Monday, March 29, 2010

Vipers Questionable Goal?

In Friday night's Game 5 between Vernon & Penticton the Vipers thought they had scored in the 3rd period after a shot that looked like it had beat Sean Bonar. The goal light was put on and stayed on for several seconds before the play carried on. After a stopage in play the referee and linesmen talked things over and decided it was no goal. Many fans at the game that night standing behind the goal said the puck had crossed the line. Thanks to Kiss FM's Rob Abramenko who posted the video, now you be the judge and decide if this puck goes in or hits the post and comes back out the other side.

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Loki said...

You can't tell anything from that angle, but I was sitting on the other side of the rink that night in section B right beside the net, and I swore that puck went in the net also. The goal judge was pretty sure too as he purposefully left the light on during play to prove his point. Not that it matters now that Vernon won the series! LOL