Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thank You Vipers:

This letter was in Wednesday's Morning Star Newspaper:

Thank you Vipers

Nov 26, 2014

I just wanted to give a big thank you to all og the staff, volunteers and first aid attendants at the Vernon Vipers hockey games.

We are season ticket holders and at a recent game, a young boy, sitting a few rows below us, got hit in the head by a puck.
The response by the Vipers' volunteers and first aid was immediate.

They were down the stairs and attending to the young lad within seconds and first aid was right behind. They then escorted him to what I assume was the first aid station.

We also went to an out-of-town game where the same thing happened.
This young boy was also sitting just below us and got hit in the head by a puck. The response.....none.

No staff, no first aid, no nothing.  Luckily his dad was with him and provided aid.

So to all of the Vipers staff, volunteers and first aid, thanks for a job well done.

Sue Johnson


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