Sunday, April 24, 2016

Third And Final Day From Vipers Spring Camp:

I stopped by Kal Tire Place this morning for the final day of Vipers Spring Camp. I missed the opening game-scrimmage but caught the final two games.

In the second game of the day Team Gold beat Team Blue 7-1. It was 2-0 Team Gold after the 1st period before they opened the flood gates in the 2nd period scoring five goals. Team Gold was the better of the two teams, carried the better of the play. Team Blue with very limited chances had troubles getting pucks to the net, didn't get a lot of quality shots on goal.

Players I thought stood out-played well

Team Gold:

Max Gaudet replaced starting goaltender Ty Taylor in the 2nd period. Gaudet didn't see a lot of rubber but made some quality saves when needed. Played his position, square to the shooters & quick on his feet. Gave up the lone goal of the game.

John Ludvig played a physical-in your face style of the game on the blueline. Played with an edge, was getting under the skin of several players off Team Blue, I thought played well this morning.

Levi Johnson (1 goal) Also was very strong today, played well through out the game-scrimmage. Was one of if not Team Gold's better forward.

Team Blue:

Dorrin Sekikawa-Luding replaced Jordan Naylor after the opening frame and finished the game gave up five goals in the 2nd period but was forced to make several big saves with not a lot of help in front of him. I thought played well yesterday didn't have the defence in front of him today was basically hung out to dry on a lot of shots-goals.

Alex McLeod who played well yesterday, had spurts-shifts again this morning that caught my attention.

In the third and final game of Spring Camp Team Red shutout Team White 6-0. Team Red looked very good most of the game-scrimmage, were by far the better team this morning. This team looked like they have been playing together for a while, making several nice plays-passes, creating-generating a lot of offensive chances showed signs of skill and speed up front with a solid defence. This team can move the puck, had several odd man rushes, were quick to the puck, won most of the races. Team Red was up 3-0 after the 1st before scoring three more in the 2nd period to come away with the win. Team White turned over the puck lots, gave up a lot of odd man rushes, didnt generate or create a lot of offensive opportunities, had troubles passing-making plays. Looked very disorganized.

Players I thought stood out-played well

Team Red:

Trent Thompson worked hard, competed and battled all game. Didn't show a lot of offensive skill but willing to battle and compete.

Brady Maezocco Caught my eye in yesterday's game, stood out again today. By far the best-most talented kid at Camp this weekend. A smooth skater, can handle-move the puck, quick on his feet, soft hands in front and has a quick release-shot. Had several scoring opportunities through out today's scrimmage.

Matthew Facchinelli was another kid that I liked this morning, played well.

Team White:

Geoffrey Drought replaced starting goaltender Joshua Tetlichi after the opening frame and was very good between the pipes. Allowed three goals but made some big saves in the 2nd period.

Alex Koumontzis was by far Team White's best-top player. This team didn't have much for offence, as Koumontzis created-generated a lot of their chances. Has some good size, goes to the net, always skating, making plays. Someone at Camp today told me he is a friend of Vipers forward Odeen Tufto.

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