Monday, May 29, 2023

Shots Fired Over BCHL’s Bow:

The BC Hockey League has said they are a rival to the USHL is a problem that is not of Hockey Canada's making.

Here is the story from,

An Advisers Life – Shots Fired Over BCHL’s Bow (


PaulyWog54 said...

JUNIOR HOCKEY NEWS IS A JOKE!!!! They have never anything good to say about the BCHL!!!

Everything about the dispute with Hockey Canada and others is ALL WRONG! What happened to “Let the kids play”?

We should be supporting and developing the players no matter which league they play in sanctioned or non- sanctioned.
Hockey Canada should support both, as long as they are developing CANADIAN players.

If Hockey Canada takes the stand against the BCHL they are at fault for not supporting and developing Canadian players.

I mean what the hell difference does it make? , maybe just the $$$$! All involved should put their petty grievances aside and THINK ABOUT THE PLAYERS!

BINGO said...

Upon reading , An advisers life, one has to question is this a good move for players joining the BCHL. Considering the cuts the Vernon Vipers alone did last year top players who wanted to join maybe the parents of these kids will have to consider is it a good move for a young player to join any of the BCHL teams as to the drama it would create for these young men??
At first I thought the idea of separating from hockey canada was a good idea but now I am having second thoughts. It will be an interesting ride and as fans will have to see how this rides out. Should are talent level go down with players joining and as well the referees talent being sub standard I would have to question is it worth enjoying hockey in vernon anymore as we no longer have national championships to win and seeing coastal teams as well as other teams in national championship really makes for well is it really worth the effort to see hockey anymore because I have to question what player in his right mind would want to join this BCHL based on what could happen. Parents I am sure have questions

PaulyWog54 said...

Ya, but, the situation is absurd, think about it, what difference does it make if a player chooses BCHL or the AJHL, he is still the same player. By restricting their playing ability for a higher level event, such as a Team Canada, your maybe loosing a quality asset. Hockey Canada higher level event selection should be based on the ability of the player not the league they play in.

The only difference is the fact that Hockey Canadas point of view which, is in a nutshell, if your league does not pay our fees then you are punished. To me that is akin to blackmail and some of the monies they received was being siphoned off to a secret fund to pay off sex assault cases.

Anonymous said...

I hope the vipers have a good start this year. Lets hope this new leaque has more positives to think about then negatives. At the end of the day for the fans it is a night out with your buds. So no matter what the fans will come out stronger than ever and people will just enjoy a night out. Go Vipers Go.