Monday, May 1, 2023

BC Hockey League Talks About Expansion:

According to the BCHLNetwork the BCHL has been talking about expansion.

Here is the story from,


Bobby C said...

Does anyone know what happens with the official's, are they not a part of Hockey Canada?

Bingo said...

I do not think having a official's will change as we will still have official's but not with hockey Canada. The official's will be within the new structure being set up as of June 1.

Bob McInnes said...

But imagine being a referee and being told by Hockey Canada that if you ref for the new league that you won't be reffing anymore Hockey Canada games. It could happen. Referees and linesmen don't just do BCHL games. They do a lot of U18 and U15 games and Junior B games. Being told to choose might be the way this plays out.