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Interior Division Finals: Game 6 Penticton 2 Vernon 0

For anyone who could not attend or watch tonight’s Vipers game here are my thoughts and views from tonight’s game. You may agree or disagree but we all have our own view and opinion on any game we watch. This is my opinion and my thoughts on how I saw tonight’s game. I try to be unbiased and give a fare recap on both sides. Thanks for stopping by & visiting my blog.

I was at tonight's Interior Division Finals Game 6 as Penticton forced a Game 7 after a 2-0 victory over Vernon in front of 2,557 fans at Kal Tire Place.

1st Period: With the Penticton Vees season on the line the Vees come out on fire, with a strong attack-forecheck off the opening faceoff Penticton dominated the early edge in play.  The Vees with three quick shots in the opening minute and a half were flying taking it to the Vipers.  The Vees hard work would pay off in a hurry after Penticton would open the scoring early, Brad McClure setup Jarod Hilderman who's pointshot got through traffic and a screened Austin Smith going topshlef giving the Vees a 1-0 lead at 4:14 McClure with the assist.  The Vipers back on their heels off the opening puck drop looked very nervous-uptight and couldnt get out of their own end.  Vernon would get the games first powerplay just after the Vees goal.  Some good pressure early allowed Brett Mulcahy at the side of the net to just miss on the shortside before the Vipers got struggled and the Vees were able to kill off the minor.  The Vees kept coming in waves firing everything on goal as Penticton was outshooting Vernon 6-2 at the halfway mark.  Penticton would get their first powerplay of the night just past the midway mark, but unable to do any damage as the Vipers with a good penalty kill would kill off the minor.  The Vees with a strong cycle and forecheck downlow were moving the puck, creating lots of open ice giving Vernon's defence all kinds of trouble containing the Vees speed down low.  The Vipers would slowly come on in spirts in the second half and get some very close calls.  Dexter Dancs redirected a pointshot that just missed the goal.  Michael McNicholas alone in the slot went high and just over the crossbar.  The Vipers getting a few opportunities but wernt hitting the net as Penticton's defence was solid down low, collapsing in front of the net getting in the shooting lanes, blocking shots, getting sticks in the way.  The Vipers went close to thirteen minutes without getting a shot on goal.  Vernon would get a few scrambles around the Penticton net late in the period but couldnt get any real quality chances.  Vernon would get a late powerplay but couldnt capitalize as the Vees with a good penalty kill as Cody DePourcq was very good, even had two opportunities to get shots on goal and rag some time off the clock, eating the puck along the end wall as the Vipers had troubles with the Vees speedster would kill off the penalty.  Penticton was up 1-0 after 20 minutes of play.  The Vees with a very strong start jumped on the Vipers early and often, opening the scoring just over four minutes into the game were relentless on the cycle and forecheck down low really working over the Viper defence.  The Vees were all over the Vipers in the first half, Vernon would slowly get going with a few chances in the second half held their own but couldnt get pucks to the net.  The Vees with a strong defensive game were really bottling up Vernon's offence, keeping the Vipers to the outside limiting their chances and shots.  Vernon looked slow, wernt moving there feet, coughed up the puck on several occasions, had troubles getting any zone time in the Vees end.  Penticton outshot Vernon 12-6.

2nd Period: The Vees with another great start, as Penticton just like the opening frame come at the Vipers hard with again another strong forecheck, cycling the puck down low, moving the puck were all over the Vipers in their own end.  Brad McClure five minutes into the 2nd would get a great chance from the high slot was stopped by Vipers starting goaltender Austin Smith.  A few minutes later Smith would stop Riley Alferd on a Vees two on one as the Vipers were having all kinds of troubles containing the Vees speed.  Dylan Chanter would turnover the puck inside the blueline allowing Erik Benoit with a breakaway who couldnt beat Smith down low who sprawled out to make a huge pad save.  A few shifts later TJ Dumonceaux with a burst of speed come down the right wing, forced Olivier Mantha to make a big blocker save before robbing Mason Blacklock on the rebound with a nice glove save.  Back come the Vees, Max Coatta would split the Vernon defence going in for the breakaway was hooked but still managed to get a shot off was stopped by Austin Smith who was keeping Vernon in the game.  The hook would give Penticton their second powerplay of the game.  On the powerplay Brett Beauvais ripped a hard shot that beat Smith but went off the crossbar before Erik Benoit couldnt burry the rebound before the Vees would take a penalty as both teams played a little four on four before the Vipers would get a late shortened powerplay but unable to generate any real chances.  The Vees all over the Vipers in the first ten minutes just like the 1st period dominated the play, were winning the battles, the races and outworking and outskating Vernon.  The Vipers slowly come on late in the second half and seemed to finally get their legs going, as the Vipers would get a flurry of opportunities.  A few goal mouth scrambles and the puck still stayed out as the Vipers just couldnt hit the net missing on some key opportunities.  The Vipers would get their best chance of the night to tie the game after Colton Sparrow setup Brendan Persley on a three on one with three and a half minutes to go but Persley was stopped by Mantha on a huge game saver.  Althought I dont think Persley got enough on his shot but still forced Mantha to make a big save.  The Vipers with a few good chances couldnt find the back of the net as Penticton was up 1-0 after 40 minutes of play.  Once again Penticton with another strong start to a period, really come at Vernon hard and often getting several good chances couldnt beat Austin Smith.  Smith was keeping the Vipers in the game in this period early or this game could have easily been well but over.  The Vipers who still looked slow, didnt have their legs going, couldnt get much of anything going until late in the second half outplayed the Vees the final six or seven minutes.  The Vipers outshot the Vees 14-10.

3rd Period: The Vipers come out with their best effort of the night, come out strong and hard attacking the Vees early and often as Vernon carried the play early.  The Vipers finally seemed to get their legs going, moving the puck Vernon was able to finally get some zone time in the Vees end but the Vipers had troubles generating offence.  The Vipers with lots of pressure and puck possesion in the Vees zone didnt get alot of great opportunities.  Michael McNicholas did have a great chance in front but the puck would go up and over the net.  The Vees with a few good shifts every now and again were outplayed most of the period.  The Vees with a great chance to go up by two after Shane McColgan setup a wide open Nic Pierog at the side of the net somehow missed the wide open cage on a great opportunity.  McColgan looked to get seriously hurt on a play in the third was very slow to get off the ice, needed help and went to the Vees dressing room before returning.  After making a hit along the end wall McColgan looked to be favoring his ribs as once again he was slow to head to the Vees bench but would stay in the hockey game.  The Vipers carried most of the play but didnt get any real good chances didnt get any bounces all night.  Just before the midway mark Matt Serratore was stopped by Austin Smith.  Penticton would get a powerplay but unable to put the game away after another strong Vernon penalty kill.  The Vipers with a few flurries-scrambles in and around the Vees net just couldnt seem to get a bounce or lucky play for the puck to go in. In the final two minutes Cody DePourcq with two back to back chances in close couldnt beat Smith down low before the Vipers would get Austin Smith to the bench for the extra attacker, but the Vipers didnt even get a play setup in the Vees zone before captain Brad McClure forced a Game 7 with an empty netter giving the Vees a 2-0 lead at 19:00 sending several Viper fans to the exits, McClure's goal was unassisted.  In the final minute the Vees would get a late powerplay before Penticton would take a penalty sending both teams to some four on four.  The final thirty seconds seemed to drag on before the buzzer would sound and the Vees bench erupted onto the ice in a huge celebration after a 2-0 victory.  The Vipers with their best effort and performance of the night really poured it on in the third but had troubles all night getting quality chances.  The Vipers just couldnt get much of anything going, after some good zone time and pressure deep in the Penticton zone.  The Vipers outplayed the Vees for most of the period but it was Penticton that had the better of the scoring chances.  The Vees with a solid defensive 3rd shutdown the Vipers offence.  Shots were even 8-8.

Top Players: (Vernon)

TJ Dumonceaux was about the only Viper that was hustling and skating hard all night.  Was really flying, played with alot of jump and energy was the Vipers hardest working player. 

Austin Smith (29 saves)  Smith kept the Vipers in the game all night giving his team a chance to tie the game did whatever it took but the Vipers just couldnt find the back of the net.  Smith with some huge saves in the 2nd, stopping two breakaways played very well.

Game Thought's: (Vernon)

With a chance to eliminate the Penticton Vees from the playoffs the Vipers struggled early and often and just couldnt get much of anything going didnt really show up until late in the 2nd period before playing their best hockey of the night in the 3rd.  The Vipers looked very nervous and uptight off the opening puck drop were in their own end most of the period.  Vernon just wasnt skating, had all kinds of troubles containing the Vees speed and cycle down low.  The Vipers with several poor passes, coughed up the puck several times as well as forced several turnovers all night.  Vernon did respond a bit in the final ten minutes of the opening period held their own and did a much better job at holding off the Vees but just couldnt get pucks to the net.  Again in the 2nd period the Vipers were outplayed and dominated in the first half could have easily been down by three or four goals if it wasnt for Austin Smith keeping them in the game before the Vipers come on strong in the final six or seven minutes of the 2nd got pucks to the net, but couldnt capitalize on several flurries and goal mouth scrambles.  The Vipers finally come to play in the 3rd and carried the better of the play but again couldnt get anything going, Vernon struggled offensively to create and generate opportunities also had troubles getting pucks to the net as the Vees with a solid defensive game kept the Vipers to the outside.  Vernon played about a period and a half tonight and thats just not good enough when you have a chance to end the other teams season.  You know the Vees are playing for their lives, desperate and willing to do whatever it takes to pull out the win.  A very dissapointing loss in front of the biggest crowd of the season. 

Top Players: (Penticton)

Alex Coulombe was very steady on the Vees blueline, played very well for a younger kid.

Jarod Hilderman (1 goal) also played very well on the backend.

Cody DePourcq who wasnt very noticable last night, really come to play tonight and played strong all game.  DePourcq was all over the rink, giving the Vipers all kinds of troubles with his speed, skill and smaller statue.  This kid hustled all night, never gave up, won the battles along the boards, played hard and was very good with and without the puck down low.

Erik Benoit had a strong game as well for Penticton.  Was stopped on a breakaway, had several chances in and around the net, always seemed to be involved in the play.

Chris Rygus had a solid game on the Vees blueline.

Patrick Sexton another Penticton d-man that played very well.

Nic Pierog looked good up front, a bigger body moves the puck well and is hard to knock off the puck.

Brad McClure (1 goal & 1 assist) What can you say about the Vees captain, I dont think he was as dangerous as in the first three games but was still good tonight.  Hard to fight off the puck, really skates well, seemed to find the open lanes.

Olivier Mantha (28 saves-Shutout) Has had his troubles against the Vipers this season but come up with the shutout in the Vees biggest win of the season.  Mantha with his biggest save of the night, come off Brendan Persley on a Viper three on one late in the 2nd period.

Game Thought's: (Penticton)

With their season on the line, the Vees emptied the tanks and come ready to battle tonight.  Penticton with a great start looked hungry early and often really took it to the Vipers atleast the first half of the opening period.  The Vees with a relentless forecheck and cycle dominated the boards all night.  The Vees with the early first goal stood up for the game winner in a game were Penticton was by far the better of the two teams in the first two periods.  Penticton outworked and outskated Vernon most of the night, well atleast in the first two periods, won the battles along the boards, the races and forced the Vipers into several turnovers.  Penticton with a strong forecheck, was hard on the Vipers player with the puck all night, forcing the Vipers into making a decission in a hurry, wich resulted in a turnover.  Penticton was very strong on the faceoffs winning most of the draws.  The Vees played and looked alot like they did in Game 2 back in Penticton, really controlled the play, were very solid defensively, cutting down the shooting lanes, blocking shots, getting sticks or bodies in the way, did a great job at keeping Vernon's forwards to the outside and limiting their chances.  The Vees may have been outplayed in the 3rd but played very well defensively and did manage the better of the scoring opportunities.  A must win and a fully deserved win that forces a Game 7 tomorrow night in Penticton.



Mark Hamilton (Injured)
Logan Mick


Josh Blanchard
Cam Amantea

Energy player of the game:

Brett Mulcahy

Three Stars:

1st Star: Olivier Mantha (28 saves-Shutout)
2nd Star: Austin Smith (29 saves)
3rd Star: Brad McClure (1 goal & 1 assist)

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