining/competitive anymore and knowing the Vees have a very high chance of winning before the game even takes place. They told me they know several season ticket holders and fans that either stopped going to the Vees games because the Vees are so dominate and most games aren't even close anymore. Some fans are only going to watch the top teams come to town and staying home other nights.

What does the league do with teams like Penticton & Merritt? The Vees have dominated the league for close to ten years. The Centennials have struggled recently and this year were very bad. How does the league stop teams like Merritt from being this bad year after year and how do they stop teams like Penticton from running away with things almost every season? This is not good for the league, fans, players, selling tickets etc. What does the league do? Is it time the BC Hockey League goes to a draft?

PaulyWog54 said...

Like I said 27W and 27L, the “L” in OTL a& SOL stands for LOSSES

PaulyWog54 said...

Just asking a question to start some debate, I hated the start of the season but, really like the finish!