Thursday, June 25, 2020

Jason McKee Interview:

This is on the Vernon Vipers twitter account:


June 25 2020

We caught up with Head Coach and GM of the Vipers for a long overdue chat about the end of the season, the graduating players and the new recruits!  Follow the link below!



vipersdiehardfan said...

We don't know if there will be a BCHL season this fall, if there is Junior hockey this year this is a big season for the Vipers ownership and Head Coach/GM Jason McKee. From talking to longtime Viper fans and reading comments here on my blog, fans haven't been overly pleased with the new ownership and coaching staff. Longtime fans were very upset after ownership didn't bring back legendary coach Mark Ferner after taking the 2018-19 Vipers to the league finals. Ownership will be entering there third season as owners and McKee will be back for a second season in the BCHL with the Vipers. You have to think most of last years team was picked by Mark Ferner and the previous Viper coaching staff as the team played well into April. By the time McKee arrived, it was May and what kind of recruiting are you going to get done at this point? My guess is McKee's team was almost picked before he was named Head Coach/GM. I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of a team the Vipers put together this year. I like the looks of the new recruits so far. It sounds like the Snakes will have a younger team then last season but will have some size. McKee stated in his interview the Vipers have five-six players that could return. Thanks to Graham Turnbull for putting together this interview as it's nice to hear from the coach and what he thinks about the upcoming season.

BINGO said...

If there is a season Vernon Vipers fans you had better purchase a season ticket or a pass for so many games as I dont you will be able to see viper hockey this season. It is my belief that with all the restrictions that covid has created that season ticket holders will be the only people seeing hockey this season and that will be the position the leaque governors will pass on to the bchl hockey owners. I know it is sad that a person with limited income will be prevented from seeing the odd game during the hockey season. But these are odd times. Anyway you want hockey BUY A SEASON TICKET BECAUSE CHANCES ARE IF YOU DONT YOU WILL HAVE TO BUY A PACKAGE AND WATCH IT ON TV. Go, VIPERS , go.

Bobby C said...

We got a honest interview from Jason Mckee..we are officially on a "Rebuild " and not a "Reload " like previous years. With Penticton, Trail, Kelowna and Salmon Arm making significant off season moves its hard to say how competitive the Vipers will be. Hopefully I'm wrong.