Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Rule Changes For 2012-2013

This is posted on a few of the BCHL team blogs around the league.

The BCHL has sent around a summary of the major rule changes for the upcoming season. Other minor adjustments were made, however below are the bigger ones.

New Rule Changes for 2012-2013

1. No Change Icing

No line change will be permitted for the offending team icing the puck.  The offending team will not be permitted make a line change even if they call their 30 second time out (this includes the Sponsor Time Out).  The non offending team will be permitted to make a line change within the five second time limit allowed during the referee’s normal line change procedure.

2. Puck Shot Out of Bounds

No line change will be permitted for the offending team of a player who shoots the puck directly out of the playing surface over the glass while in his own defensive end zone.  It will be the position of the puck that determines what zone the puck was shot from. For example a player can have his skates in the neutral zone and the puck can be shot from his defensive zone or visa versa.

This rule does not appy if the puck leaves the playing surface after deflecting off another player (attacking or defending) or deflects off the glass or if the puck leaves the playing surface where there is no glass (i.e. into the players’ bench).  If the puck leaves the playing surface at the bench area and clears the glass behind the bench the rule shall apply and no line change shall be permitted.

If a goaltender shoots the puck over the glass it is still an automatic minor penalty for Delay of Game under Rule 10.1(a) of the Hockey Canada Rule Book. In this case the team will be allowed to make a line change because it affects the numerical on-ice strength of that team.

3.  Icing the Puck

This is a new Hockey Canada rule for Junior/Senior hockey relating to the goaltender leaving his crease during an icing. The rule states that if a goaltender leaves his crease to potentially play the puck but then intentionally does not play the puck then the icing is to be waved off. If a goaltender causes significant interference on a player attempting to play the puck on an icing then a minor penalty is to be assessed.

The basic reasoning behind this rule is to prevent a goalie from making an attacking player let up on chasing a puck during an icing because the goalie appears he is going to play the puck, but then lets the puck continue for icing.

It does not mean that a goalie can’t leave his crease or move during an icing, just that he can’t make an attacking player believe he is going to play the puck then still allow the puck to continue over the goal line for an icing call.

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