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Day 2 Report From Vipers Spring Camp:

I have had season tickets for the past 28 years and been following Junior Hockey in Vernon for close to thirty five years. I have missed only three home games since the 1998-99 season. Here are my thought's from Spring Camp.

I stopped by Kal Tire Place today to catch the second day of Vipers Spring Prospects Camp. Each game-scrimmage consisted of two twenty five minute periods with a full ice clean in between periods. A penalty was an automatic penalty shot.

There was three games/scrimmages this morning. I missed the opening game between Team Black & Team White.

In the second game-scrimmage Team Gold defeated Team Green 4-1. The game was fairly even at times but Team Gold had more offensive zone time and a ton more scoring chances through out the scrimmage. It was 3-1 for Team Gold after the 1st with just one goal scored in the second and final period. Vipers defenceman Mitch Andres two younger twin brothers are attending Spring Camp and both playing for Team Green. 

I didn't catch who scored the goals. Johnny Derrick started in goal for Team Green allowed three goals in the 1st while Michael Harroch played the 2nd period, allowing just a single goal. Jonathan Holloway started in net for Team Gold, allowed just a single goal, while Vernon product Koltin Dodge played the final frame, getting the shutout. 

Players I thought stood out-played well

Team Green:

Johnny Derrick attended the Vipers Spring Camp last season also was at the Vipers training camp in August was one of the final goaltenders cut allowed three goals this morning but I thought still played well. Was forced to make some tough saves at times looked good between the pipes.

Kaiden Johnson Caught my eye. A forward who can skate, created some plays in the offensive zone.

Team Gold:

Cameron Pollock-Hughes Impressed me this morning. Was skating hard, was dominate in the offensive zone, created/generated several chances in and around the goal, made things happen with and without the puck. Sees the ice well. 

In the third game-scrimmage Team Red defeated Team Blue 6-1. It was 3-0 after the 1st as Team Red was the better of the two teams. Kaleb Mceachern started in goal for Team Red didn't allow a goal, played the entire opening frame. Geo Wilson played the 2nd and final period, allowed just a single goal. Kobe Grant started in goal for Team Blue, allowed three goals, while Keenan Rancier played the 2nd period, surrendering three goals. Scoring for Team Red: Adam Pipe, Hunter Beckett, Trevor Gulenchyn (2), Brett Roloson & KT Walters. Scoring for Team Blue: Nic Bolin.

Players I thought stood out-played well

Team Red:

Geo Wilson I thought looked good in last night's scrimmage/game, impressed me again today. Absolutely robbed Nic Bolin at the side of the net, on the biggest save of the morning. 

Jake McLean Has some speed and skill. Made things happen, created/generated some offensive chances, played very well.

Trevor Gulenchyn (2 goals) Played well in todays game-scrimmage.

Brett Roloson (1 goal) Was one of Team Red's better player's. Sees the ice well, created some offensive opportunities.

Team Blue:

Scott Gilowski Has some size, a big kid.

Nic Bolin (1 goal) Scored once, had a few good looks-opportunities. Small but quick on his feet.

There were three games/scrimmages this evening. The first game of the night saw Team Black defeat Team Gold 5-4. It was tied 2-2 after the opening frame with both teams exchanging goals in second period before Team Black scored the winner with 14.8 seconds left in the game. Josh Dias started and finished the entire game for Team Black, who only had one goaltender this evening. While Koltin Dodge started in goal for Team Gold allowed two goals, while Jonathan Holloway played the second half allowing three goals. Scoring for Team Black was, Kaito Umino, Hunter Floris, Hibiki Miyamoto and Kale Clouston. Scoring for Team Gold was, Jackson Kobelka (2), Cameron Pollock-Hughes and Dylan Price.

Players I thought stood out-played well

Team Black:

Sebastien Archambault I thought was steady on the blueline, played well this evening.

Team Gold:

Jonathan Holloway Allowed three goals but was forced to make several big stops in the contest. Made some key saves, was busy at times.

Cameron Pollock-Hughes (1 goal) Caught my attention last night, stood out again this evening. Played well.

Jackson Kobelka (2 goals) Had a strong game. Scored twice, both real nice wrist shots from the circle that beat the goaltender blocker side. This kid can skate, move the puck. Has some skill.

Ben Meng Played with a lot of speed, showed some hustle, was moving the puck up ice, was quick on his feet.

In the second game/scrimmage of the night saw Team Blue defeat Team White 3-1. It was 1-0 Team Blue after the 1st before Team Blue scored two more in the second to come away with the victory. This was a fairly evenly matched scrimmage. Team White played with a lot of intensity and were one of the more physical teams in camp. Starting in goal for Team White was Ty Marcinkowski who started and finished the game for Team White who only had one goaltender tonight. Kobe Grant started in goal for Team Blue, while Keenan Rancier played the second frame. Scoring for Team White was, Noah Wagner. Scoring for Team Blue was, Austin O'Bray and Matt Berryman. I missed one of the other goals.

Players I thought stood out-played well

Team White:

Ty Marcinkowski played the entire contest, was good between the pipes. Made several key saves through out the scrimmage.

Liam Noble Not the biggest kid, but goes hard for the puck, works hard, skates hard and isn't afraid of going into the corners. Has some speed and quickness, carrys the puck well.

Aiden Jenner Also played well in the loss. One of the more physical kids in camp, always finished his checks, was hard on the body through out the game.

Team Blue:

Kobe Grant Played the opening frame, was forced to making some saves early and often. Played well.

Travis Szafrojn I thought played very well on the point. Moved the puck up ice, Played well at both ends of the rink. Was steady all night.

Nic Bolin Impressed me this morning, Had another strong scrimmage this evening. Was in and around the goal, had several quality chances. Smart with the puck, has some skill and net front presence.

In the third and final game/scrimmage of the night saw Team Gold defeat Team Green 8-5. Team Gold had a 4-2 lead after the 1st before the teams exploded for goals in the final frame. At one point it seemed like both teams exchanged goals back and fourth all within a handful of minutes. Geo Wilson started in goal for Team Red, while Kaleb Mceachern played the second half. Michael Harroch started in goal for Team Green, while Johnny Derrick played the second half. Scoring for Team Green was, Mitchell Rutledge, Tyler Soobotin on a penalty shot, Benjamin Jossinet (2), Kaiden Johnson, Riley Andres & Kirk Whittaker. Scoring for Team Red was, Ethan Lund, Jake McLean (2), Adam Pipe and Hunter Beckett (2).

Players I thought stood out-played well

Team Red:

Jake McLean (2 goals) Looked good this morning, had another solid game tonight.

Team Green:

Tyler Soobotin (1 goal) I thought played well. Was good defensively.

Kaiden Johnson (1 goal) Has some speed, has some skill and can create/generate some offence.

Side Notes:

Tonight's referee's were former Vipers David Robinson & Bryce Kakoske

I did a quick head count and counted around 60-80 people through out the morning/evening in attendance
Lots of Junior B scouts/Coaches in attendance

Spring Camp will finish tomorrow with the third and final day. First game/scrimmage starts at 8am

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