Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Hytec Weekly Wrap Up With Jason McKee:

Graham Turnbull talked to Vernon Vipers Head Coach/GM Jason McKee after

Saturday's 4-0 victory over the visiting Langley Rivermen.

Here is the interview from the Vernon Vipers YouTube page,

Hytec Weekly Wrap Up [11-28-2022] - YouTube


Walter Kovacs said...

Graham seems like a nice guy and good at his job but can you please do us all a favor and start asking some of the hard questions us fans want answers to!
Why are there so many trades? What is this doing to the culture of the team? Who's in charge of recruiting?
Let's get some real answers besides the cut and paste hockey talk about the past week.

Crazytrain said...

McKee can't talk hockey. He doesn't really know anything about it. He has to ask his players what they should do. We have better coaches in our minor hockey program. The thing I really want to know is McKee really this incompetent or is he just following Johnny Boys orders?

Anonymous said...

McKee is Johnny Boys only friend and he knows if he fires him he will not only lose his only friend, he knows McKee couldn't get a job coaching a Beer League team! He would have to hire him selling used cars at Vernon Subaru.