Monday, December 30, 2013

Love And Hockey:

This was in my RBC Cup Newsletter e-mail:

RBC CUP 2014 The Excitement Returns!

A publication of the Vernon RBC Cup Host Committee

November 22, 2013 Volume 2, I ssue 5

Love And Hockey

Dennis and Fran Sponholz love each other and they love hockey, so it's not surprising that they were married at centre ice during a Viper/Chilliwack game in 1997.

Dennis says that "It took me a long time to find a woman who loved hockey and football and me, too."

Fran admits that "The fact that he was a Viper fan helped me say 'yes' when he proposed."

Since that marriage ceremony, they've missed only two Viper home games.

Each of them has been a local hockey fan for a long time. Fran started going to Junior games when she was in high school. She moved away for awhile, but she's been a loyal fan ever since she returned to Vernon in 1984.

Dennis has loved going to Jr. games since he first came to Vernon in 1972. He appreciates that "these kids really try, and it's not stifling systems hockey that you usually see in the pros or even major junior. It's more wide open." These past two years, despite the Viper win-loss record, he's still enjoyed the hockey. But he does admit that "I have been frustrated with some of the fans in the building. Too much negativity. We always hope for the best with our boys."

Fran likes the "great family entertainment" provided by Jr. A hockey, one reason why she (and Dennis) have supported the team in several ways.

Fran was active in the Viper Booster Club and the couple has billeted Viper players in the past. They've also volunteered on game nights to help the team out.

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