Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vipers Defence Shaping Up:

After a few months with no news or much said about this years team the Vipers finally made a few announcements last week with the signing of two new commitments.  Twenty year old forward Pearce Eviston and 17 year old d-man Kevin Guiltinan have committed to the Vipers for the 2012-13 season.  This now puts the Vipers with 16 players heading into training camp wich starts August 23rd. 

I like both signings but I hope that Eviston can stay healthy after being out for most of last season with a season ending injury.  Eviston has some decent size and put up some pretty good numbers with the Victoria Grizzlies two years ago.  Adding a twenty year old also brings experience that Pearce has at the BCHL and WHL level.  It also looks like Eviston isnt afraid to drop the gloves,  With the addition of Eviston the Vipers now have three twenty year olds (Pearce Eviston, Brett Corkey and Marc Hetnik) meaning they still have room for three more.

I remember Kevin Guiltinan at the Vipers prospects camp this spring and was very impressed with the young defenceman.  I thought he is a big kid that stood out and was one of the best players on the ice.  From doing some research online I like from what I have read about Guiltinan and saw on some youtube videos.  It looks like the kids not afraid to drop the gloves either, I really like the look of the Vipers defence now with the additions of Guiltinan and Eviston. 

Im now wondering if the Vipers will bring in a veteran #1 goaltender? or are they going with Danny Todosychuk?  Will they fill all six twenty year old spots before the season starts? 

With just fifteen days until training camp it will be interesting to see if the Vipers make anymore announcements or trades before the start of training camp. 

Here's a look at the Vipers 2012-13 roster so far


Brett Corkey  "92"
Geoff Crisfield  "93"
Kevin Guiltinan "95"
Marc Hetnik  "92"
Ryan Renz  "93"
Michael Statchuk  "94"


Aaron Hadley  "93"
Riley Hunt  "95"
Pearce Eviston "92"
Craig Martin  "95"
Brendan Persley  "93"
Landon Robin  "94"
Jedd Soleway  "94"
Colton Sparrow  "93"
Adam Tambellini  "94"


Danny Todosychuk  "94"


Brian Wiebe said...

I think you may be confusing Pearce Eviston with Bryce, who AP'd with the Vipers last year. Pearce, who they signed last week, is a RW while Bryce is a defenceman. Vernon acquired Pearce's rights from Victoria in the Ten Vaanholt trade last year.

vipersdiehardfan said...

Thanks for the heads up Brian! I had a friend e-mail me this morning about the samething. Yes your right, I had Pearce's brother Bryce on my brain and thats why I put down defenceman. I changed it. Thanks again