Friday, May 19, 2023

BCHL Faces Complications With Divorce From Hockey Canada:

After leaving Hockey Canada, the BC Hockey League is now grappling with roster issues and affiliated players.

Here is the story from the Abbotsford News,

BCHL Faces Complications With Divorce From Hockey Canada | Abbotsford News (


Marty said...

I am surprised there are very few comments or opinions on this landmark decision. Are all the true hockey fans on vacation or just not considering the ramifications? This is a huge decision and has far reaching impacts. Has the BCHL executive made a brilliant move or will it go down as one of the poorest hockey decisions ever?

The biggest benefit is now teams will be able to recruit players who, in the past, were not allowed to play in the BCHL. In theory this could elevate the quality of players we watch. The downside is that there is "no back door" once players have signed in the BCHL. Under Hockey Canada regulations players who sign in this unsanctioned league and then released can not return to any team under the Hockey Canada umbrella for the hockey year. Apparently the same applies to coaches, GM's and game officials.

VDHF... on an earlier post you mentioned that the Viper's have 12 players committed for next season. It will be interesting to see how many now come to our unsanctioned league. I suppose it is very little risk for US or International players as they can always go home but what about the young Canadian born players? If they sign and regret their decision they have just wasted an important year in their development. I recently spoke to a father of a elite Midget AAA player who will now be looking to play in the AJHL. I am sure they are not alone.

We are in interesting times. Am I over thinking this? Let's hear some opinions from other hockey fans?

Anonymous said...

No your not Marty players in the league are also looking at their options in front of them! Interesting times and tough slugging if you don't care for the coaching style of your current team coach in the league. The player is then in a very bad spot! Stuck in a poor development spot. Hockey Canada is going to try and rush to create another Jr A Sanctioned league out of the Jr B leagues which then complicates things. Players will have a short window between the time of deadline June 1st to sign in any JR A sanctioned league in Canada if BC is your home province. Their is also the opportunity for players to play in the World Jr A Challenge which is back and only available for Hockey Canada Sanctioned leagues and a dream still of young Canadian Hockey players that still are going the NCAA Route!