Thursday, September 11, 2014

Vernon Vipers 2014-15 Roster:

The BCHL listed the Vernon Vipers 2014-15 roster on the league website today, Here's a look at this year's Vipers.

Danny Todosychuk (94) 5'11 181 lbs Vernon, BC (Returning for forth season)
Jarrod Schamerhorn (95) 6'2 183 lbs Kelowna, BC (Acquired in July from Merritt)
Kenny Citron (95) 6'1 181 lbs Hartsdale, NY (Returning for second season)
Riley Guenther (94) 6'0 181 lbs Calgary, AB (Returning for second season)
Johnny Coughlin (95) 6'3 201 lbs Fairport, NY (Committed for this season)
Riley Booth (96) 6'1 174 lbs Armstrong, BC (Committed for this season)
Jake Emilio (94) 6'0 190 lbs Woodbridge, ON (Acquired in August from Cobourg Cougars)
Mitchell Oliver (97) 6'0 175 lbs Kelowna, BC (Committed for this season)
Luke Shiplo (95) 5'9 183 lbs Oakville, ON (Committed for this season)

TJ Dumonceaux (94) 5'9 159 lbs Kelowna, BC (Returning for third season)
Thomas Aldworth (95) 6'0 181 lbs Keller, TX (Committed for this season)
MacKenzie Bauer (96) 5'9 165 lbs Three Hills, Alberta
Linden Hora (96) 5'9 161 lbs Kelowna, BC (Committed for this season)
Blaine Caton (97) 6'0 160 lbs Vernon, BC (Committed for this season)
Riley Brandt (96) 5'8 185 lbs Trail, BC
Liam Coughlin (94) 6'3 201 lbs South Boston, MA (Returning for second season)
Branden Wagner (96) 5'7 126 lbs Kelowna, BC (Committed for this season)
Jagger Williamson (98) 5'7 150 lbs Lumby, BC (Committed for this season)
Luke Voltin (95) 6'0 195 lbs Blaine, MN
Trevor Fidler (95) 5'10 174 lbs Watertown, MA (Committed for this season)
Anthony Latina (94) 5'10 189 lbs Toronto, ON (Acquired in August from Carleton Place Canadians)
Ayden MacDonald (96) 6'4 195 lbs Langley, BC (Committed for this season)


Unknown said...

Why do some of those names say "commited for this season" and others have nothing beside their name?

vipersdiehardfan said...

The ones that say "committed for this season" are the players that were recruited by the Vipers and signed-committed over the summer saying they will play here this season. For example Linden Hora signed-committed to the Vipers over the summer. The team had a press release saying Hora has committed to play for this Vipers this season.

The players that have nothing beside their name are the kids that attended the Vipers Training Camp and made the team, but Im not sure how they got here. There was no mention of any of these kids over the summer.

vipersdiehardfan said...

After seeing the Vipers 2014-15 roster, I noticed a few surprises.

I was very shocked to see defenceman Liam Feeney getting cut. Feeney was recruited by the Vipers committed for this season I thought played very well and looked very good during Training Camp and the pre-season games.

I was surprised to see Mitch Oliver make the club, I didnt notice the rookie d-man much during camp or the Exhibition games. Obviously the coaching staff sees something in this kid. Im hoping he does well this year!

For the first time in Vipers history or atleast I can recall this is the first time I have ever seen a new recruit get released before the start of the regular season. Liam Feeney and Kyle Tanev were both cut before the regular season. I didnt notice Tanev at all during Training camp or the pre-season. I was actually pretty dissapointed.

I really was impressed with Riley Brandt, Luke Voltin & MacKenzie Bauer, not the biggest kids but I thought three of the hardest working kids in camp. I thought all three brought and played with a high tempo, had lots of energy and showed alot of speed and determination. All three played big and didnt back down.

So far I like the looks of this years Vipers team. The Vipers went with a smaller group of forwards this season. Im looking forward to watching the regular lineup-roster play together for the first time tomorrow night.