Monday, May 13, 2019

New Assistant Coaches?

Will we see new assistant coaches in Vernon? On the same day the Vipers named Jason McKee new head coach/gm the Vipers removed assistant coaches Kevin Kraus & Larry Draper's profiles from the team's website.

I saw Larry Draper in Vipers gear with a clipboard at the Vipers Spring Camp on the weekend. I didn't see Kevin Kraus or Mark Ferner.

Kraus played three seasons in Vernon (2007-2010) Was captain of the 2010 Vernon Vipers Royal Bank Cup championship team. Kraus also spent five seasons in Vernon (2014-2019) as an assistant coach.

Kevin Kraus's Player/Coaching Profile:

Draper was in his first season with the Vipers joining the team as an assistant coach February 6th 2019 after spending the past five seasons as an assistant coach/assistant gm with the Alberta Junior Hockey League Bonnyville Pontiacs.


Bobby C said...

Come on VDHF did you really expect them to be coming back. The writing was on on the wall the minute John Glenn took over and yes the rumors were definitely true that ownership and coach did not see eye to eye. Remember when Jagger was was honored before the Wenatchee playoff game ..where was ownership? Just Ferner on the ice for the presentation. Can't wait to start hearing the chants "Ferner Ferner Ferner" when the Vipers faithful starts getting impatient.

Anonymous said...

New owners were not on the ice for that presentation as Ferner and Duncan Wray were the constants in Jagger's career. The people who Jagger had the most connection to and were the most important for his hockey career where on the ice that night.

Bob McInnes said...

The BCHL site shows Ben Sanderson as leaving for Colorado College in the fall of 2019. But........ Chris Heisenber'g site now shows Sanderson as leaving in either 2019 or 2020. And the College Hockey Inc. site shows him going in the fall of 2020.

Will we see Sanderson for another season? We hope so.