Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Vernon Vipers Sign Compton:

The Vernon Vipers have signed 17 year old defenceman Dylan Compton.

Here is the press release from the Vernon Vipers website,

Vipers Sign Compton | Vernon Vipers

Dylan Compton's Player Profile:

Dylan Compton - Elite Prospects

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vipersdiehardfan said...

My biggest concern is or has been the Vipers scouting/recruiting the past four or five years. It seems like a lot of these new recruits/committed players end up to be duds and either cut during training camp or traded in their first season. Ever since Larry Black left the Vipers, it seems like Vernon hasn't been able to attract the elite players/recruits. The Snakes new recruits/committed players seem to be a lot of average players at best the past few seasons. Sure they have recruited some good players but don't get no where near the elite/dominate recruits the Penticton's, Salmon Arm, Wenatchee West Kelowna, Chilliwack etc are recruiting. How many recruits were either cut during training camp last season and then traded during the season? Years ago if you were recruited by the Vipers or another team, you were basically guaranteed a spot on the team and never traded.

This is a big season for the Vipers ownership/management to put together a strong/competitive team this coming season. The Vipers have been average at best the past four seasons and haven't had very good teams.

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