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Interior Division Finals: Game 7 Penticton 2 Vernon 0

For anyone who could not attend or watch tonight’s Vipers game here are my thoughts and views from tonight’s game. You may agree or disagree but we all have our own view and opinion on any game we watch. This is my opinion and my thoughts on how I saw tonight’s game. I try to be unbiased and give a fare recap on both sides. Thanks for stopping by & visiting my blog.

I was at tonight's Interior Division Game 7 as Penticton defeated Vernon 2-0 in front of 3,203 fans at the South Okanagan Events Centre.

Starting Goaltenders:

Vernon: Danny Todosychuk
Penticton: Hunter Miska

1st Period: Just like in Game 6 off the opening draw the Vipers would get a real good chance in the opening minute.  Just fifteen seconds into tonight's Game 7 Thomas Aldworth was alone in the slot couldnt hit the net from in tight.  Vernon come out with a ton of jump and energy were flying off the opening draw.  The Vipers come out hitting, playing a very physical game early were firing pucks on goal any chance they had.  The Vees playing in front of a huge crowd were back on their heels off the start, were being hit and hit hard.  The Vipers with some huge checks early, laid out three of the biggest hits in the first half.  The Vipers with a strong forecheck carried the play early and often were outshooting Penticton 3-1 just minutes into the game.  The Vees had troubles getting out of their own end and through the neutral zone as it was all Vipers early.  Vernon was outshooting the Vees 5-1 just five minutes into the period.  The Vipers with lots of pressure, carried the play didnt get alot of scoring opportunities but had the edge in play.  Linden Hora at the halfway mark would get free in the slot had all kinds of time went high and over the net.  It took Penticton the first twelve minutes to get much of anything going before the Vees responded in the second half.  Penticton come back now was carrying the edge in play, would get a few flurries in and around the Viper goal couldnt convert from in close climbed their way back in the shot department were now outshooting the Vipers 8-2 in the second half.  The Vees would get the games first powerplay late that didnt last a full minute before taking a penalty of their own evening the play up to four on four.  The Vipers would get a late shortened powerplay and in the dying seconds Colton McCarthy would tip a shot from in close forced Hunter Miska to make his first big save of the night as Penticton would kill off the remainder of the minor.  It was 0-0 after 20 minutes of play.  Vernon with a strong start, jumped on the Vees early.  Come out hitting, were firing pucks towards the net, had a strong forecheck working were all over Penticton in the first half didnt get alot of scoring chances.  The Vees responded in the second half, would carry the play, had a flurry of chances in close couldnt convert on a few passes down low looked and played much better in the second half, were the better team in the final ten minutes.  The Vees also with not alot of scoring chances.  Penticton outshot Vernon 10-7.

2nd Period: Off the opening draw Matt Serratore tried going around Luke Shiplo for the parcial breakaway was hooked on the play was still able to get a quick shot off from down low forced Vipers starting goaltender Danny Todosychuk to make a quick glove save couldnt hold onto the puck just getting a peice of it with his trapper before Tyson Jost pounced on the rebound somehow missed the open cage on a missed opportunity just seconds into the 2nd period.  Shiplo would recieve a penalty on the play, giving the Vees an early PP their second of the night.  Vernon with a strong penalty kill come up with several huge shot blocks, were very aggressive on the PK, in the dying seconds a quick shot from the blueline was tipped in front by Connor Chartier who was stopped by Todosychuk who made a tough save off the deflection in front as Vernon would kill off the penalty.  The Vees kept coming and quickly, moving the puck the Vees really used their speed were all over the Vipers but didnt generate much for offence.  The Vipers back on their heels did a good job at limiting the Vees opportunities had troubles containing Penticton's speed down low.  The Vees carried the better of the play in the first half as Vernon needed almost five shots to get their first shot of the period.  The Vipers slowly come on in the second half, Thomas Aldworth would get a great chance wired a quick shot from the slot couldnt beat Vees starting goaltender Hunter Miska who flashed the leather just got a peice of Aldworth's shot with his glove.  Shortly later the Vipers with two flurries in close couldnt beat Miska who had to be alert made two big saves down low keeping this a scoreless game.  The Vipers with a much better effort and performance in the second half were the better team in the final eight to nine minutes would get some good pressure in the final minutes couldnt beat Miska from in close with a flurry at the buzzer.  It was 0-0 after 40 minutes of play.  The Vees couldnt capitalize with an early powerplay, jumped on the Vipers in the first half, carried the play but like the opening period didnt get alot of quality chances.  Vernon slowly come on in the second half, had a few flurries but again not alot of scoring chances carried the play and were the better team in the second half of the period.  Penticton outshot Vernon 10-9.

3rd Period: Two and a half minutes into the final frame Liam Coughlin alone in front deeked out Hunter Miska but somehow missed the wide open net on a great opportunity in close to start the 3rd.  Penticton would an early PP to start after an undisaplined penalty by Vernon but the Vees would respond by taking an undisaplined minor of their own giving the Vipers a late but shortened powerplay.  Colton McCarthy with two cracks at the loose puck in front couldnt get the puck up and over Hunter Miska's pad who stayed with the play made two huge pad saves off the Viper forward down low before the Vees were able to kill off the minor.  Both teams were playing hard, were going back and fourth.  The Vees with a few shots towards the net just missed or come close put a bit of a scare into the Vipers.  As the period went on Vernon slowly started to come on and come on waves as the Vipers picked up their game, were really moving the puck, working the forecheck had the Vees back on their heels with some hard working shifts.  The Vipers with good pressure were coming on were carrying the better of the play in the second half, were getting pucks to the net but not alot of scoring opportunities.  Miska and the Vees had to be sharp as time was winding down the Vipers managed a few flurries in close had a few goal mouth scrambles couldnt find the back of the net come very close to opening the scoring.  Penticton would respond with a few hard shifts but it was the Vipers who had the better of the play.  With a faceoff in the Vernon zone with just less then three minutes remaining Tyson Jost won the draw got the puck back to Patrick Sexton who's shot looked to go off a Viper or stick in front looked to float up in theair and over Danny Todosychuk's glove hand giving the Vees the opening goal and a 1-0 lead at 17:07 Jost with the lone assist on a play that I dont think Todosychuk had much of a chance on a strange looking goal as the South Okanagan Events Centre went into a frenzy.  Running out of time the Vipers would call a late timeout before getting Todosychuk to the bench for the extra attacker with 1:36 remaining.  Vernon would get the play in deep, have a few good looks at the net managed to get several shots on Miska who saw the puck had to make atleast two or three saves before the Vees would clear the zone, before clogging up the neutral zone the Vipers had all kinds of trouble getting the puck back in deep were once again forced back into the neutral zone as time was winding down.  Matt Serratore would put the Vipers season to an end with an empty netter at 19:56 sending the Vees bench and the SOEC into a frenzy as the Vipers bench and their fans were devistated.  Serratore's goal was unassisted.  With just four seconds to go the Vees would wind down the clock poured onto the ice in a huge celebration winning their fifteenth Interior Division Championship taking Game 7 2-0.  With the Vees celebrating the victory the Viper bench was dejected as several players had their heads between their legs before both teams would come to centre ice for the final hand shake of the series.  The Vipers with several good opportunities couldnt capitalize on their chances.  Liam Coughlin missing the open net and then Colton McCarthy being stoned down low in front on two good chances from in close couldnt solve Hunter Miska.  As the period went on Vernon come on and come on in waves carried the better of the play especially in the second half had tons of pressure couldnt find the back of the net.  Penticton had a few good opportunities didnt have as much puck possession as Vernon got the lucky bounce-deflection on the game winning goal to advance to the next round.  Vernon outshot Penticton 11-9.

Top Players: (Vernon)

Liam Coughlin had the Vipers best opportunity to open the scoring early into the 3rd somehow missed the open goal.  I thought played very well in his final game as a Viper.  Was hard on the puck, played with alot of desire, was trying to create chances.

Nicholas Rasovic played his first game of the series added some grit and physical play through out the night.  Played with alot of energy, battled and competed hard, had a good game.

Luke Voltin I thought had another strong game for the Vipers.  Battled and competed hard.

Danny Todosychuk (28 saves) Played his final game as a Viper.  The Vernon product played four years with his hometown Vipers made some big saves in the second period.  Played very well.  Really felt sorry for the kid on the game winning goal. 

Game Thought's: (Vernon)

The Vipers played one of their better games vs Penticton tonight were ready to play and battled-competed hard for sixty minutes emptied the tanks in their final game of the season.  I really liked Vernon's start, they come out hitting, got pucks to the net, played with a strong forecheck looked very good.  I didnt think had alot of scoring chances through out the game in a game where it looked like both teams were playing a tight checking game not wanting to make the first mistake.  Sure the Vipers had some good opportunities couldnt capitalize on their chances they had.  Played a much better game over last night's 5-1 loss in Game 6.  Vernon responded and gave Penticton a good run for their money, forcing the league's top team to seven games.  I really liked the Vipers penalty kill and thought the Vernon defence played very well, limited the Vees chances.  With such a low scoring affair, and not a ton of scoring chances on both sides it was hard as there wasnt alot of players that really stood out tonight, just because of the way the game went.  This was by far a fantastic game to watch could have easily been anyone's game for the taking.  The turning point is two and a half minutes into the 3rd when Liam Coughlin deeks out Hunter Miska somehow misses the open net.  Coughlin scores here and this is a different game.  Maybe the Vees still get the late goal to tie the game, but at this point in the game, being the opening goal what if?  This was a very nerve racking game to watch, knowing the season is on the line.  As the game went on, the more intense the game got.  A huge blow-devistation when seeing Patrick Sexton's shot go in.  A huge heartbreaking loss to end the season.  Watching Patrick Sexton's late goal go in before an empty netter for the series winner was like getting punched in the stomach, Devistation is all I could think of when Sexton's shot goes in.  After the Vipers lost the first two games of this series, I would have never guessed I would be going to Game 7 tonight.  The disapointing part of this is, the Vipers had a chance to end this series last night at home and blew it.  Very very disapointing.  Give the Vipers full credit for battling hard and playing their hearts out tonight in a devistating loss to end their season.  This team only beat Penticton once during the regular season forced the Vees to seven games.  Who would have saw this coming?  Id like to take the time to congratulate the Vernon Vipers and the entire Vipers organization on a heck of a season!  After the last three season's this was a very fun and exciting team to watch and watch grow and build as a team, improve game to game and through out the season.  A huge shout out has to go to Mark Ferner and the Vipers coaching staff for doing a remarkable job this season with what they had to work with.  Remember this was Jason Williamson's team, that he recruited-picked for this season before leaving the team two games into the pre-season.  Kevin Kraus & Eric Godard took over the bench until Mark Ferner signed and joined the Vipers three games into the regular season.  You have to wonder with Mark Ferner now having a season with the Vipers, will have done his own recruiting, will have the players he wants for next season.  Im really excited and looking forward to next season already.  To all the players that wont be back next season, I wish you all but nothing but succsess in your future whatever you do, and to the returning players, I look forward to next season.  Thank you for some great memories and a great season!  The Vipers have a possible twelve players returning for next season. 

Top Players: (Penticton)

Gabe Bast I thought played another strong game on the Penticton backend.  Has looked good through out the series.

Connor Chartier played a strong series, was good with the puck tonight.  A veteran player really sees and reads the ice well. Played well for the Vees tonight.

Patrick Sexton (1 goal) Had another strong game on the blueline.  Scored the game winning goal with just under three minutes remaining.

Hunter Miska (27 saves-shutout) Records his third shutout of the season vs the Vipers played very well this evening.  Made several saves with Vernon on the attack gave his team a chance to win.  Responded well with two back to back wins in Game 6 & 7.

Game Thought's: (Penticton)

The Interior Division pennant winners and regular season league champion Penticton Vees advance to the three team round robin tournament after knocking out the Vernon Vipers in seven games.  The Vees who were eliminated by Vernon at home in seven games last season got a good scare from the Vipers this series come very close to knocking out the Vees for a second straight season.  Give full credit to the Vees for getting a must win in Game 6 last night, in Vernon before taking Game 7 at home on a late goal to win the series.  Two huge clutch games-wins to advance to the next round.  The Vees played very hard, like Vernon didnt get a ton of chances also played very well defensively.  This was a hard hitting, physical game with not alot of room for either team to really open up the offence.  Both teams had some good chances couldnt capitalize.  Both teams also played with caution not wanting to make that first mistake or give up the games first goal.  Like the Vipers it was also hard to have players stand out tonight, in a game where there wasnt alot of scoring chances-plays.  I thought both teams played very well, but not alot of indivdual efforts stood out in certain players.  In all three periods both teams carried the play as the momentum shifted through out the game.  The Vipers were coming on strong in the second half of the 3rd, but give credit to Penticton for holding off the Viper attack before getting the late game winner.  The Vees had all the pressure going into tonight's game, being the league's top team, having the league's best record, Game 7 at home and with what happened last season in Game 7 vs Vernon the Vees Im sure felt the pressure.  A great lively crowd tonight made for a great atmosphere.  Id like to congratulate the Penticton Vees and their entire organization on a great season and series and wish them all the best in the next round.

Here’s a look at the previous 22 playoff meetings between Vernon & Penticton:

1966-67 Penticton defeated Vernon 4 games to 1
1967-68 Penticton defeated Vernon 4 games to 0
1971-72 Vernon defeated Penticton 4 games to 3 (BCJHL Final)
1973-74 Penticton defeated Vernon 4 games to 0
1974-75 Vernon defeated Penticton 4 games to 2
1975-76 Penticton defeated Vernon (No Stats)
1976-77 Penticton defeated Vernon 4 games to 2
1982-83 Penticton defeated Vernon 4 games to 3
1986-87 Vernon defeated Penticton 4 games to 0
1987-88 Vernon defeated Penticton 4 games to 0
1992-93 Penticton defeated Vernon 4 games to 1
1993-94 Vernon defeated Penticton 4 games to 3
1994-95 Penticton come back down 3-1 defeating Vernon 4 games to 3
2001-02 Vernon defeated Penticton 4 games to 2
2002-03 Vernon defeated Penticton 4 games to 0
2004-05 Vernon defeated Penticton 4 games to 0
2006-07 Vernon defeated Penticton 4 games to 1
2007-08 Penticton defeated Vernon 4 games to 3
2008-09 Vernon defeated Penticton 4 games to 1
2009-2010 Vernon defeated Penticton 4 games to 2
2013-2014 Vernon defeated Penticton 4 games to 3
2014-2015 Penticton defeated Vernon 4 games to 3



Mitchell Oliver
Blaine Caton
Michael Roberts "AP"


Mitch Newsome

Energy player of the game:

Dante Fabbro

Three Stars:

1st Star: Patrick Sexton (1 goal)
2nd Star: Hunter Miska (27 saves-shutout)
3rd Star: Danny Todosychuk (28 saves)

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One final Thank you to you the fans who viewed my blog on a regular basis.  I just wanted to say thanks to the many many fans who checked out my blog this season!  I have been averaging between 400-700 views a day this season, some over 800-900 during the playoffs.  With the Vipers season all but over now, that dosnt mean this blog is finished for the season.  I will have several articles-news stories on Viper alumni and of course any Viper news through out the off season.  So please keep coming back through out the off season-summer to keep informed with any Vipers news-Viper alumni updates.

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