Sunday, March 31, 2019

Game 2 Preview: Interior Division Finals: Vernon @ Wenatchee:

Vernon (9-4) @ Wenatchee (8-6) 7:05pm

Tonight is the eighth meeting of the season between the Vernon Vipers & Wenatchee Wild. The Wild & Vipers split the regular season series 3-3

Last Game:

Saturday, March 30th Game 1 Vernon defeated Wenatchee 4-3 overtime

Next Game:

Tuesday, April 2nd Game 3 Wenatchee @ Vernon

Vernon's record & stats vs the Wild since 2015

Since the 2015-16 regular season Vernon is 6-11-0-0 vs Wenatchee

Since the 2015-16 regular season Vernon is 3-5-0-0 at home vs Wenatchee

Since the 2015-16 regular season Vernon is 3-4-0-0 in Wenatchee

Since the BCHL Showcase opened in 2012-13 Vernon is 0-2-0-0 vs Wenatchee at the Showcase

Since the 2015-16 regular season Wenatchee has outscored Vernon 53-42

The Wilds last regular season win in Vernon was a 5-4 victory on Saturday, December 1st 2018

The Wilds last regular season win at home over Vernon was a 5-2 victory on Saturday, December 22nd 2018

The Vipers last regular season win in Wenatchee was a 3-0 victory on Friday, December 21st 2018

The Vipers last regular season win at home over Wenatchee was a 2-0 victory on Friday, September 28th 2018

Here's a look at this years regular season series vs Wenatchee:

September 7th Wenatchee @ Vernon: Wild won 5-3
September 28th Wenatchee @ Vernon: Vipers won 2-0
December 1st Wenatchee @ Vernon: Wild won 5-4
December 21st Vernon @ Wenatchee: Vipers won 3-0
December 22nd Vernon @ Wenatchee: Wild won 5-2
February 2nd Vernon @ Wenatchee: Vipers won 2-1 shoot out

Let's take a look at the Vernon Vipers:

The 9-4 Vernon Vipers make their fifth visit of the season to the Town Toyota Center are coming off a 4-3 overtime victory in Game 1 Saturday night in Wenatchee. The Vipers are 3-1 in Wenatchee this season and 5-1 on the road in the playoffs. Vernon has won thirteen of their last sixteen road games. Games 3 & 4 will be held in Vernon Tuesday & Wednesday.

Vernon Vipers Roster:

Matt Kowalski (5-4-9) leads the team in playoff goals with five, while Jagger Williamson (4-10-14) leads the team in playoff points with fourteen

Vernon Vipers 2018-19 playoff stats:

Games Played: 13
Wins: 9
Losses: 4
Overtime Wins: 4
Overtime Losses: 1
Home Record: 4-3
Road Record: 5-1
Overtime Record: 4-1
When the Vipers score first: 5-1
When the opponents score first: 4-3
Leading after the 1st period: 3-1
Tied after the 1st period: 4-1
Trailing after the 1st period: 2-2
Leading after the 2nd period: 5-0
Tied after the 2nd period: 1-2
Trailing after the 2nd period: 3-2
Out shooting opponents: 7-3
Out shot by opponents: 1-1
One goal games: 7-1
Goals for: 41
Goals against: 34
Win-loss Streak: Two game winning streak
Longest winning streak: Four games
Longest losing streak: Two games

Vernon Vipers Returning Players:

Jagger Williamson (98)
Connor Marritt (99)
Jesse Lansdell (98)
Coleton Bilodeau (00)
Josh Latta (98)
Michael Young (98)
Jack Judson (00)

Vernon Vipers departed & traded players from last years team:

Brett Stapley (99)
Derek Brown (97)
Keyvan Mokhtari (98)
Josh Prokop (00)
Alex Swetlikoff (01)
Mitch Andres (98)
Jordan Sandhu (99)
Niko Karamanis (98)
Jimmy Lambert (97)
Michael Ufberg (97)
Cameron Trott (97)
Shane Kelly (97)
Chris Jandric (98)
Anthony Yamnitsky (97)
Ty Taylor (99)

Vernon's home record vs Wenatchee this year:


Vernon's road record vs Wenatchee this year:


Vernon's scoring leaders vs Wenatchee this year:

Josh Latta (3-5-8)
Jack Judson (1-4-5)
Connor Marritt (3-2-5)
Michael Young (3-2-5)
Ben Helgeson (0-3-3)
Elan Bar-Lev-Wise (0-3-3)
Matt Kowalski (1-2-3)
Brendan Kim (0-2-2)
Tyler Ho (1-1-2)
Teddy Wooding (1-1-2)
Jagger Williamson (1-0-1)
Coleton Bilodeau (1-0-1)
Trey Taylor (0-1-1)
Brendan Kim (0-1-1)
Lane Zablocki (1-0-1)

Bradley Cooper (1-1 Record-1 Shutout)
Aidan Porter (3-2 Record)

Let's take a look at the Wenatchee Wild:

The 8-6 Wenatchee Wild are coming off a 4-3 overtime loss Game 1 Saturday. The Wild are 5-3 on home ice in the playoffs, have lost eleven of their last eighteen home games. 

Wenatchee Wild Roster:

Lucas Sowder (9-11-20) leads the team in playoff goals with nine & in playoff points with twenty

Wenatchee Wild 2017-18 playoff stats:

Games Played: 14
Wins: 8
Losses: 6
Overtime Losses: 3
Home Record: 5-3
Road Record: 3-3
Goals for: 47
Goals against: 41

Wenatchee Wild Returning Players:

Murphy Stratton (99)
Lucas Sowder (98)
Josh Arnold (99)
Nathan Iannone (98)
Chad Sasaki (98)
Jacob Modry (99)
Drake Usher (00)
Austin Park (98)

Wenatchee Wild departed and traded players from last years team:

August Von Ungern (97)
Sam Morton (99)
Jasper Weatherby (98)
Jackson Wozniak (00)
AJ Vanderbeck (97)
Lukas Svejkovsky (01)
Sam Hesler (98)
Matt Dorsey (99)
Daniel Chladek (99)
Nicholas Kent (01)
Noah Kim (00)
Cooper Zech (98)
Zak Galambos (97)
Slava Demin (00)
Seth Eisele (98)

Wenatchee's home record vs Vernon this year:


Wenatchee's road record vs Vernon this year:


Wenatchee Wild scoring leaders vs Vernon this year:

Chad Sasaki (3-5-8)
Matt Gosiewski (0-7-7)
Brian Adams (4-2-6)
Christophe Tellier (2-3-5)
Nathan Iannone (1-4-5)
Blake Bargar (0-4-4)
Brandon Koch (1-2-3)
Christophe Fillion (2-0-2)
PJ Fletcher (2-0-2)
Jacob Modry (1-1-2)
Murphy Stratton (0-2-2)
AJ Hodges (0-2-2)
Avery Winslow (0-1-1)
Lucas Sowder (0-1-1)
Ryan Wilson (1-0-1)
Jacques Bouquot (0-1-1)
Matt Dorsey (1-0-1)
Trevor Griebel (1-0-1)

Austin Park (3-1 Record)
Cal Sandquist (0-3 Record)

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Anonymous said...

Missing you here vipersdiehard. Beauty of a travel day. LOTS of seats available, was surprised as comments were made about only a few seats left from ticket agents. With only one real let down that caused 2 of the biscuit dunks for Wenatchee, our boys played well.
Go Vipers Go!!
We are behind you 100% literally (just look high in the nose bleed section)