Friday, August 24, 2012

Day Two & Final Day From Vipers Training Camp:

I stopped by the Vipers second and final day of Training camp this afternoon & tonight. The second day of camp was basically exactly like yesterday with practice with a bunch of drills and intense one on one battle drills with some power skating. With just two teams (Team Blue & Team White) both playing at different times there was no actual games or scrimmages.  No roster or lineup sheets today made it tough to tell who was who except for noticing the returning players from last years Vipers team.  Nhlers Jared Smithson (Florida Panthers), Aaron Volpatti (Vancouver Canucks), Andrew Ference (Boston Bruins) and a fellow (No name) in a Colorado Avalanche jersey all took part in the Vipers camp this morning. 

Tonight the Vipers held a scrimmage as Team White defeated Team Blue 5-4 in a fairly exciting finish.

Starting Goaltenders:

Team White:  Harrison Whitlock (96)
Team Blue:  Danny Todosychuk (94)

1st Period:  Team White got off to a quick start after Nick Josephs opened the scoring just ten seconds into the scrimmage beating Vipers goaltender Danny Todosychuk on a soft goal.  Todosychuk gave up two goals both on wich I think he would like back.  Vipers returning forward Aaron Hadley put Team White up 2-0 before Logan Mick who was an "AP" with the Vipers last season scored on a penalty shot cutting the lead to within a goal.  Vipers forward Jedd Soleway took a big hit just outside the neutral zone and was doen for a minute or so before slowly being helped up by one of the linesmen.  Soleway was slow to get up and return to the bench.  Soleway looked to take a cut in the face and didnt return to the game.  Team White carried the play early and often and looked like the better team before Team Blue rallied and played much better in the second half to make for a more even played 1st period.  Not alot of scoring chances at either ends of the rink.  Team White was up 2-1 after 20 minutes of play.

2nd Period:  Austin Smith started the 2nd period taking over for Harrison Whitlock who gave up just a single goal in the opening period.  A much more even played period again with very little scoring chances.  Ryan Edwards who was stopped by Danny Todosychuk on a penalty shot ended up tying the game up at two did all the scoring in the middle frame.  Vipers prospect Joe Young took over halfway through the period as Danny Todosychuck gave up two goals in a period and a half.  It was tied 2-2 after 40 minutes of play.

3rd Period:  Conrad McMillan started the 3rd period taking over for Austin Smith who didnt allow a goal in the 2nd period.  McMillan was busy early on to start the final period making a few nice pad-leg saves.  Team Blue come out strong jumping on Team White early.  Team Blue would score two early goals to jump ahead 4-2 after Mitch Mcallister on a penalty shot & Vipers forward Colton Sparrow with a beauty gave Team Blue there first lead of the night.  Both goaltenders (Joe Young & Conrad McMillan) played well.  Team White come roaring back after Vipers forward Craig Martin made it a one goal game, Joe Serpico was stopped by Joe Young on a penalty shot had a great chance to tie the game.  Just minutes later Mike Roberts who was an "AP" with the Vipers last year tied the game before Vipers forward Aaron Hadley with his second of the night was the game winner with just 8.5 seconds remaining.  Team White with a great comeback scored three goals in about the last five or six minutes to come away with the victory.

Game Thoughts:

Tonight was the first and only scrimmage game from Vipers Training camp and I didnt see alot of standouts in a game with not alot of scoring chances or odd man rushes etc.  There was the odd good play or scoring chance but not alot of exciting plays through out tonight's scrimmage.  It's hard to get a good look-read on most of these kids when there playing against one another.  Im really looking forward to catching the exibition games when you can really get a good look-read on these kids when there playing against other teams-other kids. 

The Vipers will now open the exibition season vs the NAHL Wenatchee Wild tomorrow night at home in the teams first pre-season game of the year.

Top Players:  Team White

Conrad McMillan (94)  Started the 3rd period and played well in the final twenty minutes.  Was under fire early after Team Blue started the third with some good jump McMillan made a few nice pad-leg saves early.

Geoff Crisfield (93) Looks to have bulked up a bit over the summer as well as grown his hair out was very steady on the blueline.

Mike Roberts (95) Who was an "AP" with the Vipers last year showed some signs of offensive skill at times.  Noticed the young forward on a few occasions.

Nick Josephs (94) (1 goal) Played fairly well tonight, had a few chances and looked good on several occasions with the puck.

Top Players:  Team Blue

Kevin Guiltinan (95) I thought played a good game on the backened.  Didnt shy away from the rough stuff, laying out a few good checks and took a few checks himself. 

Braeden Russell (93) (1 goal) Was one of the better players on the ice this evening.  Russell played fairly well, seemed to know where to go and where to be at all times.  Good skater that has some offensive side to him.

Mitch Mcallister (94) (1 goal) Was another kid who I thought played fairly well.  Seemed to get involved in and around the net.

Sam McMullen (94) Also played well and looked good up front.

Joe Young (94) Played the second half of the game wasnt tested early but saw more action in the 3rd giving up three goals in the final frame.  I dont think you can blame Young on any of the goals.  Made a few nice saves tonight.

Here is a look at both teams rosters

Team Blue:

Danny Todosychuk (94) (Returning from last year)
Joe Young (94)

Brett Corkey (92) (Returning from last year)
Marc Hetnik (92) (Returning from last year)
Kevin Guiltinan (95) (Recruited-Committed)
Bryce Eviston (94)
Jayce Polman-Tuin (94)
Adam Tambellini (94) (Returning from last year)
Pearce Eviston (92) (Committed)
Colton Sparrow (93) (Returning from last year)
Braeden Russell (93)
Riley Hunt (95) (Returning from last year)
Adam Fauchoux (94)
Mitch Mcallister (94)
Eric Chore (93)
Logan Mick (96)
Sam McMullen (94)

Team White:

Harrison Whitlock (96)
Conrad McMillan (94)
Austin Smith (93)

Ryan Renz (93) (Returning from last year)
Geoff Crisfield (93) (Returning from last year)
Michael Statchuk (94) (Recruited-Committed)
John Saunders (94)
Wyatt Trumbley (94)
Jedd Soleway (94) (Returning from last year)
Aaron Hadley (93) (Returning from last year)
Landon Robin (94) (Recruited-Committed)
Craig Martin (96) (Recruited-Committed)
Mike Roberts (95)
Ryan Edwards (93)
Nick Josephs (94)
Joe Serpico (94)
Mat Lambert (94)
TJ Dumonceaux (94)

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