Friday, June 26, 2020

Episode 12 Vernon Vipers Voices With Sean Patchell:

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June 26 2020

Episode 12 of Vipers Voices is available now!  We chatted for Sean Patchell (@seanpatchell) who was a member of the National Championship winning 95-96 team!  He shares stories about the run and the impact being a Viper had on his life!



vipersdiehardfan said...

Thanks to the Vernon Vipers & Graham Turnbull for putting on these great videos! Wow did this one ever bring back memories after hearing some of the other former Vipers from the 1995-96 team. Has it really been 25 years? How time flies by! This was a big season not only for the Vipers but for Duncan Wray. Wray purchased the historic Vernon Lakers in 1992 and struggled before entering the 1995-96 season. It was Troy Micks idea to re-brand the franchise and re-name the team from the Lakers to the Vipers in the summer of 95. Not only was this the first season under the new name "Vipers" but it was also the first season under the name "Royal Bank Cup" That season was a turning point as the newly formed "Vipers" under Duncan Wray formed not only a dynasty but one of the greatest Junior hockey franchises in Canada. Duncan Wray and the Vipers never really looked back after that 1995-96 season and other then a few bumps in the road, have had lots of success since that 1995-96 Championship team. Remembering back to that 95/96 team I remember Patchell as one of the fastest skaters in the league but struggled scoring on breakaways and even hitting empty netters. I remember him missing some wide open nets that was almost laughable. I really enjoy hearing how these young kids ended up in Vernon and great to hear they still follow the team. Great to hear that team is trying to get together for some kind of a reunion. I wish the Vipers would put together an alumni game at least once a year at some point, for a chance not only for former players to get together but for the fans to see and chat with a lot of these former players. Lot's of great memories from that 1995-96 Vipers team. It's hard to believe the "Vipers" are now the longest serving team name in Vernon Junior hockey history.

Vernon Junior hockey franchise history

1961–1962 Vernon Jr. Canadians
1962–1967 Vernon Blades
1967–1973 Vernon Essos
1973–1978 Vernon Vikings
1978-1979 Vernon Canadians
1979-80 No Team
1980–1983 Vernon Lakers
1983–1984 Vernon Rockets
1984–1995 Vernon Lakers
1995–Present Vernon Vipers

Unknown said...

I agree the Vipers franchise has been successful, but dynasty?
Gimme a break.
That word gets used way too often in sports.