Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Season.... New Look.... As Blog Gets Makeover:

For any of the new followers to this blog this will be my fifth season updating-running vipersdiehardfan blog.  I have been following Junior hockey and going to games in Vernon since I was a young child.  I purchased my first set of season tickets back in 1990 since then I have missed 42 home games and just three home games since 1999. 
This blog has basically looked the same from day 1 wich I first started back in the spring of 2008 so after four seasons with the same look I figured its time for a makeover.  After blogger recently come out with some new templates (background effects) I decided to change up the blog look. 
Thanks to for designing and coming out with some very cool 3D logos of all the BCHL teams as well as going back and doing some very cool retro 3D logos of some teams that are no longer around.  Since then has offered to help and design-create several blog headers for a few of the other BCHL team blogs around the league, wich look great!  I thought I would cash in on this deal and get the fellas over at to come up with a very cool but yet unique looking blog header for this blog.  After just one day replied back and before the night was over I had received my new blog header wich is now pasted across the top of this blog. 
From day one when I first created this blog I wanted a blog header like this but didnt know how to create-design one, so a special thanks to the fellas at for doing an awesome job!!  Looks great guys!

With the new header (banner picture) and getting rid of the plain jane white background, I think adding the new Vipers colors to the background really gives the blog a fresh-new look with some very bright colors that catches your eye!  I also think the new header adds a much better and more professional look to the blog as well.  Im thrilled with the new look as I wanted to get it up and ready for the start of Vipers training camp wich starts tomorrow!
Here's a few of the other blog headers created, take a look
Here is's website,
as well as there facebook page,
Thanks again!!  Much appreciated!!


Anonymous said...

Site is looking good! Keep up the great work!

vipersdiehardfan said...

Thanks! I really like the look of the newly renovated blog. I love the new header and Viper colors added for the background. I think the blog looks more professional and looks sharp!

Thanks for visiting my blog