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Day 2 Report From Vipers Training Camp:

I was at Kal Tire Place today & tonight for Day 2 of Vipers Training Camp.  This morning I watched Team Green defeat Team Blue 6-4 and Team Black defeat Team White 5-2.

In the opening game of the morning Team Green looked very good and strong through out the first two periods were up 2-1 after the 1st & 5-2 after the 2nd before Team Blue come back with a strong effort in the third to get within a goal before Team Green added an empty netter for the 6-4 victory.  Jarrod Schamerhorn allowed three goals didnt look very sharp in the loss.

Here are some players that I thought stood out this morning.

Team Green:

Mac Ferner saw lots of ice this morning, was steady on the blueline through out the scrimmage.

Jimmy Lambert showed signs of talent and used his speed at times, looked flashy now and again.

Chase Tippett looked good through out the game, a good skater, moves the puck well, shows signs of a playmaker.

Team Blue:

Linden Hora showed alot of hustle, was really flying out there this morning.  Looks to have put on some size and weight I thought played very well.

Peter Tufto looks very skilled, a smooth skater, moves the puck, soft hands, looked very good today.

In the second and final scrimmage of the morning saw team Black defeat Team White 5-2.  It was tied 1-1 after twenty minutes before Team Black took a 5-2 lead into the 3rd.  Both teams had some good chances at both ends of the rink, all four goaltenders played well.  Team Black looked more like a veteran team.

Here are some players that I thought stood out.

Team White:

Bo Pellah was very noticable right away.  A smooth skating 20 yr old defenceman who can handle the puck is very strong on his feet and good with the puck.

Colton McCarthy scored on a penalty shot played and looked very strong this morning.  Someone at Camp told me he scored twice yesterday.  Played with alot of jump, was skating hard, going to the net.

Joe Sacco impressed me, a very good skater, quick on his feet, can get up ice in a hurry, a real playmaker, soft hands, makes things happen in a hurry.

Brett Stapley caught my attention, played well through out the game.  Had a few chances, was involved in the play often.

Ryan Cooper was another kid who impressed me.  Had some good chances in front, made some nice plays through out the game, has some hands and can dangle.

Team Black:

Andrew Shortridge looks to be battling returning goaltender Jarrod Schamerhorn for the Vipers #1 job between the pipes.  The veteran 20 yr old didnt allow a single goal this morning played very well.  Plays his position very well, dosnt give up alot if any rebounds, steady on his feet, reads the ice and plays well, sees the puck through traffic.  Made some real nice saves to preserve the victory.

Austin Cho impressed me.  A big kid on the blueline likes to play physical, solid on the point, is hard to be one on one.  Has some good size, looked very good today.

Tak Anholt scored once was very impressive as well.  A talented young kid who can skate, handle the puck, move the puck, create and generate offensive chances was fun to watch.  Goes to the net, makes things happen.

Hunter Zandee was recently acquired in a trade with the West Kelowna Warriors I thought played very well this morning.  Plays hard, showed alot of hustle, never gave up, battled and competed all game.  Had a few opportunities, wasnt afraid of going in the corners-fighting for the puck.

In the afternoon game Team Blue defeated Team White 6-3.  Team Blue was up 3-1 after the opening frame and 5-2 going into the 3rd.

Here are the players that I thought stood out this afternoon,

Team White:

Joseph McLeod come in halfway through the game and played pretty good.  I thought held his own between the pipes making some good saves.

Colton McCarthy again looked good up front, McCarthy who is returning to the Vipers from last season has impressed me so far at Camp this weekend. Has carried the puck alot, had some chances and scored a few goals over the past two days.

Joe Sacco another kid who has really stood out during Training Camp, had a strong game this morning and again this afternoon.

Jagger Williamson scored on a penalty shot (awarded instead of a penalty) played well, was involved in the play, had some looks with the puck.  I was looking for him in previous games and never really noticed him but he come to play this afternoon.

Ryan Cooper who played very well this morning, had another good game this afternoon.  This kid can skate, is quick, has some nice hands and made some nice plays.

Team Blue:

Jarrod Schamerhorn battled back after a not so good performance this morning had a heck of a game this afternoon.  Schamerhorn allowed three goals this morning in a loss was solid between the pipes this afternoon.  Only allowed two goals made some game savers on atleast three scoring opportunities by Team White.

Boston Bilous also played very well in goal made some good saves, looked calm, made that first save without giving up any second looks or opportunities.

Griffin James has caught my attention at times through out Camp this weekend.  A big kid also has struggled defensively at times in his own end.  If he can tigthen up defensively, play with some confidence he may be someone to watch.

Joey Cippllone scored a highlight reel goal showed some signs of skill.

Peter Tufto scored twice and setup another goal looks very good.  This kid is dangerous with and without the puck.  Looked very good in both games today.

In the fourth and final game of the day saw Team Black defeat Team Green 4-3 in a Shoot-Out.  Team Black with three goals in the 1st looked to run away with this game before Team Green battled back to force the Shoot-Out.  It was 3-1 after the opening frame and 3-2 for Team Black heading into the 3rd.  Not the most exciting game but both teams really stepped it up in the final few minutes with the game tied.  Team Black had atleast two maybe three two on ones.  Both teams with some good scoring chances and goal mouth scramble come close to winning it in regulation.

Here's a look at the players that I thought looked good tonight,

Team Black:

Austin Cho looks very calm and confident on the blueline.  Looks like a veteran player out there.  I really like this kid.

Mitchell Oliver returning for a second season in Vernon had a strong game this evening.  Oliver was getting lots of pucks to and on the net, really using the point well.

Hunter Zandee scored the natural hat trick with all three goals coming in the 1st hit the post in the 3rd period had a very strong game up front for Team Black.  Zandee acquired in a trade with West Kelowna earlier this month has been impressive.

Blaine Caton stood out in the 1st had two good scoring chances but then disapeared for the remainder of the game.  I never noticed him after the opening frame.

Team Green:

Greg Maggio played very well in goal tonight.  Come in halfway through the contest and looked very sharp.  Made some big saves, keeping his team in the hockey game.  Plays his position well, dosnt give up alot of rebounds.  Plays with alot of confidence.

Side Notes:

I talked to someone this morning who told me Luke Voltin who was suppose to return for a second season with the Vipers wont be back this year.

Here's something interesting....  If you look at the Vipers roster on the BCHL website and the Elite Prospects website, both sites have different rosters.

Here is the Vipers roster that's listed on the BCHL website

Riley Brandt
Blaine Caton
Mac Ferner
Liam Finlay
Linden Hora
Colton McCarthy
Mitchell Oliver
Bo Pellah
Nicholas Rasovic
Luke Voltin
Jagger Williamson
Hunter Zandee
Jarrod Schamerhorn

Now here is the Vipers roster that's listed on the Elite Prospects website

Andrew Shortridge
Mac Ferner
Bi Pellah
Callum Volpe
Joe Cipollone
Steven Jandric
Jimmy Lambert
Joe Sacco
Peter Tufto
Hunter Zandee

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