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Day 2 From Vipers Spring Camp:

I was unable to attend Spring Camp yesterday because of work but made it down to Kal Tire Place this morning for Day two of Spring Camp. I missed the opening game-scrimmage but caught the next two games. Each game-scrimmage consisted of two thirty minute periods with a full ice clean in between periods. A penalty was an automatic penalty shot.

In the second game-scrimmage this morning Team Gold defeated Team Green 3-2 in a fairly evenly matched game with not a lot of great scoring chances. Both teams showed speed and hustle in a fairly fast paced game. Team Gold jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead on goals from Nicholas Leyer & Dawson Frank before Team Green tied the game. Team Gold scored the game winner with one second remaining in the game for the 3-2 victory.

Teams will take a break this afternoon, before games-scrimmages start again at 4pm

Players I thought stood out-played well

Team Gold:

Kelowna Chiefs defenceman Joel Scrimbit played very well on the blueline, was denied on two penalty shots saw a lot of ice, very steady, moves the puck well, good skater, really sees the ice well-reads the play. Likes to get pucks to the net.

Nicholas Leyer (1 goal) Also played very well, had some chances, was involved in the play, went to the net, generated-created opportunities through out the game-scrimmage.

Logan Robinson was another kid on Team Gold that I liked. Good speed, moves the puck well, showed lots of hustle, quick on his feet.

Team Green:

Aiden Rysen I thought played fairly well on the backend, showed some signs of physical play, not the greatest skater but handled his own defensively-on the blueline. Played a fairly rugged game.

Liam Ryan caught my attention this morning, seemed to be involved in the play, quick on his feet.

Josh Maser was another forward who played well for Team Green. Created-generated some chances, was involved in the play.

In the third game this morning saw Team Red defeat Team Blue 4-3 in a game-scrimmage where Team Red carried most of the play, out chancing Team Blue. Team Red couldn't buy a goal in the 1st period couldn't seem to buy-get a bounce or lucky break had several great chances, created some very nice plays but had troubles finding the back of the net. But it was Team Blue that jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the 1st period even though were outplayed. Team Red would finally get on the board after a nice deflection in front off the stick of Coleton Bilodeau before Team Red would snap two quick back to back goals a few minutes later to grab the lead. Team Blue tied the game late with about four minutes remaining before Team Red scored the game winner late to hold onto the 4-3 victory. Team Red was the better of the two teams, carried most of the play, had a ton of great opportunities couldn't buy a goal. Team Red has a fairly big defence, very good with and without the puck. Team Blue didn't generate much for offence, played most of the game-scrimmage in their own end.

Players I thought stood out-played well

Team Red:

Reid Conroy-Duttonplayed the entire game-scrimmage with Team Red only having one goaltender. Conroy-Dutton wasn't tested much but made a few big saves when tested. I thought played well-made the saves when called apon.

Ben Baker Played a strong game on the backend. A good skater, moves the puck well, makes that strong first pass coming out of the zone, sees and reads the ice well. Looked like a veteran defenceman out there this morning. I really liked the looks of this kid.

Coleton Bilodeau (1 goal) Was another kid that stood out, quick on his feet, always on the go, goes to the net, shifty with the puck down low, has some skill with and without the puck.

Brady Maezocco Had a strong game for Team Red, was robbed of a goal in the 1st period after coming in on a two on one attack. A very good skater, has some wheels, created-generated some good opportunities today.

Cameron Welch Also caught my eye today, played hard, battled and competed along the wall and in front of the net, played with a bit of an edge, was banging bodies out there most of the day.

Team Blue:

Dorrin Sekikawa-Luding Was very solid between the pipes today for Team Blue. Kept his team in the game most of the morning, making some big saves. None bigger then robbing Brady Maezocco on a two on one. Played his position well, has a quick glove, making several glove saves.

Alex McLeod Was one of the more offensive minded forwards for Team Blue, generated a few opportunities today.

Grayson McMaster Was another forward who showed signs of skill up front.

Jessie Young Showed a lot of hustle-hard work, was strong on the back check, made a few defensive plays, coming back into his own end to break up a scoring play. This kid never quit, worked hard through out the game-scrimmage.

Here is a look at all six team rosters-lineups:

Team Black:

Austin Roden (G) 1998
Mattia Dal Monte (D) 2000
Wyatt Newpower (D) 1998
Dylan Sedlacek (D) 2000
Tanner Sawka (D) 2000
Emilio Salas (D) 1999
Matthew Monk (D) 1998
Max Wutzke (D) 1999
Nick Unruh (F) 2000
Aidan Buhler (F) 1999
Martin Rudolf (F) 2000
Garin Butler (F) 2000
Liam Evenson (F) 2000
Marco Mazza (F) 1999
Thomas Spink (F) 1999
Cooper Johnson (F) 1998
Brayden Camrud (F) 1998
Jessie Cunningham (F) 1997
McKullen Astill (F) 1998

Team Blue:

Dorrin Sekkikawa-Luding (G) 1999
Jordan Naylor (G) 2000
Lucas Arbour Neagoe (D) 2000
Ty Pickering (D) 1999
Simon Snyman (D) 1999
Jameson Murray (D) 1999
Jayden Jefferson (D) 1998
EJ Shaw (D) 1998
Matteo Pecchia (F) 2000
Brendan Schulte (F) 1998
Jayde Sauder (F) 2000
Flynn Perry (F) 2000
Brandon Costa (F) 2000
Riley Clarke Smoler (F) 1999
Demetri Kambeitz (F) 1998
Alex McLeod (F) 1998
Grayson McMaster (F) 1997
Jessie Young (F) 1999

Team White:

Joshua Tetlichi (G) 1998
Geoffrey Drought (G) 2000
Lucas Gaudet (D) 2000
Jack Judson (D) 2000
Zach Whithead (D) 1999
John Jebamani (D) 1999
Marek Karoch (D) 1999
Charlie Wilkie (D) 1998
Luke Harvie (F) 2000
Jarrett Raymond (F) 2000
Ty Kolle (F) 2000
Nolan Dawson (F) 1999
Jonas Leas (F) 1999
Moritz Miguez (F) 1999
Cameron Obcena (F) 1998
Trevor Sundher (F) 1998
Ryland Chernomaz (F) 1997
Alex Koumontzis (F) 1997
James Farmer (F) 1997

Team Green:

Billy Cawthorn (G) 1998
Adam Marcoux (G) 1998
Connor Smith (D) 1999
Aiden Rysen (D) 2000
Spencer McHardy (D) 2000
Jeremy Masella (D) 1999
Garrett Ewert (D) 1999
Michael LeNoury (D) 1998
Liam Ryan (F) 2000
Ethan Schmunk (F) 2000
Christian Sanda (F) 1998
Austen McKean (F) 1999
Ryan Cooper (F) 1999
Tyler Maser (F) 1999
Josh Maser (F) 1999
Curtis Dubinsky (F) 1998
Samuel Hanson (F) 1997
Chase Stevenson (F) 1999

Team Red:

Ethan Vanderkley (G) 2000
Reid Conroy-Dutton (G) 1998
Wyatt McLeod (D) 2000
Trevor Longo (D) 2000
Quinn Schneidmiller (D) 1999
Owen Williams (D) 2000
Ben Baker (D) 1997
Owen O'Connor (D) 1998
Coleton Bilodeau (F) 2000
Trent Thompson (F) 2000
Palmer Jenkins (F) 2000
Brady Maezocco (F) 1999
Nate Castonguay (F) 1999
Matthew Facchinelli (F) 1999
Aiden Bar-Lev-Wise (F) 1998
Cameron Welch (F) 1998
Tyson Davey (F) 1997
Dawson Chase (F) 2000

Team Gold:

Max Gaudet (G) 1998
Ty Taylor (G) 1999
Ante Mustapic (D) 1999
John Ludvig (D) 2000
Adam Johnson (D) 2000
Jason Shaigec (D) 1999
Jarrod Isley (D) 1998
Joel Scrimbit (D) 1998
Ethan Scardina (F) 2000
Brett Didyk (F) 1999
Hudson Schandor (F) 2000
Nicholas Leyer (F) 2000
Sho Takai (F) 1999
Logan Robinson (F) 1999
Dawson Frank (F) 1999
Brock Sottile (F) 1999
Michael Fidanza (F) 1998
Levi Johnson (F) 1997

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