Friday, June 5, 2020

Duerr Commits To Vernon:

This is posted on the Vipers website:

New Recruit – Sam Duerr

June 5, 2020

Vernon, BC:  The Vernon Vipers are pleased to announce the commitment of Sam Duerr.

Duerr is from Chicago, Illinois and played last season with Shattuck St. Mary’s Midget Prep.  He finished with 13 goals and 23 assists in 44 games played.

“Sam is a new era defender that can play it any way you want to.  He’s got a great upside and we are expecting a very productive season,” says Head Coach and GM of the Vipers Jason McKee.

Duerr is also committed to the University of Maine.

Sam Duerr's Player Profile:


vipersdiehardfan said...

The Vipers have been active this week announcing three new committed players. I like the looks of this kid. He's a big kid that played a very well known prep school and put up good numbers this past hockey season. Duerr already has a scholarship, as do two out of the three newest Viper recruits. I like the looks of all three new players. One thing I noticed is there size. All three new committed players are defencemen, which puts the Snakes at a possible eight d-men for the up coming season. One thing I really look for and watch is not only progress and improvement in the hockey & Vipers from the start of the season, until the end of the season, but I also look and pay attention to the coaching staff and one thing I noticed with Jason McKee's Vipers last season was the team didn't really improve much through out the season. Sure they played well and did well in the opening round of the playoffs vs Wenatchee but from the start of the 2019-20 season until the season ended, I didn't see a lot of overall improvement with the Vipers. I was still seeing the same mistakes made at the start of the season as I was towards the end of the season. This was common with the same players and other then a seven game winning streak, the Snakes could never really gain much traction through out the 2019-20 regular season. It seemed like they would win two games and then lose the next two or win one and then lose two. The team overall was inconsistent and as a fan that all comes down to coaching. If there is hockey this season, I want to see the Vipers improve not only on the ice but from behind the bench. Entering his second season, Jason McKee has to prove to me he was worth not bringing back Mark Ferner. I want to pay close attention to the players and recruiting McKee and the Vipers do this coming season and see what kind of team McKee puts together. McKee has had one season under his belt in a new league and new province, now lets see what he can do in his second season with no excuses.

Here is a possible look at the Vipers 2020-21 roster


Hunter Donohoe (00)
Keigo Hachisuka (01)
Nicholas Kent (01)
Trey Taylor (02)
Griffen Barr (02)
Desmond Johnson (02)
Liam Cavan (02)
Sam Duerr (02)


Jack Glen (01)
JoJo Tanaka-Campbell (01)
Brett Fudger (01)
Ryan Shostak (01)
Max Bulawka (01)
Colby Feist (02)
Cameron MacDonald (02)
Ethan Mercer (02)
Nicholas Remissong (02)
Daniel Rozsival (02)


Keegan Karki (00)
Reilly Herbst (00)
Max Palaga (00)

Anonymous said...

You said it VDHF, they played well in the playoffs,where it matters most !! In this post season of abnormalities, especially with no spring camp,no minor hockey playoffs,recruiting should prove interesting !

Bobby C said...

Let's face it the recruitment of quality players was terrible last year and with the few announcements of players this past week I unfortunately can't see things changing all that much. It looks like Jason Mckee is already behind the other teams in our own division because most of them have already been active in the signing and trading of players with quality and experience. And to respond to Anonymous the regular season does matter because it costs more than a million dollars per year to operate a team so you need to put people in the seats to create revenue and you do that by having a quality team and without that you end up losing $$

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bob C, the regular season matters, looking at attendance stats, the Vipers were 4th in the league, however the Vipers were playing their best hockey when it matters MOST.....the PLAYOFFS, unfortunately it was only one round !