Saturday, June 20, 2020

Episode 11 Vernon Vipers Voices With Graeme Gordon:

This is on the Vernon Vipers twitter account:


June 19 2020

Episode 11 of Vipers Voices is available now on our YouTube Page.  Follow the link as we catch up with former Viper goaltender Graeme Gordon (@ggordo35) #OneGoal


vipersdiehardfan said...

Thanks to the Vernon Vipers & Graham Turnbull for putting these videos on! A great interview with Graeme who joked around and made it funny. It's great to get a perspective from former players on what it's like getting traded, playing for good and bad teams and all the behind the scene stuff us fans normally never hear about. I always like Graeme but not many Viper fans were fans of Gordon. I had a lot of negative comments on my blog about him. I was thrilled to hear Graeme went to school and now got his gig working in radio. I was planning my trip to the Royal Bank Cup in Dauphin, Manitoba and was very close to travelling with Graeme's father. About a week before the tournament I got a call from the Vipers office saying Graeme's dad was looking for someone to travel with to split the costs. I ended up going alone but got to meet his dad in Dauphin. Duncan Wray had booked the entire Boston Pizza after the Championship game for the team, staff, & friends and family. I was very lucky to get an invite from Duncan Wray and that's the night I got to meet Graeme's dad. He approached me in Boston Pizza, introducing himself. He was a big supporter and daily reader of my blog. The stories I heard from several Vipers and family members were great and that trip/week is something I'll never forget. If Graeme or his dad is still following the blog, I send out a big hello. Thanks for the interview and the memories from those two seasons.

vipersdiehardfan said...

Graeme Gordon was inducted into the BCHL Vernon Viper Highlight Hall of Fame in April 2017. The North Vancouver native helped the team win back to back RBC Cups in 2009 and 2010.

Bobby C said...

All these videos have been Fantastic and what's the common theme with everyone of these players..nothing but positive things to say about Duncan Wray and Mark Ferner.