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Players Wanted Former Vernon Laker-Viper Whitecottons Dismissal:

In January former Vernon Lakers-Vernon Vipers forward Dustin Whitecotton left the EV Lindau Islanders. Both Whitecotton & the Islanders separated in a mutual agreement. It sounds like the players wanted Whitecotton gone.

Whitecotton had spent the past two seasons (2016-2018) with the Islanders. EV Lindau is an ice hockey club from Lindau at Lake Constance that play in the Oberliga hockey league in Germany.

Whitecotton last played professional hockey with the Rouen Hockey Elite 76  also nicknamed the Rouen Dragonsto during the 2015-16 season before leaving the team December 15 2015 returning home to Canada for personal reasons.

The Rouen Hockey Elite 76, nicknamed the Rouen Dragons, is a French ice hockey club playing in Ligue Magnus (highest level of the sport in France). Whitecotton played just parts of one year with the Dragons picked up (2-goals-3-assists-5-points) in ten games before leaving the team.

After four years at Miami University Whitecotton spent the next three seasons playing in three different leagues (AHL, ECHL & UHL) with four different teams (Mississippi, Grand Rapids, Missouri, Lowell), before spending the next twelve years playing overseas. Since 2003 Whitecotton has played in five different leagues (Germany 2, DEL, EIHL, Germany 3 & France) with six different teams (Blue Devils Weiden, SERC Wild Wings, Straubing Tigers, Belfast Giants, Deggendorfer SC & Rouen Hockey Elite 76).

Whitecotton is the youngest player ever to play for the Vernon Lakers & Vernon Vipers making the Lakers at the young age of 14. Whitecotton played three seasons in Vernon with the Vernon Lakers and Vernon Vipers from (1993-96). In 166 games with the Lakers and Vipers Whitecotton collected (52-goals-102-assists-164-points).

Dustin Whitecotton's Player Profile:

This was in the schwabische lindau newspaper:

Players wanted Whitecottons dismissal

January 25 2018

It was fine not only the fear of the descent in the hockey-Bavarian league which worried the persons responsible eV of Lindau Islanders on Tuesday with the exemption of coach Dustin Whitecotton. As different members of the board of directors and the team's council of the " Lindauer of newspaper “ confirmed, at least a part of the players expressed itself after two defeats in the first two plays of the dovetailing round of the second division with the Bavarian's league against an other collaboration with 38-year-old ex-pro Whitecotton.

Therefore, the determining meeting about the future of the Canadian took place on Monday evening. „ It was the second time in 15 years that I had to travel at short notice to a crisis meeting to Lindau “, told EVL president Marc Hindelang of the " Lindauer of newspaper “. In absence from Whitecotton the board members of the Lindauer skating association with the 5-headed team's council met at first.

Important points in the fight for the Play out of vision award

Already during the weeks before, reports the EVL president, single players and their representatives would have explained to the coach not always to agree with his Coaching. „ You must be able to come already very much on the player's types “, indicates Marc Hindelang. Whitecotton one has succeeded no more in meeting the right address. Background also: A part of the Lindauer Eishackler has one more professional life beside the hockey, Whitecotton should have demanded of the players not only a very professional setting, but also a very professional contact with criticism.

Also criticism of Whitecotton has been expressed from player's circles after which of these equal second division opponents has not met like pastures or Sonthofen with the right draft and, hence, important points would have got lost in the fight for the Play out of vision.

With the crisis meeting on Monday the team's council recommended the Person responsible for EVL not to continue the collaboration with Dustin Whitecotton. „ After all, a new beginning would not be bad “, said EVL captain Philipp Haug on Wednesday on inquiry. Rather „ another address with fresh wind “ is necessary. Of this appraisal the gathered squad of the management EVL joined, tells Hindelang. Besides, the 4:5 defeats brought the barrel for overrunning in the Overtime last against feet and mountain Peissen.

„ Maybe I have demanded too much of my team “, a little bit frustrated Dustin Whitecotton puts away during the day after his sacking. He has got this on the Tuesday afternoon from Person responsible for EVL personally informed. Last he has noted „ a certain disappointment and tiredness with my players “, he finds out looking back on the missed most round. Because the family Whitecotton receives increase in the next time, now he wants to concentrate first upon the family and concern after the birth of his second child further around sporty interests. Until a final successor to Whitecotton is found – „ the first applications already spin “, thus Hindelang – will lead the earlier Towerstars manager and ex-pro Alexander J├Ąger the training. How long the engagement continues, the Person responsible for EVL leaves open nowadays. Moreover one exchanges himself with hunter in short time intervals, according to Hindelang.

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