Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thoughs On Vipers-Centennials Trade:

The Vipers website didnt mention who was heading to Merritt in this trade? Im gonna guess future considerations. I really like this trade, Ive always been a big fan of Gordon. When he was with Salmon Arm, he always played the Vipers strong, and looked very impressive. Andrew Hammond has started in all but one game this season, and in this league you need a backup with experience that can come into a game or start a game where the team can depend on you with confidence. In Mark Segal who was just 17 yrs old, had no Jr experience and I think was ubable to give the Vipers that experience they need in a backup. I wish Mark all the best! In Gordon now you have a veteran goaltender who is 19 yrs old and now able at being the teams #1 goaltender next season. Im guessing Gordon will get his first start against his former team (Merritt) Saturday night. I wonder what ever happend with Kraymer Barnstable who the Vipers had rumored to have aquired from the WHL Vancouver Giants?

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