Thursday, July 28, 2022

Vernon Vipers 2022-23 Roster:

Elite Prospects has released the Vernon Vipers 2022-23 Roster.

Here is the Vernon Vipers 2022-23 roster from,

Elite Prospects - Vernon Vipers


PaulyWog54 said...

Pretty brash of them since there has been no OFFICIAL release from the Vipers or BCHL!

Bob McInnes said...

It's just a list of NEW recruits who have committed to come to Vernon. With these new players and the possible returnees, I believe the Vipers have 17 forwards.

vipersdiehardfan said...

If you count the players that could return from last season and the players that have committed and were acquired in trades, the Vipers have 28 players.

Here is a look at possible player's returning from the 2021-22 Vernon Vipers


Luke Buss 03
Max Borovinskiy 04
Tyler Chan 05
Copeland Fricker 03
Luke Lavery 04
Luke Pakulak 03


Griffen Barr 02
Luke Ashton 05
Anthony Cliche 03
Ayden Third 02


Roan Clarke 03
Ethan David 03

Forwards Seiya Tanaka-Campbell and Reagan Milburn player profiles show they are off to University this year but two fans have commented on here in the past, saying they are both returning to Vernon this year.

Here is a list of New recruits/Committed players & players acquired in trades for the 2022-23 season


William Blackburn 03
Hank Cleaves 03
Julian Facchinelli 04
Brock Krulicki 02
Kurt Gurkan 04
Revelin Mack 02
Isaac Tremblay 04
Max Seguin 04
Ludovik Tardif 04


David Brandes 04
Connor Chalmers 04
Dylan Compton 05
Justin Chaput 03
Dane Weston 03

Anonymous said...

This organization is such a joke nowadays. Is it time to start over fresh yet?

Bob McInnes said...

Here is a link to the Chris Heisenberg list of college recruits. It shows both Reagan Milburn and Seiya Tanaka-Campbell as starting at Lake Superior State and Yale in 2023. Also several of our new recruits are shown as starting in 2023 as well.