Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Blog Hits 800,000 Viewers:

Monday evening around 8:30pm this blog hit 800,000 viewer's-page views.

I wanted to take this time to thank all of you, the viewers who check out my blog. I first created my Vipersdiehardfan blog back in December of 2008 and since then have had over 800,000 viewer's visit this site. As of 7am this morning I have had 800,110 viewers in total visit this blog. To follow the viewer count, check out the counter on the left hand side of this blog. I have a website that tell's me how many viewer's I get per month, per day, as well as per week. The site also tell's me where the viewer's are from and how they contacted this blog. This blog has been averaging around 500-700 viewer's per day during this hockey season depending on whats going on. During the summer I average around 150-250 viewers a day.  I had 17,358 viewers for the month of December. 

I get people from all across the world visiting this blog. Thank you again and thanks for the support. If you would like to leave a comment, there's a comment box at the bottom of each post.

Thanks,  Vipersdiehardfan


Unknown said...

Congrats on all the interest on your site and keeping the fans informed!

Regarding leaving comments...that is actually my only issue with your blog. If you're open to feedback...the process of leaving a comment is a bit frustrating as you have to navigate away from the main page. Maybe if it was a little easier to leave comments, more people would do so?
Maybe even a like option would be fun as well? I would also consider disabling the comment moderation so that comments can be viewed immediately instead of waiting for the moderation.

Anyways....those are just a few suggestions. Don't get me wrong, big fan of your blog! Very thorough, informative and unbiased. I'm a daily viewer, so keep up the good work, and congrats on 800k views!

vipersdiehardfan said...

Thank you for the comments and ideas for my blog.

Im actually pretty shocked at the numbers-the amount of viewers that check out this blog. Im actually blown away!

Im always interested in feedback and hearing from the viewers. Ive heard from several people its hard or difficult to leave a message on here. I have no control on that or how you leave a message. Thats just the way its setup on all blogs. Its not my choice, its how blogs work. I cant change that. Sorry

Thanks again for your comments and viewing my blog.