Saturday, June 6, 2020

Episode 9 Vernon Vipers Voices With Connor & Kellen Jones:

This is on the Vernon Vipers twitter account:


June 5 2020

Episode 9 of Vipers Voices is up live on our YouTube Page!

Guests @conjones10 and @15keljones share stories from their 3 plus years with the Vipers, 4 years at Quinnipiac and their professional careers.

Watch it or treat it like a podcast. #OneGoal


vipersdiehardfan said...

This video/interview was awesome! Listening to the Jones twins stories, brought back so many great memories from those years. I have had season tickets for 30 years and been watching Junior hockey in Vernon my entire life. These two are near the top of best Vipers of all-time and the most exciting players to watch in Vernon Junior hockey history. I'm very surprised the Vipers haven't retired jerseys #10 & #15 The Jones twins should have there jerseys retired! Thanks to the Vernon Vipers & Graham Turnbull for doing these video's and keep them coming!

Marty said...

Well done Graham, always enjoy listening to these interviews. So what is up now for the Jones Boys? It appears that they played last year together in Switzerland and did very well. Do they have plans to continue their pro careers or will they jump into the next phase of their lives? I see Kellen majored in Business & Connor majored in Journalism. It is nice to reminisce & "look in the rear view mirror" but what about going forward? We "adopted" these young men for 3 - 4 years so it would be nice to hear more... where hockey has taken them, where they reside now, family & what careers they are now pursuing.