Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Former Vernon Vikings Goaltender Holland Would Be A Good Fit For Oilers’ GM Vacancy:

Mark Spector from Sportsnet.ca figures former Vernon Vikings goaltender Ken Holland would be a good fit for the Edmonton Oilers.

April 19th 2019 the Detroit Red Wings named former forward-captain Steve Yzerman the teams new General Manager while naming current Red Wings General Manager Ken Holland the teams new senior Vice President.

Holland is in his thirty third season with the Detroit Red Wings. Holland started as a scout with the 1985-86 Red Wings worked his way up to the team's General Manager/Ex. VP of hockey Operations.

Holland played one season in Vernon with the 1973-74 Vernon Vikings. 
Holland was drafted 188th overall by the Toronto Maple Leafs in Round 12 of the 1975 NHL draft. Holland played in just four games with the Hartford Whalers & Detroit Red Wings before retiring from hockey and joining the Red Wings as a scout.

Ken Holland's Player Profile:


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How Ken Holland would be a good fit for Oilers’ GM vacancy

Mark Spector @sportsnetspec April 19, 2019

The Ken Holland I have come to know over the years probably isn’t enamoured with his new role in Detroit.

Sure, he smiled at the press conference, as they kicked him upstairs with the role of Sr. Vice President, so his protege Steve Yzerman could make a triumphant return as Executive Vice President and General Manager. He’ll still have an excellent pay cheque, distributed by perhaps the most loyal and efficient ownership family in the National Hockey League, the Illitch family.

But to what extent will he be involved, considering the new GM — who was mentored by Holland — no longer requires a shoulder to lean on. Yzerman learned at Holland’s feet, went away to build the most successful (regular season) team in the NHL today in Tampa, and now returns as a veteran GM himself.

So, tell me. What is it that Holland is actually supposed to do in Detroit?

That is why the city secondarily tied to the Red Wings news conference was Edmonton, where the Oilers require a man that closely fits the description of Ken Holland to become their GM. A close third would be Seattle, where an expansion team has yet to hire its first GM.

But let’s talk about the job in Edmonton.

As much as we see future GMs in people like Kelly McCrimmon, Pat Verbeek, Bill Guerin and Mark Hunter, the next few years in Edmonton are not a place for a rookie GM to learn the ropes. This franchise is broken — from its cap situation, to its roster, to its entire pro scouting department, to its dressing room culture, to its relationship with its fans and its city, to the way it’s perceived in 30 other NHL markets.

That is why Oilers CEO Bob Nicholson has met at length to talk about the job with Holland, with whom he has a working relationship from building Canadian Olympic teams. No one knows the breadth of experience required to right the ship in Edmonton more than Nicholson, and there is no available candidate presently in the marketplace who has Holland’s chops.

He’s too old, you say? Did all his winning years ago under a different economic system?

Well, what did they say about Lou Lamorielllo when he was booted upstairs in New Jersey on May 4, 2015? He accepted that “promotion,” as Holland did today in Detroit. But by July 23 Lamoriello was being introduced as the new GM in Toronto, hired by Brendan Shanahan, whose chores in Toronto that summer were no less onerous than those facing Nicholson today.

Then, pushed upstairs a year ago by the younger and smarter in Toronto, Lamoriello smiled at the head table while plotting a move to the New York Islanders, where he ended up just a few weeks later. Today he’s the Isles’ GM, and nobody is asking if Lou is past his prime.
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Is that what Ken Holland was doing at that news conference in Detroit on Good Friday? Guess we’re going to find out. (Taps foot, looks at watch.)

There is no perfect man to tackle the variety of ills in Edmonton. You need a cap expert, a personnel king, a culture builder, and someone ruthless enough to move out the bodies that have caused this mess in the first place. And we’ve seen in Toronto that even an analytics expert and modern young thinker like Kyle Dubas can encounter cap troubles, long before he’s running out of room on his hand for Stanley Cup rings.

This job in Edmonton, it’s a bear. Holland, whose Red Wings won more NHL games than any other team during his tenure a GM, doesn’t seem to be ready to become a figurehead.

With Keith Gretzky as his right-hand man here, Nicholson could be sure that there’s a successor to Holland down the road, in a perfect world.

It all adds up, except for one part: Would Holland leave an organization that has shown him such great loyalty, for one that has dug a deep a hole as exists in Edmonton?

If he had the unfettered power to fix the problems in Edmonton, I bet he would.


Bob McInnes said...

Or maybe the General Manager of the new Seattle team.

Bobby C said...

Any word on the status of Mark Ferner yet?

Anonymous said...

Lots of rumors all year that Mark Ferner and the Vipers coaching staff wont be back next season. Lots of rumors the new owners and coaches don't get along-like each other. I heard a younger fellow was seen hanging out with the new owners during the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

I saw a former BCHL coach at several Viper games all through the season.

Bob McInnes said...

And another thing..... the Vipers' spring evaluation camp is on May 10 and 11. Not far away. Would the owner leave Ferner in charge and then dump him after giving players an invite to the main camp? Or would the owner prefer to recruit with the new coach in place and doing the evaluation? I believe if a change is happening, it's likely to happen soon.