Sunday, April 7, 2019

Vipers Surprised With Welcome Home:

This is posted on the Morning Star website:

Vipers surprised with welcome home

Brieanna Charlebois

Apr. 6, 2019 


A surprise rally, organized by the Billet parents, was waiting for the Vernon Vipers when they

returned after their big win Friday night.

Cheers, cowbells, horns, whistles and even a trumpet rang out when the team bus pulled into the parking lot at Kal Tire Place Saturday afternoon.

Friday night, the team clenched a 3-1 win over the Wenatchee Wild in Game 5 of the Interior Division Finals Friday to advance to the league championship series.

The team is now advancing to the Fred Page Cup championship against the Prince George Spruce Kings. To commemorate this exciting opportunity, dozens of Vernon hockey fans came out to show their support of their most recent accomplishment.

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To make sure the word didn’t get out, organizers instructed all those involved to keep the celebration off of social media, rather spread the news via text and email so no players would find out.

“With the win last night, we were pretty excited for the boys and were thinking we’d do something to make their arrival a little more special considering they had just won the pennant for the interior, which is pretty big,” said Stacey Donison, Billet parent and co-organizer of the welcome home celebration.

The Vipers will now play the Prince George Spruce Kings in the Fred Page Cup Finals starting Friday night in PG, their first appearance since 2014.

“To get this far is pretty impressive, especially considering they were second to last for most of the season so to make it to the final is huge,” Donison said. “The boys will be happy and today, on the Humboldt anniversary, it’s extra special having them come home safe on the bus.”

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